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21,999 B.C. to 10,002 B.C. ~ Earth, (the "4th World").

The ascending Yuga's, the Golden era and the beginnings of a descent. The High Civilizations of Earth prior to the final conflict and destruction of Atlantis. <re~editing t.b.a.>

The civilizations, countries, and peoples of the 4th world Earth. ~ "Lord give us another chance and we won't blow it like the last time."

(Above, the 7 islands of Atlantis circa @ 10,300 B.C.)

Overview: The ascending Yuga's and the Golden era of the 4th world.

In this time period, the 4th world civilization remembered and reconstructed most of the high knowledge of the '3rd' world (through the recorded knowledge of Noah and family, as well as a few other survivors of the previous Earth). Adding to global knowledge was the Intuitive database of Rama and the Rama empire (Greater India), the Synchronistic sciences and Chrono~biology of Gobi/Cathay/Serica, along with Atlantean (partially rediscovered) advanced Cosmo-magnetic properties of Crystalline forms, accelerated physics and atomics, biology and other sciences. Greater Africa contributed to both the human social and the Shamanic sciences. All these and more over the longer period of the ascending Yuga, gradually made this Earth almost a paradise. This became a time of plenty, and not just buildings but most cities first were made of Copper, then Silver and finally Gold, living Crystal, jewels, and other precious (yet common in that era) metals. The ascending Yuga of the 4th world became a time of immortalist longevity lifespans; F.T.L, multiversal, dimensional and E.T. travel interactions were commonplace, and (after much restoration), a very lush, vibrant and fertlie Earth freely nourished all who lived upon, within, and above her. Most humans and animals could communicate freely with one another, human telepathy was somewhat commonplace, small human colonization projects went to other star systems, and multi~phasic Divinity was again explored. A few humans, through much work, evolved into demi~Gods/Goddess's, as seen before during the previous Earth Golden Era's. The Nature spirits and most humans interacted with one another, certain animals could rapidly and naturally evolve into more human like existance, and humans called Sage(s) were commonplace. Plants, humans and Elementals had much better understandings of one another. The 3 'sizes' of humans freely interacted and lived together in most areas. Along with the above understandings, Spiritual knowledge was much easier for some to grasp, and technology (in a few ways) reached a new peak of material development. S.I. (A.I.) subatomically built-Sentient Intelligence construcrts were able to interpahse weith human thoughts, and some of these could immediately build any object that was thought of, with all the elements of chemical table immediately synthesizable. Kind of like a super powered version of the 'replicator' as shown on Star Trek and other 'science fiction'. Mining in this Gold era was virtually unknown, since the knowledge of taking one Earth element and making it into another element was commonplace. There were more than a few humans and other who could fly. Many more had other lessor developed mind powers. As always, the E.T.'s were more than intrigued with human developments.


Ascending Treta and Satya Yuga:  Gods and Goddesses are 'made', then born. 

Perhaps it maybe easier to say, that these caliber individual did the work, to unzip Potential (at least as a partial process).  <t.b.a.> Note* This is a (very) brief introduction of Divine evolutionary processes (of this era), and will be explored only as an overview. There is so much information about the God's, Goddess's and demi~ god's of Earth in this era that a fuller exploration of these individuals and their events would in itself take several websites. References for further explorations of these individuals will be found on pages 12 and 13 of this website. 20,000 B.C. ~ With the approaching dawn of the Silver era on this 4th world Earth, knowledge and understanding reached new heights. Certain individuals of higher intuition born in this era felt keenly driven to increase understanding of life, death, Spirituality, and universal principles. Most, after more outer explorations, ended up doing inner disciplines. A few of these took the inner stillness, and explored Spirit. Of these, fewer yet extended their tapas into months, then seasons, then revolutions of the sun until they had sat, or practiced for a decade. Then decades. A century, then centuries passed for these some few. And with the 'price' of time, and practice, awareness and Consciousness began to be unzipped inside these some few. Self Realization, at least of a partial nature became manisfest in these individuals. Along with partial or more Realization, some began to experience the inherent 'powers' of men, and woman,,,,

Living archetypes:

 Of these partial realisations, some few of these found they had become living archtypes for the Solar forces, Galactic forces, or others. Of these human beings whom self transformed into God's, a few became well known.  Zeus, Indra, and Odin among others <t.b.a.> -----


The cities of the God's and Goddess's etc.

