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25,000 B.C. to 21,000 B.C.~ The new world after the Great Flood

The wreckage and changes to the Earth.  Noah, the new sign of the rainbow and the reboot of Humanity.  The Tower of Babel: System disperse and Language restore. The nadir of knowledge and the dawning of the 4th world civilization.

The Aftermath.

Immediate effects and alterations (in descending order of severity):

1)  Atmospheric depressurization. 

Imagine living at a calm and nourishing sea level location for a long while, then moving up to a very cold and thin 5,000 meter elevation to live. 

During Noah's ark voyage (as mentioned last page), there had been alterations to the R.N.A.s and D.N.A.'s of all the animals, plants and human on the ship, including the giant <_> who rode atop the ark.  The most needed adaptation was that of the lungs, heart and circulatory system of all aboard, so to be able to live on both reduced atmospheric pressure and reduced amount of oxygen in the air.  The few animals and humans (near surface) whom had miraculously been able to survive the flood now found themselves gasping for breath in this newer 'attritioned enviroment'.   The plants that sprouted from seeds that had survived the flood also had to adapt, or be adapted greatly.  The gas mix ratio of the atmosphere had been drastically altered, along with the pressurization.  This 'new' Earth was not the same at all as it was pre-flood.  Those that had somehow survived in deep caves in the Earth also found themselves gasping for air, unless they were able to adapt.    The survivors, above ground, below ground and in the altered oceans and seas, were gasping for survivability in this new atmosphere.  Fish were very literally out of water,,,,,

2) Glaciation and winterization (partially caused by the awakening of 10,000 volcano's)!

The big freeze up, the 'day after tomorrow' ~ of the past.  A 'Nuclear' type winter.  The first global glaciation.

Compared to the pre flood planet, post~Flood Earth had shrunk and depressurized. The alterations were catastrophic. Shrinking began when large amounts of landmasses/oceans/seas were vaporized in the wartime events leading up the the Great Flood. The vaporized earth and water blasted apart the atmosphere, causing a depressurization from 30-33 p.s.i. to the 14.7 p.s.i. sea level atmospheric pressure of today. With depressurization, the atmosphere no longer supported the water vapor manifold of the pre flood planet, and the "Gates of Heavan and Earth" opened. When the Great Flood finally finished, water drained quickly with large amounts of water vapor escaping through the disrupted atmosphere. After the draining of the Flood came megastorms which included storms with 'forests' of lightning bolts, aurora's which reached almost to the ground which could electrocute, and tectonic events such as global altering earthquakes, volcanos, lava flows and fires emitting tremendous amounts of poison gas, dust, smoke and ash particles. There were horrendously large rubbish piles of dinosaurs, animals and gigantic forests, piled above and buried deep below ground emitting toxic gases with decomposition. With the continously emitted smoke, dust and gas, the sun quickly became blotted out with all areas of Earth affected. The poles of the Earth had shifted, and large areas of the new north and south poles saw quickly increasing snow, ice, and cold. Most of Earth then went quickly into a deep freeze with a very long 'Nuclear winter', due to the above emissions and vaporized earth already in the upper atmosphere. Most of the Freeze up happened very very quickly, with hemispheric superstorms of ice, snow and -200f temperatures covering 2/3's + of the Earth. These hemispheric super ice and snow storms would happen once again, just after the Mahabharata~Atlantean War.

This, the first glacier period of this planet, encased the most of the Earth. The second and most recent glacial period occured in the aftermath of the Mahabharata~Atlantean war, described in succeeding pages. The super electrified storms, low dangerous aurora's, and region wide waterfall like rain and snow falls would continue for quite some time. Most of the earth stayed barren or frozen until the first thaw of 25,000 B.C.

Geography: The Continental disappearances, massive land alterations, and the new lands of Earth circa @ 27,000 B.C.

The fate of Hyperborea, Sa~id, and Gobi.

During the Flood, the continent of Hyperborea came loose from its anchor of mantle and so moved by the horrendous forces unleashed, surged south and vanished down a gigantic sinkhole where the Italian Alps are now. What small islands of Hyperborea were left were joined by newly risen lands. Together these new lands (where parts of Scandanavia and the North Sea are today), were called Cimmeria, with it's capital province called Ultima Thule, among other names. Cimmeria, along with 90%+ of post flood Earth, was at first uninhabited. Only after the later events of the Tower of Babel would the Earth be replenished with animals, plants, and people.

During the With the events of the Great Flood Gobi also came loose from it's anchor of mantle. Yet only parts of the continent of Gobi disappeared down a similarly large sinkhole during the Great Flood, where a mountain range in China exists today. The sinkhole of that time was caused by a slightly deflected Death beam emanating towards Gobi through Mantle rock, from the Great Altantean Crystal. What was left of Gobi looks somewhat similar to today's greater southeast Asia. Whereas Gobi was an isolated mega continent originially, this 'new' version of Gobi was joined by what would later be called India to the west, and newly emerging island chains to the north, which would much later rise fully and become what is now Russia. To the east, the new shoals of what later would rise to become Japan emerged from the depths. Whereas the pre-flood lands of Gobi were lush and watered, the post flood heart of Gobi was dryer, only able to support grasslands and semi arid adabtable trees. Yet the peoples of these times were able to make this area glow green, with vibrant plants. What was the heart of this beautiful land is now known as Mongolia and the Gobi desert.

The Australian sized island of Sa-id (later known as India) also destablized during the Great Flood and was shoved north at tremendous speed, slamming into the southwest coast of Gobi and causing the first rising of what would become the Himalaya mountains. The second rising of the Himalaya's would occur much later during the Mahabharata-Atlantean War. The Holy rivers of India began to flow from these new risen mountains not long after this 'joining of the lands'. The water flow would increase greatly in the global melt of later centuries.

The fate of Atlantis.

The 3rd civilization of Atlantis was completely lost due to the second human triggered global cataclysm called the Great Flood. (There were a total of 4 civilizations of Atlantis, with only the first civilization able to survive the night of the Yuga cycles). During the Great Flood, most of what had been the continent of Atlantis was drawn down into the mantle through two large sinkholes, similar to the above descriptions. Unlike the other subductions of the Great Flood, Atlantis was the epicenter and trigger of all the events causing continental losses through massive sinkholes. The first Atlantean sinkhole was where the Gulf on Mexico is now, and the second was in the southern portion of what is now the Sargasso sea. Simalar to what is described above, these sinkholes were eventually sealed over, in this case by underwater mountain ranges and/or other features. Immediately after the Great Flood, there was no land of Atlantis that had re~emerged from the draining Earth. Later, at the same time as the events described called the Tower of Babel (and coinciding with the first retreat of the glaciers), 7 Atlantean islands re~emerged from the soup like post flood oceans and seas. These 7 islands still had most of their top soil of Atlantean red. The largest of the 7 islands was located in what is now the Eastern Atlantic ocean in the Azores, Madeira, and the Canary Islands areas. And the largest western islands of Atlantis were in the area of what is now the Bahama's, including Bimini. Before the second rising of the Himalaya's and the uplift of the mountains of South America, Atlantis of the 7 islands had the tallest mountain on Earth, then called Mount Atlas, a volcano. Mount Pico of the Azores is what is left of Mount Atlas, after the cataclysms that came along in the later Mahabharata~Atlantean war. Like the two previous and larger versions of Atlantis before it, the 7 Islands of Atlantis had many beautiful features, healing waters and hot springs, fertile land, and favorable weather. As it turned out however, the 7 islands of Atlantis were not stablized upon the mantle in which they sat. This would not have been a factor to future generations of Atlanteans of the 7 islands, except that they ended up ignoring the instability of their own 'basement'.