This is only a brief introduction. There are other websites that specialize in the detail of past exploits of these beings. The below is given, to outline a few of their outer attainments, and the fact that 'regular' humans were highly influenced by the ways and doings of these individuals, as well as the giants and Titan's.


Rama Empire: Rama City; the capital city of the Greater Rama empire (Sa~id, classical India) was made out of light.

Mount Olympus: Capital of the Yavin's/Yavana's (Golden era greater Greece).

Asgard: Capital city of CImmeria/Hyperborea (still called Hyperborea during this time, although the land had been completely altered and downsized during the Great Flood).


Captial of Atland (Atlantis of the 7 Isles).


 Central city of Gobi/Oz/Cathay, then a greater continent not connected to the rest of present day Eurasia.

The dwelling of the Gods and Goddess's in Africa:


The cities of other intelligent life forms. <t.b.a.>

The Reptilians. The reptilians had, and still have, mostly underground cities, since they are still under the Divine decree to 'live underground', which was given in Genesis since they tempted the re-booted new Adam and Eve, known as Adam Kadmon (Cro~Magnan man/woman~ Homo superior).

The Avians.

The Insectoids.

The Primates.

The Water Dwellers.

The Others.


The cities and collabarations of the 'naturalized' E.T.'s.

The E.T.s who settled in The Solar Dynasty (Cathay, Gobi).



The cities of the Giants (pre-Adamic humanity), survivors of the Great Flood.



The lands, countries and continents of the 4th world Golden era.

Each continent and/or major world power of the time had it's own specialities in life sciences, especially Spiritual sciences. All born in these time periods were born with advanced level intellect already activated. They were indeed born 'half enlightened', or more. Along with fairly enlightened humanity, the animals, plants and mineral/crystalline forms also were highly evolved.

Atlantis~ The 7 islands version of 4th world Earth.

During the war of the previous world cycle that brought about the Great Flood, what had been a continental size Atlantean landmass cracked in two, then blew apart. The Great Flood then washed away any distinguishing features on the 7 remaining islands of what had been a 'split continent'. These came to be known as the 7 islands of Atlantis. Atlanteans of this period were the most advanced (in the material sense) of all countries and continents, and possibly the most technically developed Atlanteans of all time periods. For a time they were also humbled by collective past history, and were one of the most Spiritually developed civilizations.

Before the pinnacle and descending gold period of the Yuga cycle, most Atlanteans were (in out present language) were "Children of the Law of One". This gentleness did not last, however. Time and multi centurians came and went, and the newest generations became known for not being the most Spiritually or ethically developed. (*See next page). The 7 islands of Atlantis (existing from 28,499 B.C. until 9,399 B.C.) were named Poseidia, <t.b.a.> Some of the larger and more important cities of this Atlantis were Mayre, Poseidia, and Poes. On their 'mainland', ( the largest island of Poseidia which occupied an extended area where the Azores are now), the pride of the Atlantis was (then) the tallest mountain on Earth, a volcano named Mount Atlas, elevation 27,000 feet above sea level and extending another 8,000 feet below sea level. This Mount Atlas somewhat survived the third (and last Atlantean) cataclysm and is known today as Mount Pico, upon the little remnant island chain now called the Azores. The Atlanteans of this time colonized certain areas outside Atlantis for food production, as had been done before. The Mediterrean area, most of north and other parts of Africa, plus newly emergent parts of what would become South America all became controlled by Atlantis. During this Golden era, all Atlanteans were well educated, or had innate knowledge.