The remains of Atlantis the continent, (the 7 islands) like the rest of the Earth were barren upon resurfacing. The largest remnant Island of Atlantis, called Poseidia was located in what used to be Eastern Atlantis where most of the Holy Temples had been. It was slightly larger than the size of today's British Isles. It was located in the Azores area, located almost due west of Portugal and Spain. The second largest size remnant island of Atlantis, was the island of Atlas, located in the area of what is today around the Bahamas. The third largest remnant island (called Zog and also called Ur), was located many hundreds of kilometers to the south of Poseidia. These three larger remnant islands made up the remaining civilization of what would now be called the 'Country of Atlantis'! There were four other smaller remnant islands of Atlantis, and out of these four, two were mostly uninhabitable, due to radiation. Two of the four small remnant islands were in the east, yet south of Poseidia. The other two smaller remnant Isles were in the western
Atlantic (Ocean), in the vicinity of the larger Island of Atlas. Together, these three large remnant islands, and the four smaller size islands, made up what would now be called the "full" 'Country of Atlantis'!

The changes to Africa, the south Pacific ocean, and the complete loss of the original 'Greenland'.

Africa, of all the continents, was changed the least by the Great Flood. Yet the changes were still apocalyptic in nature, and no animals nor human/giant survived. In what today we call the middle East (which then was part of Crescent Africa), more then 650 meters of Earth had been scooped up by the titanic waves of the Great Flood, and deposited on a newly adjacent land, which we now call India. In Africa's northwest, more land rose above the sea, adding the continent. In Africa's far north, the river Medit had wided and vastly deeped into a very large lake or small sea. This sea was smaller than today's Mediterrean.

In the south pacific two New Zealand size islands had re~emerged from the depths of where long ago Lemuria had sunk. These two large islands were located where the south pacific island chains of _ are today.

The remnant islands of the original Greenland, were lost of the Great Flood. Of the 7 original soils on the 7 original continents, only 3 now remained since Cimmeria/Ultima Thule in essence replaced Hyperborea. Not immediately recognizeable were those that sufvived (not unaltered) the Great Flood.

The beginnings of new lands.

North and South American continents: the beginnings of islands and island mountain ranges where the future North and South American continents would come to rise.

North American continental beginnings, summary of changes from the post Lemurian era through the post Great Flood era.

Before the sinking of Lemuria, to the west of the original Atlantean continent and stretching all the way to the East coast of Lemuria, there was nothing but mostly shallow ocean. After the sinking of Lemuria, the shoals of a new island chain rose, with the location being where the Appalachian mountains are in the U.S. today. Shoals also rose where Texas is, along with the four corners region. A great long, narrow mountainous island rose where the California and Oregon coastal ranges exist today. Shoals also were visable in parts of Canada, Alaska and central America. After the Great Flood, these shoals of Appalachia rose and became a narrow, craggy high elevation island mountain chain. Shoals also emerged in the location of today's Rocky mountain chain.

South American continental beginnings.

Shoals also rose where today's Andean mountains are, after the sinking of Lemuria. After the Great Flood, and new long narrow land stretcAlong with many newly risen lands, there were now large lakes and seas where none had existed before. The first land formations of mountainous island chain of what later became the North and South American continents emerged from the depths. As an example, the Appalachian mountains of what is today part of the U.S. were then a new high elevation island chain, as yet unconnected to any continent.

Post flood people~The survivors: Noah, his family, a few giants and others.

As the Earth finished icing up and the volcano's and earthquakes subsided, across the lands and waters was a great silence. In the narrow liveable temperate band of land around the newly located equator, the only sounds were of water draining and wind moaning against the high crags of newly risen mountain ranges. In what is now the Middle East near where Noah's Ark came to rest was one such habital land.

Of almost 10 billion people before the flood around 100 survived. Out of those 100, post flood starvation and freezing would claim almost all the rest, except for Noahs immediate family. Noah was the literal father of the new humanity that slowly re~spread upon the Earth. Humanity, through the GRACE bestoyed upon Noah and family, DID NOT GO EXTINCT! One of the genetic 'bottlenecks' that scientists are now perceiving comes from the time after the Great Flood.