Atlantean Sciences of the 4th world. MorphoGenetic Engineering:

For a long time after the rebuilding of Atlantis, Atlanteans left this area of sciences alone, but after the peak of the Era (11,000 B.C.) they reconstructed the biosonic labs, and again studied and applied the knowledge of these sciences, with eventually not so pleasant results. Thought constructs/telepathy/Mental Kineisis: The Atlanteans of this period excelled and creating solid contructs out of thought, with no A.I. or machines to help them out (*See the 1950's movie 'Forbidden Planet' for a good look at thought constructs gone wrong). Transport/Disk and Cigar craft/Marine vehicles: Atlantis had a number of 'advanced concept' vehicles, in part modeled on E.T. craft. All these craft, with all the amazing capabilities, were later outfitted with 'planet cracker' weapons of devastation. Communciations/Networking/A.I.: Again the Atlanteans excelled in these areas, and Atlantean 'shows', entertainment, and highly scripted and censored news and data was welcomed gladly by others around the world. Building/Masonry/Geometrics: The Atlanteans and others of this Golden era could build a city of large stone, Pyramids, and healing temples in a span on just one day and one night!* (See pages 10 and 12, "The half finished city" of Tiahuanaco, Boliva).

India, (The Rama empire)~

For 11,000 revolutions of Earth the sun, Rama, his family and associates prevailed over an extended era of peace, prosperity, Health, longevity lifestyles, enlightened intellect and calm minds. For a time, it was some of Heaven existing on Earth. The Rama empire of this time was much larger than India of the present day. Besides India, what is now Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet, larger parts of Southest Asia including down to Java, west into what is now eastern Iran, and north into the southern part of what is now Russia were part of this United States of Veda. Some housing went beyond gold; some housing and palaces were made out of light. The classical Vedic sciences were rediscovered, and increasing knowledge and Understanding were paramount desires. 

Surya Vigya(n),

The Solar science(s), were practiced throughout the greater land. The sister science of Kaya Kalpa, regeneration as an aspect of Longevity Lifetstyles, was rediscovered here, originating with the Lemurians who came here after that continent went beneath the sea. The Solar sciences were very similar to the Solar Dynasty sciences of Gobi (greater classical Mongolia) described below. Other understandings of this land included the mastery of the Vedic sciences. Ida and Pingala were harmonized, and flow was maximized so that Sushumna arose naturally and spontanously in most of the population.

Gobi (The Solar Dynasty, Cathayan Dynasty, Serica)~

 Just as the rest of the Earth in this time period, the population of this Oz was essentially immortal (although each continent and land had unique ways to achieve this), and had regular trade not just with Earth's other countries and continents, but with offworld E.T.'s as well. The Solar Dynastry contributed greatly to Understandings and sciences of Health, biological, chemical, chromo, and Chronosynchronizations that allowed for eternal now living as an ongoing process. The Solar Dynastry at this time was it's own continent, as well as country, though it was not as large as the pre Great Flood continent of same. This continent at this time was not connected with Eurasia/Russia as we know it today. This continental landmass then included Mongolia, China, parts of southern Russia and neighboring countries. large parts of southeast Asia, over to what today is Japan, which was then a eastern shoreline to this greater continent. During this time, the submerged lands of the Yellow Sea, Sea of Japan/East Sea, Yellow Sea, and East China sea were all above water, as part of the greater continent of the Solar Dynasty. Similar to the sciences of Vedic India, the sciences of Yin, and Yang were well known, and mostly practiced. Humans of these times, in all lands, had latent or actualized abilties to hover, or fly, plus many other 'powers'.

Cimmeria (Cimmaria)~ remnant of the continent of Hyperborea.

The planetary war that preceded the Great Flood had, similar to happenings in Atlantis, split the continent of Hyperborea apart, leaving large remaining islands. These large islands were in turn washed over several times during the Great Flood, washing the land clean of any distinguishing features. Molten lava and crustal rock then rose in several larger areas, leaving a new land almost Australian in size with several very long peninsulas. Cimmeria then existed both where the Scandanavian countries exist now, and extending out into large parts of the North sea. Parts of northwestern Europe and far northwestern Russia were part of Cimmeria. Most of the greater area of the British Isles and France were then part of Cimmeria, with a wide river flowing south where the English channel is now. The British Isles were part of the original size Atlantean continent, then part Cimmeria.This is one of the areas of Earth in which there was 'overlap of the land' in different times periods with different continents/landmasses. Cimmeria, as a small version of what had been Hyperborea, was also home of Asgard, the city located above the mountains and created by Thought, built of Light, and maintained by Will. Home (of most of) the Gods/Goddeses (of this land) of 4th world Earth. Both with~in and above Asgard existed Valhalla, a city of higher dimension, accessabile by only some few of Earth.