Noah, heeding Divine warnings had indeed collected all living things, either in form, or seed, or egg, including the large life known as dinosaurs. Noah himself, descended from Cro-Magnan Adam was red of color (yet not from Atlantis) and 9 feet tall. His sons were red of color. Noah's son's wives were respectively black, yellow and brown. Through (intuitively directed) sciences, his and his families DNA'S and RNA'S were altered (during their Ark voyage and afterword) to be able to adjust to the New Earth, with it's lower 14.7 psi air pressure, lesser oxygen content, and other atmospheric gas alterations (including much lower helium content and much higher nitrogen content)! Noah, and later his extended family, intuitively altered the primordial Sonics, light, life force, and the RNA's and DNA's of plants, animals and humans so as to be able to flourish again (in a dimished form), in a totally altered Earth. Dinosaurs were also altered, and 'downsized' to live in the new 'de pressurized' Earth.


The new sign of God's agreement ~ Never to flood the whole Earth again.

The post flood Earth: frozen, barren, toxic and dry!

In the first decade after the Great Flood, the wiped Earth slowly drained its high flood waters in the warmer areas, with no further rain falling from the skies. Without rain or the pre~Flood abundant 'mists of dawn', many of Noah's seeded plants did not thrive in this new cold, dry, smaller planet. Animals, both those that had made the Ark voyage and those that had been hatched since, became weak with starvation and lack of drinkable water. Noah's family began to suffer from low morale, seeing the starving animals and the dried up plants. Noah prayed. Noah prayed his concern that unless there was Divine help, all life on Earth, including human life, would be extinguished! Noah's family joined in the prayers, as there was nothing left for them to do. Static Electricity soon flowed over the praying family, at which time they opened their eyes to see a great and tall Grey cloud forming over there heads! The static electricity (seeming to come from the Earth itself), continued to flow up through the family, and seemed to be helping the cloud grow taller! Soon the Static electricity was gone, but the cloud began crackling above in ways never heard by Noah, his family, or the few other survivors! No cloud had normally existed like this upon the Pre-Flood Earth! Only the rain and cloud bands had existed pre-flood, and the rain and clouds then had always been moderate at most, and usually gentle! The crackling increased until there was a sharp and bright CRACK nearby Noah's family, immediately followed by a horrific (to them) BOOM in the same area as the bright flash of light! Most of Noahs family immediately ran horrified to the Caves they had been using for shelter, but Noah and his 3 sons only watched in fascination with what happened next! It began to rain. And the rain was not gentle at first, and even the sons began to feel uneasy in the this fierce (but strangely local) rain reminded them somewhat of the rains of the Great Flood! 20 Minutes later, this fierce local rain cloud had moved to the North and East, and the Sun came out from behind a cloud! Then there was a new sight to see: the rainbow! As they stared in awe and wonder, a voice rang in their inner consciousness: Behold, this is the sign of the new world. A sign that Terra would never again have a world wide Great Flood. It is also a sign of life, a reminder that all the colors of the rainbow work together, as a part of a whole. This was a blessing of new Life to all! As Noah and family now looked about, they saw 'thunderhead' clouds building up all over the whole area. As new rains began, the plants began to revive and grow, and animals and humanity now saw hope again for life upon this 'New Earth'!

Reseeding the Earth: The original 'Johnny and Johnette' Appleseeds.

Noah's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren first made a village, then a town at high elevation on Mount Ararat. As the flood waters dried up, and the sea's of mud began to harden in the colder drier air, plants began to sprout at lower elevations, and Noah and his ever larger family moved to establish a town at lower elevations. At this town, the few other eventual survivor's (giants, {as compared to Noah and family} who had hidden in very deep caves and tunnels in a few places in the Earth relatively unaffected by the seismic tumults) came to gather, as the the town was then the only civilization then on the Earth! Along with rainbows, glaciers, ice, and snow, there were storms that had not existed on the pre-Flood Earth. In areas that didn't get ice and snow, torrential rains and winds became common. It was not an easy time. After 5 long generations, still timid humanity stayed within the general confines of what we now know as the Middle East. In the far north and south regions, glaciers had advanced rapidly to cover much of this 'new' Earth. Humanity struggled and multiplied. After the fifth generation was doing well, Noah's grandchildren took it to themselves to be "Johnny/Johnette" appleseeds, and for a long time walked the Earth, reseeding.

Over the earth, for almost a decade, the earth was barren. Seeds of many plants washed up on the new lands and new continents and at first only found barren land in which to grow. It took almost a decade for green plant life to start growing back upon the earth. By the time the plant life started growing and flourishing, only a third of the original survivors of the great flood, (THE ONE HUNDRED) were still alive on earth. Pockets of animals across earth also survived the great flood, but only a third of these survived the barren decade until new plant life took hold! One pocket of animals that survived somewhat better than the rest, was the marsupial group of animals upon the continent of Australia. In Australia, the highest wave of the great flood came in from the northwest, and a once great mountain range towering over 12,000 feet in northwest Australia acted as a barrier that dissipated the wave and spread the remains of the mountains across what was a great inland sea! This previously high mountain range in northwest Australia is now just a series of low hills in the Kimberley region. Much of the soil of these North West mountains was spread across the great inland sea, which then eventually became the central desert! Another problem for the survivors (both human and animal), was the half pressure atmosphere. The survivors of both humans and animals had to adapt to this new half pressure atmosphere with a different ratio of atmospheric gases, including a drop in Oxygen to 21%! With the return of the plant life after the barren decade, surviving eggs of insects hatched and the animals were able to start feeding and once again grow, and eventually to flourish. Only those species that could adapt to the 'New World' would end up surviving! Later, after these beginnings of new life and flourishing of the plants and animals, humanity once again started to grow. The first civilization to REBUILD again upon the New Earth was that of Noah and his sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters and the larger human family that came after. This first civilization after the flood existed in parts of Turkey, the middle East, and would come to eventually be associated with the Babylonian civilization! With the new lands, the half pressure of the atmosphere, the barrenness of the earth, and great lands of ice at the poles, it was a very different world to survive in, compared to the one the Survivors 'had left'.

Most of the extinction of the dinosaurs happened during the Great Flood.

The rest of the extinction of the dinosaurs happened post flood. Before the Great Flood, either the eggs or the DNA/RNA records of all the dinosaurs (as well as the other animals) had been collected by Noah and his family. During and after the flood, one of the many tasks of the surviours was altering the genetic make up of all life forms so as to be able to adapt more easily to the changed Earth. The dinosaurs especially had to be altered. There were three problems with their survival. One was that they had enormous apetites! The Earth was barren, swept clean by the Great Flood. After washed up remains were eaten (or decomposed), there was nothing to eat. The second problem was that of all animal systems, Noah was least sure about the dinosaur's lungs and metabolism being able to adapt to the 'new' low pressure 14.7 psi atmosphere and its altered gas mix! The third problem was that after the flood waters subsided, the Earth became very cold, and widespread ice, snow and glaciation began! The dinosaurs then did not thrive on this 'new' Earth, and only smaller adaptable animals would survive the era of glaciation. The larger animals did not survive.The dinosaurs, even in their reduced and altered form, did not flourish as well as the other animals. They were also poorly adapted to cold, and during the long era of Ice in post flood times, there were few places on the planet that they were able to survive in any degree at all. Transylvania was one of those places. By the time of the next Golden era of 15,000 to 9400 B.C. they were all but extinct, even though the planet had warmed immensely since the post flood era. The global cataclysms caused the the Mahabharata~Atlantis war ending in 9399 B.C., and the again post war quakes, shakes, fires, smoke then global freezes finished off the remaining 'mini' dinosaurs.