Anarc (Antarctica), the wild lands.

A very large series of islands had emerged from the earth in post Great Flood times. These large islands were connected by lagoons and small shallow seas. These islands for a long time were uninhabited, but in time all the major world powers had colonies, research stations and/or major city states located here (Similar to todays research stations of different countries).

Australia (long lost remnant of Lemuria)~

Existed then in geography somewhat similar to today's island continent. This version of Australia was much greener and much wetter with continental rains, and a great inland bay or sea where present day 'Red centre' is now. The Blue mountains of eastern Australia were much higher and more defined with peaks ranging to 5,000 meters high. A northwestern mountain range then existed with peaks up to 3500 meters.

Greater Africa (Great Crescent Africa), The United Lands of Africa.

Africa, during the asecending Yuga and Golden Era was a pristine land, and there were no deserts as in present day. Mount Kilimanjaro did not exist, yet there were then higher mountain ranges than at present. The Atlas mountains of northwest Africa were newly risen after the Great Flood, and were of higher elevation than present day. The inhabitants of Greater Africa were so developed that they did not need outer machines, instruments, or artificial intelligence. During the ascending Yuga, Atlantis made a trade pact with most of Greater Africa, and so Africa, as well as most of the Mediterranean served as an Atlantean breadbasket, source of minerals and other similar commodities. During the beginnings of the descending Yuga, when prior arrangements with the Atlanteans began to be of concern for some groups, a large scale pilgrammage was made to the mostly unsettled land now known as Australia. The descendants of this original group are known as the Aborigines of today. Africa had it's own variations of cities or towns of Light, and it's own more evolved humans which came to be called Gods/Goddess's.

Classical Greece, nation of Gods, Goddess's and men/woman of reknown.

Classical Greece was much larger than the present day country. Besides extending into what is now the Northern Mediterranean, Greece then extended into parts of Europe then above sea level, west into France, east into what is now Iraq, and northeast up into what is now Ukraine. Mount Olympus: As one of lands or abodes of the Gods/Goddesses on Earth, for a time it was a place of pilgrammages for those seeking Knowledge. The Mount Olympus of these times as a city/stronghold located above the physical mountain called Olympus. The Oracle of Classical Greece was another source of great interest to most of Earth in this time period.

The 'New World' (the future American continents).

Where once was only ocean and sea, there came to exist new islands, new lands in what (in the future) would be the North, Central and South American continents.

New lands in the future North America.

To the west of the 7 main Atlantean islands of this era, (west of what is now called the Sargasso Sea) a new chain of high mountains appeared which had risen during the Earth shaking events preceding and during the Great Flood.  This mountain chain, now reduced in size, is known today as the Appalachian mountains of the United States. To the west across a broad shallow sea, another long narrow land in what is now California up into southern Washinton was pre~existing since the time of Lemuria.  The 'four corners' area of the United States first appeared above the waves at this time.  The area of what is now Texas also rose above the sea.  "Texas was then called the The Love Star country".  {A.C.L.}.  Islands appeared in what is now western Canada and also to the East. 

In South America~

A long narrow flat land surfaced in what is now the west coast and Andean mountain areas. Pre Great Flood, there had only been islands in this area.. To the north, south and south east of what is now the amazon basin, islands and shallow shoals existed where before there had been just ocean and sea. The future continents of North and South America were at this time disconnected islands, separated by broad, mostly shallow seas.



We almost made it!!

{Does "almost made it" even count, when a world is wiped clean}?

15,000 B.C. to 10,000 B.C. ~ Earth had almost had 50% of the global population (of that era) in Understanding, collective flow, or enlightenment. The highest percentage of 'New~man/New~woman' was right before 11,500 B.C. The 'tipping point of percentage' for the cascade effect of Universal knowledge to mass unzip was just over 50% of the population. 50% would have amplified into 51%. If 51% percent, the triggered cascade of Knowledge would have assured that the planetary karma of humans of all sizes (from the previous armageddon/apocalypse known as the the Great Flood) would have kept the(then) present warring and destructiveness from snowballing into another ragnorak. But in this timeline, in this universe, we didn't quite get that 50% to 51%. External factors, both Sentient beings and non physical beings with 'an agenda' helped persuade the ruling Priestess and Priest classes of Atlantis (the real powers behind the leaders,) as well leaders of other countries and continents that enlightenment was not for all, and that the lowest classes of humans should be 'crossbred' and only used as slaves. These 'cross~gene experiments' were treated worse then animals. Animals forms were also experimented upon, adding partial human D.N.A., and also causing great suffering. (Certain E.T. groups are doing this yet again today, see* for more information). World Leadership long under the influence of 'shadows' and other negative Sentience began to behave in irrational ways with long term bickering and arguments turning into active squabbles, which escalated into squirmishes. More irrational thinking then was dissatisfied with small pockets of fighting and added more troops, weapons, A.I. and other machine sentiences, with these results over time escalating to open war.

10,400 to 10,000 B.C.~ The descending Satya Yuga.

The movement of the Solar system away from the Galactic core began to be experienced as a bit of a struggle: Higher states of Understanding, reasoning, and knowing were (in succeeding generations born at the time) not a 'given', as had been for the last 6,000 to 7,000 revolutions of Earth around the sun. These generations had to struggle to learn what their long lived forerunners were able to apply naturally. Generally, there were two different compensation techniques to help these new generations: advanced A.I. and other myriad outer high technologies, and inner techniques and disciplines, especially of a Spiritual nature. Some learners used both, with some success. Overall however, the techniques were only somewhat of a success. More and more effort, Will, and dedication were needed to maintain, or improve Knowledge. Probably the worst gradual loss was loss of Compassion and Understanding of the plight of all life in it's struggle to improve itself, evolve. The loss of morals, especially among the leadership of Atlantis and a few other lands/continents, would be of importance in the future events of this time period. With loss of higher understanding, there was increasing loss of Trust, and a slow increasing of misapplied decisions by those in leadership positions, and increasing apathy of the general  populations to do, or act to correct the misapplied decisions of leadership. In addition to lack of trust, long buried desires and resulting tensions began to resurface. Again, a question comes as 'Why did problems resurface when the planet had been an abode of Peace and trust for the previous 5,000 revolutions of Earth around the Sun?' The last 5 millenia had the greatest magnetic flows, nourishing the intellect and other more subtle aspects of human beings, and thus nourished (and content), there was very little reason for strife. With the increasing magnetic (and other) attrition of the descending Yuga, plus the 'karmic cloud' hanging over the Earth from the previous started world cracking catatrosphe that started the Great Flood, there was an accelerated 'nightfall of God'. This manifested as a mental restlessness and an increase in more mundane desires. These caused lands and nations to begin to infringe up neighboring lands and continents, to satisfy what they thought right. These infringements and eventually irritations multiplied, and so common interests sprang up among the lands. These interests eventually had political powers ally with those that thought similarly. These are described below.

As misunderstandings arose and remained unresolved, the continental and world powers began to form alliances, based on fixed ideals prevalent among the leadership, priests/priestess's and the general population.


The Alliances of Prewar Earth

Group A: The Atlantean League of Nations.

A) Atlantis <t.b.a.> B) Atlantean colonies: including former Atlantean Colonies still allied with Atlantis (such as the islands that pre~existed the rise of South America) 12,000-10,000 B.C. C) The Allied City~States of Sodom, Gomorrah and the 7 cities on the southern plain of (Includes other areas of the Middle East and parts of the Mediterrean area. D) Atlantean Protectorates: Includes parts of what is now the British Isles (especially Scotland). 12,000-10,000 B.C. E) Cimmeria~ The "new" smaller land/nation of Cimmeria (post-flood remnant of the continent of Hyperborea. Another name for this above grouping was the Atlantean Alliances, or A.A.