Noah, his family, and the very few humans and giants who had survived by crawling into deep caves that hadn't collapsed nor flooded with either water, Lava/magna, heat, pressure nor poisoness gases (and had eventually had been able to crawl back out again and NOT starve nor freeze upon the new Barren Earth), all had knowledge of the previous high civilzations and technology of Earth. Noah was the only one that was able to "bring something with him" such as plans, blueprints, high tech (small) devices, crystals and so forth from the previous civilization.

Humans (descendants) 8 generations after Noah, flourished as best they could. They had been able to rebuild at least some of the technology of the previous Earth. Some of the sciences now had gaps, knowledge had been lost. But under Nimrod in the new city of Babel, a great tower (carbon based space elevator) began to be built. Yet mistakes were made; both the mathamaticians and scientists erred during the construction. The few Sages and Savants of Earth at this time, as well as Noahs more immediate family, warned of disaster with the project, but Nimrod and Babel did not listen!! And there was a factor within the scientific community, with their reduced technology, that they never could have forseen. When previous cataclysms occured, which then had caused the 'Atmospheric Manifold" to collapse, which in turn partially caused the Great Flood, there was still from these events an electromagnetic residue in the atmosphere. It was a like a charge in a capacitor, after an electric device is turned off. Only this 'charge' in the Atmosphere (atomsphere) was gigantic! It wasn't just electrical, there were magnetic and other elements involved. And the tower wasn't being built following natural laws (some of the advanced sciences had been lost), it was more like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. The Carbon based 'pitch and tar' building methods were supposed to make this tower non conductive, but in reality it became EXTREMELY CONDUCTIVE. This would prove EXTREMELY DETRIMENTAL not just for the constructors but also for the citizens of the City of Babel, as well as others even up to 300 Kilometers away! And most of the population of this 'new Earth' was then in this vicinity!


Only during the Great Flood had there been similar lightning bolts as to this one that Struck the towering space elevator of Babel!

The tremendous charge that had built up in the upper Atmosphere of Earth during and after the flood now found a conduit to discharge itself through the tower! Never since then has there been a natural lightning bolt of that power! But the bolt also had extreme magnetic effects, and worse, these effects had certain frequencies! Many of the frequencies of that giant lightning bolt were the same frequencies as the human brain! Specifically the frequencies of the long term and short term memory, and also the frequencies of the communciation, language and speech areas of the brain!

(It could have been a lot worse, in that the E/M frequencies of this bolt, if slightly different, could have could killed most of the population of Babel and the surrounding areas, which due to the reduced population and still somewhat barren/cold Earth which could have then extinguished the rest of humanity through attrition)!

Yet some of the tower constructors AND the civilians of Babel did get permanently zapped! Some went insane. Some others lost other functions. And those that didn't have other effects had their speech/communications areas traumatized and altered. Much of the popualtion didn't make it then, and in the days after this. Many were screaming. Of the small population then on Earth, if most of your work force is permanantly zapped, scrambled, screaming and/or incoherant, and can't communicate at all, and the few still functioning scientists have no explanations for what just happened, that would be a real good reason to shut the project down for good!

And that wasnt all! All the power sources were shut down by the bolt, and the upper third of the tower was on fire! The lower third of the tower began to sink into the Earth! The wind convection (upward air suction caused by the fire) caused a great moaning vibration through out the remaining tower, especially at its base! This vibration, which went on for days and then weeks, (since there was no way without power to put out the fire in the top third of the tower), finally softened and then destroyed the materials in the base of the tower, and the bottom third started sinking and collapsing into the Earth! By this time, the few remaining people that were sane, not scrambled, and still interested in the Tower/space elevator project saw that the project was now ruined and destroyed, and that there was no way to understand or explain these events that just happened.

What happened to the survivors of the Tower.

Of the survivors, 98% plus of humanity then upon the Earth was directly descended from Noah and family. Resonance genetic engineering of Noah, his immediate family, their descendants along with other natural processes resulted in humanity being once again quite genetically varied (in appearance) and colored by the time the Tower of Babel was being built. THE COSMIC LIGHTNING BOLT FROM THE TOWER, (IN THOSE THAT SURVIVED) ACTIVATED LATENT GENETIC MEMORIES (INCLUDING LANGUAGES). THE MEMORIES AND LANGUAGES THAT RESSURECTED in the survivors were based upon the expressed genetic traits for that individual! AFTER the Cosmic lightning bolt hit, those that looked like Atlanteans found themselves speaking the Atlantean languages, had 'Atlantean' memories (and had a natural desire to return to the remaining 7 Isles of Atlantis)! Those that looked to originally come from Africa found themselves speaking the then existing African languages, experiencing African memories (and now had a desire to return to Africa)! Lemuria was long gone by this time, but Lemurian looking descendants (who had settled in Gobi, India and other places) now found themselves speaking those languages of the pre flood era! They also had reactivated knowlledge of what those prior Lemurians had learned! The yellow looking peoples found themselves speaking the pre flood languages of Gobi, the original OZ, and the Orient! The white looking people now found themselves to be speaking the preflood languages of the Hyperboreans and the Caucisus! With the cosmic reboot to their brains, most of these peoples also felt drawn to return to their original homelands (or what was left of them) and start over! So the 'new' Atlanteans returned start again in what was left of Atlantis, the 'new' Lemurian descendents saught out Gobi, India, and other places where they had been before, the 'new' Africans returned to Africa, the 'new' Orientals saught out and went to Gobi, the original OZ, and the Orient, and the 'new' whites went to Europe, Russia, and a new remant country to be called Cimmeria! AND SO THUS THE WORLD WAS RESEEDed with Humanity AND REPOPULATED, and with restored pre flood memories, these new civilizations became SIMILIAR TO WHAT HAD BEEN LEFT, BEFORE THE WAR AND THE GREAT FLOOD!

GREAT SAGES OF THOSE DAYS PROCLAIMED THE TOWER OF BABEL WAS DIVINE GUIDENCE, SINCE IF THE RECONFIGURED SPEECH, LANGUAGES, MEMORIES, GENETICS AND THE RE DISPERSION OF HUMANITY HADN'T TAKEN PLACE, the homogenity of humanity (pre- Babel event), combined with low population, harsh planetary conditions, descending Solar System 'Arc' cycle (potential to descend into ignorance) would have resulted in the then extinction of Humanity through Attrition!

THOUGH THE BABEL SURVIVORS HAD RESTORED MEMEORIES AND LANGUAGES, this occured during a descending SOLAR ARC. A lot of this regained knowledge eventually became lost again. So Humanity spread out after Babel, but these humans lived very simply, and some even became 'Stone tool users' again. Higher Civilizations would not really rise again until around 22,000 B.C. SOME OF THE STONE TOOLS USED DURING THIS TIME PERIOD ARE WHAT WE FIND NOW TODAY, AND so we THINK THAT HUMANITY ROSE UP FROM CAVE MEN AND WOMAN and have forgotten our collective high history!


The new rise of global civilization and knowledge after Kali Yuga circa @ 22,500 B.C.

Atlantean Colonies and the 'Nazca' Lines, post flood. After a longer period of recovery and regrowth following the Great Flood and the war that preceded that, Atlantean life of plants, animals and a lushness to the remaining 7 islands re-emerged.

The return of the humans to Atlantis. After the events of the tower of babel and the re awakening of genetic memories, Atlantean groups began to band together in the near Middle East settlements following scattering of humanity of the tower of babel event. One such leader emerged, named Evenor.

22,120 Evenor colonises (conquers) the island of Atlantis as well as the Aegean area according to Plato. Achaeans (Classical Atlanteans of this time period) invade Greece in two waves in 22000 BC and 19000 B.C. These invasions pave the way for problems an epoch into the future, seemingly forgotten.
20940: Atlas, the grandson of Evenor gives his name to Atlantis. This is not the first, Giant Atlas of yore.