Group B: The Neutral counties, lands, and territories

A) The Central and North American island confederations~ (those islands and narrow lands that were pre existing Central America and the North American continent): Includes Atlantean expatriates and descendants (who renounced both Atlantis and the then <Atlantean philosphy> of dominating the Earth through war or force. Of these people, their descendants would eventually become the Native Americans of present day, including Maya, Aztec, Hopi, Navajo, Cherokee, Iroquois etc. B) Central and southern Africa and Madagascar (with the exception of Gabon area, which Atlantis claimed due to the radioactive ores and other minerals). C) The large islands existing in what is now western Europe: These long islands included what was then called the Neanderthal reserves.

Group C: The High Civilizations of India and Gobi

A) India~ The Rama Empire of India ~Saints, Holy men, woman and other descriptions of classical India. India of this time period is what we would now call 'classical India', of which evolved Spiritualized human beings were among the population. In this time period, one of the most famous saints was none other than Sri Bhagavan Krishna. Other denizens of India at this time were other evolved life forms, such as monkeys, apes, reptilians and snakes. A few Evolved humans of this time went and contimplated, prayed, or meditated for very long periods, and upoin setting forth, became known as Gods or Demi-Gods, similar in powers and knowledge to the Gods of other countries. B) Gobi, Mongolia, The Solar Dynasty, The Yellow Continent (as just a few of the names known by). B1) The Sages and Holy People of the continent. <t.b.a.> C) Pacific Island countries allied with India and Gobi. These called themselves the Eastern Alliance, or E.A.

10,250 B.C. Earth and Atlantis:  The beginnings of a descent.

Increasing attrition of the Descending order.

Once again the Solar system of the Earth was cycling away from the Great Central Sun (and Black Hole!) of the Galaxy. With the distance increasing, the RAYS OF LIGHT AND the MAGNETICS that supported humanities higher mental and consciousness functions were increasingly faded. Without these Rays, and humanities (collective) lack of discipline to keep the higher spiritual and mental functions operational in succeeding generations, more errors in perception occured and misapplied decisions, small at first, then larger, and eventually of a horrific nature began to be more and more manifest. Little misunderstandings, over time, were now not resolved, and indignation increased. Little misunderstanding became bigger misunderstandings.

The higher sciences and mathamatics which described subtle (yet significant) functions of Creation itself, especially in the realms of Consciousness and thought, began to be harder and harder to understand by the newer generations of students. Eventually, when these learned teachers retired, or moved on in life, other teachers of this calibre to replace them became increasingly harder to find. Over a longer period of time, these higher classes in mathamatics, thought, and consciousness were no longer taught. Eventually, none of these newer professors, nor their students understood these higher functions of life and Creation!

Yet this was still a "Golden Era" and much of the outer technology was still intact, and used.

Most "devices" of this time were thought activated. Telepathy was still used by about half the populations of the Earth, but the newer generations were using this less and less.

Of the three main Global political alliances of this time (10,250 B.C.), the Alliance that suffered the effects of cycling away from the Great Central sun and Black Hole the least, was the E.A. (specifically) the Rama Empire of India, and its affiliates. Why? The Rama Empire of India and its affliates (in this time period) DID have at least "10 <biblical terminology> good men and woman (Saints and Sages)" living within its borders. The Greatest of these 10 was Sri Bhagavan Krishna! The second greatest of these was none other than the great physical AND spiritual warrior, Arjuna!

The Saints and Sages have the power to protect (collective humanity) against time (and they would only do this by an inner directive, which collective humanity would HAVE TO EARN), and time cycles, such as OURS, in this Solar System. The Saints and Sages of ALL times act as Cosmic SHUNTS, against the negative thinking (and realizations) of the REST of us. Deep prayers from any person (or a group of deeply sincere people) can make a difference in any outcome, but generally, THEY (the saints of the world) ARE THE ONES WHO CAN KEEP US FROM BLOWING OURSELVES UP, FROM DESTROYING OURSELVES!