This smaller Eastern part of Atlantis survived only because it was far away from the Great Crystal and the technological, industrial and war complex, and because this Eastern portion had been home for most of Atlantean Holy temples and Pyramids, and above all the Holy or 'Medicine' people of Atlantis, who had STRONGLY advised AGAINST using the Great Crystal destructively, as well as the WAR and agression that had PRECEDED its use!

As Atlantis recovered and began to flower again in its potentials (circa 19,000 to 11,000 B.C.) colonies were built and (re) built in other countries, especially what is now central and south America, parts of Egypt, the Mediterrean area, parts of Europe, Brittainy, and few 'Atlantean' cities and towns in North America, in about that order.

Some of these Atlantean colonies became independant, or began to develop independantly in technological (Re) advances.

Atlantean colonies and trade at this time was in a large part with what is now central and south America. The geography of all these above places is different now than it was then. The Final Atlantean War and cataclysms altered the geography of these places into what is now more the 'present day' geography.

Whilst the Atlanteans (post-flood) no longer had the E.T. help to build another Great Crystal, smaller crystal use, including use in 'flying ships', was redeveloped. A peculiar property of these small crystal powered 'flying ships' was that they actually needed runways to take off from! The Great Crystal of the previous Atlantean Civilization provided enough power for near vertical take off, landing, and hovering capabilites. The 'newer' Atlantean tech wasn't so high powered, so the Atlantean colonies and trades partners in south and central America built the original 'Nazca' straight lines as runways and airports!

Later Atlantean tech of this era didn't need the small crystals with their power limitations, hence the runways and airports, as they were, were abandoned.

Does not show detail of ATLANTEAN COLONIES OF small islets within {what is now} the SOUTHERN U.S.

Much later (circa 11,000 B.C.) many of these Atlantean Colonies had become independant countries, and with agression and war seemingly (again) on the horizon , residents of these former Atlantean Colonies (especially in central and south America) communicated their intent (or neutrality) through giant highly accurate drawings and/or animals drawn across many 10's of meters and larger areas of desert or savannah! Much information was encoded in these drawings, both for the Atlantean airships and satelites, and for the 'opposition', which included the high Rama civilization of India!

Later, after the horrifying third 'Atlantean' War had started, some of the Atlanteans 'newer tech' had started to break down, and the 'Nazca' lines and airports started to be used again.

(The actual third Atlantean War, the Rama Empire, and Sri Bhagavan Krishna of India who told the Rama empire to defend itself, will all be expanded upon in separate articles). See page 9.

After the '3rd' War, the Final sinking of Atlantis, and the cataclysms that were caused by that war, 'remnant' high tech civilizations (of south Amercia) used the Nazca lines again, until the technology broke down, and was not able to be repaired. (The cyclical fall of <HU>Man intellect from that World cycle). *See page 11

ATLANTIS REBUILDS AND EVENTUALLY BECOMES AGGRESSIVE AGAIN: REBUILT VIMANAS ALONG WITH FULL NAVAL FLEET, AND RECOVERY OF (some preflood)WEAPONS helps cause Atlantis to become over confident again! *See NEXT Page (9)! ARTIFACTS APPROX 15,000 TO 10,500 B.C. Technology Not shared with others.


Below is the most northwestern Island of the 7 islands of Atlantis Circa 12,000 B.C. It was the Golden era, a time of Gods. The lights of Zero Point Energy variations always sparkled, whether it was day or night. During it's history, this island was known by handful of names. In this period, this large island was named Cleito, after one of Poseidon's wives. Towards the upper left, the sShoals of Virginus can be seen. These shallow underwater shoals were a bane of Atlantean sailors of this time period. These shoals were connected to the high mountains of the Appalachia island chain. The future of what would become the North American continent became realized when Atlanteans after this time period began wars with cataclysmic weapons.