The Atlantis of 10,250 B.C., enlightened though it was, also had aggression. How so? This version of Atlantis in 10,250 B.C. (the post flood Atlantis) was only (in land area) a remnant of its former self. It was not much larger then (in total area) than the present British Isles of today. The population on Atlantis during this Golden Era had prospered, and there was no longer much room on the larger remnant Islands to grow food. Even though at this time most of the Mediterrean area and large parts of what is today the middle East (and South America)were then Atlantean Colonies (literally these Colonies were the Atlantean 'bread basket'), Atlantis still wasn't satisfied with the land under its control. Atlantis had also put small colonies on the Moon, Mars and on a large A.I. type of Satelite up on a LaGrange point between the Earth and the Moon, but these were not (yet) self sustaining colonies! The Atlantean Civilization of this time period had (as in previous Pre-Flood Eras) trade with certain E.T. civilizations (that came back after the Great Flood), but even this was not enough for the Atlantean Government of this new Golden Era. So they pushed their territories outward, and especially East. In their Eastern expansion, they quite literally ran right into territories (In present day Afghanistan) that were under the protection of The Rama Empire of India.

The Earth of 10,250 B.C., though still in a high "Golden Era of Development" suffered from a 'spiritual malaise'. Mental and spiritual 'Dis-ease' do not originate with bacteria nor viruses, and our present day sciences are still (r)evolving back up to where we will collectively understand 'higher level dis-eases'. Part of this Malaise was the subconscious collective residue ("karma") from the PREVIOUS GOLDEN AND SILVER DESCENDING ERAS that RESULTED IN THE EXTINCTION LEVEL CATATROPHE OF THE GREAT FLOOD (*see back page 12 for fuller explanation of Ascending and Descending Era's). This collective residue DID NOT START WITH THE GREAT FLOOD NOR EVEN THE DESTRUCTION OF LEMURIA IN THE 2ND PREVIOUS DESCENDING CYCLE! THE COLLECTIVE RESIDUE STARTED WITH THE DESTRUCTION OF ALDARAAN/MALONA/MALDEK (that planet went by several different names), and also the destruction of the Giant planet in the outer belt, and the horrific bombardments of the inner planets after the destructions of the above! (*See Marshistory link)

The Atlanteans of this time did several things that either frightened, or infuriated the Alliance of the Rama Empire. The Atlanteans formed associations with unfriendly type ET's, including the destructive/controlling types of Lizards, and another group that were called (and acted like) Demons. Both of these groups of ET's were very agressive at this time, and influenced the Atlanteans to be this way also.

The One and true Original Universal Stargate of the Previous Atlantean civilization, was sunk along with that part of Atlantis, during the Great Flood. However, the "new" association with the above agressive ET's produced a 'newer private' Star gate, but this one did not neccessarliy go into 'friendly dimensions nor planets'. The Rama Empire knew about this 'Stargate' and was very concerned about Atlantis opening this 'bad' Stargate and very unfriendly beings coming through.

Atlantis at this time period also resumed its 'experiments' producing Chimera's for slaves.

Some of these beings suffered much.

Atlantis, which had somewhat seduced the Northern Kingdom of Cimmeria (another large and high civilization of this time) into neutrality, was agressively "adding" (by subtle force and manipulations) more lands to its domain. The Island country of Sri Lanka, just south of INDIA, also became another of Atlantis's allys at this time. Before becoming allys with Atlantis, when on better terms with INDIA, a long high tech bridge was built between India and Sri Lanka. Later, not long before the last war and sinking of Atlantis, the Atlanteans sailed and marched outright, adding lands, countries and people to the "Atlantean Empire".

The population on Atlantis during this Golden Era (14,000-11,000 B.C.) had prospered, and there was no longer much room on the larger remnant Islands to grow food. Even though at this time most of the Mediterrean area and large parts of what is today the middle East (and South America)were then Atlantean Colonies (literally these Colonies were the Atlantean 'bread basket'), Atlantis still wasn't satisfied with the land under its control. Atlantis had also put small colonies on the Moon, Mars and on a large A.I. type of Satelite up on a LaGrange point between the Earth and the Moon, but these were not (yet) self sustaining! The Atlantean Civilization of this time period had (as in previous Pre-Flood Eras) trade with certain E.T. civilizations (that came back after the Great Flood), but even this was not enough for the Atlantean Government of this new Golden Era. So they pushed their territories outward, and especially East. In their Eastern expansion, they quite literally ran right into territories (In present day Afghanistan) that were under the protection of The Rama Empire of India.