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10,001 B.C. to 9,399 B.C. The Mahabharata~Atlantean Planetary War <re~editing t.b.a.>

Subtitle:  The 3rd, and final destruction of Atlantis~ The annihilation of '4th world' Earth (including the inner planet colonies).

"If we don't press the button now, we will have another dead planet in this Solar system"~ (the subversion of Reason and Rationality).

'They claim their labors are to build a heaven, yet their heaven is filled with horrors.  Perhaps the world is not made.  Perhaps nothing is made.  It's too late.  Always has been, always will be.  Too late.'


The Earth of 10,001 B.C.~ Humanity and other intelligent life (which includes the demi~Gods/Goddess's, the El's and their cousins {the larger family of giant humans}, the Evadamics {us}, the human 'little people' {hobbits, Ircenrraat, and others}, plus non human life and naturalized E.T.'s) comes very close to a planetary enlightenment.  Yet ignorance was fast approaching, and warnings were heeded not.  A karmic snowball from the previous destructiveness of the war of the Great Flood hung over the planet, looming large.

 God's, Goddess's, woman, men, and other Sentient high Intelligences (then) on Earth had for an epoch co~existed in relative peace.  Starting some 400 cycles back from the beginning of the new epoch, a lack discernment in all beings began to be noticed, along with increasing pride, vanity, and even a shallowness.  As had happened before during previous decending Yuga cycles, grievences and arguments among individuals and countries resurfaced. These conflicts increased with each new generation, and the world knew once again inequity. The increasing loss of clarity led to muddled or destructive thinking. Physical conflicts and squabbles began sporadically during 10,001 B.C. leading up to global war in 9,401 B.C. This expanded during 9,400 B.C. ~9,399 B.C. to the inner planets and colonies of Sol system. The Saints receive the order to (again) press the red button, as humanity with it's partial knowledge of the God's is (again) threatening the existance of Earth and the other inner planets. What was once a Golden era for all of Earth becomes a world of ashes, almost immediately followed by a global ice up/nuclear winter and lethal ground striking Aurora's circa @ 9,399 B.C. A horrible example of reverse alchemy: The Golden cities of this Earth reduced to radioactive earth, and dust. Cities, sights of planetary wonder and men of woman of reknown vanish destructively, like they had never been. A googleplex of Knowledge is consumed by the fires of war, lost to this world.

<t.b.a.> Summary:  Disagreements among the Gods, demigods, giants, and others. *Editors note: Other websites and historical literature describe some of the arguments, conflicts and wars of the God's, demi God's and other 'men of reknown'. The author will refer readers to these websites and literature as needed, as the focus of this website is with the lost history of us, the Evadamic humans; the 'middle sized child' of carbon based human beings.

Lingering resentments.

'Regular' humans, other intelligent life forms native to Earth and resettled E.T.s witness the above, and disagree on which side or principle was 'right' and which above parties were the 'wronged' party. The Oracle at Delphi issues her first direct warning of what will come if Earth's children do not stop the resentments and bickering; disaster shall result.


The descending Yuga = increasing ignorance.

After the above "Skirmishes (in Earth's) heavenly realms", the humans, reptoids, E.T.'s living on Earth plus the highest intelligent animals and others trespass, one upon the other. Atlantis, out of all the countries and continents of this time period, manifested the most disturbing and disrupting desires. Many of these were not new, but had not been discussed nor acted upon during the peak of the Golden era, a time of peace lasting from about 17,000 B.C. until the 10,600's B.C.


<t.b.a.> Countdown to 9,401 B.C.


"They claim their labors are to build a heaven, yet their new heaven is being populated with horrors. It's too late, always has been, always will be."

The return of greed, pride, and vanity.

The Atlanteans, following closely the passions and arguments of those that were then called God's, began themselves to desire more than what they had, which in the Satya Yuga, was plenty.  Plenty of Knowledge and plenty of material wealth was freely available to all, yet all this became not enough, due to the beginnings of forgetfulness that were beginning to appear among the Priests and the people.  Attention became turned without, towards other lands, and what goods could be obtained from these. The Atlantean first ministry desired control of all land in the area areas surrounding the 7 islands., began political aggression towards Greece. In turn, Greece's geographical closeness and reporting of Atlantean misdeeds angered the Atlantean government.

Atlanteans (again) to misuse technology and knowledge.

Atlantis had just done another 'test' of their 'dimensional gateway' and Greece reported to the world was that some very disruptive E.T. types, such as certain 'Lizards', sulfur types, and non physical 'shadow' types had come through this gateway and were living in and allied with Atlantis and its colonies. Other disputes: Re~creating the Chimera's for a slave class, re-developing weapons of thought, sonics, light, and biology, as well as global political aggression. Greece was the only country in that area of the world which Atlantis had no influence over, and the Atlanteans were not 'pleased' with their eastern neighbor.

Image of Chimera's, the mixed human/animals.

The return of the Chimera's. Atlanteans, while rebuilding their civilization, discovered records of their past civilization(s), including the creation and use of Chimera's. Underneath all the flowery words used by the orators on the crystalline Atlantean net that animals were benefitting from faster evolution, they were basically used for slave labor, and other unpleasantness. These above acts caused world wide anguish, and was one of many things that created disagreements worldwide. As before, Chimera's were created mostly by Atlantis on an increasingly larger scale. Chimera's were first created out of advanced animals, yet in the period before the coming war, Atlanteans began to punish 'criminals' and perceived enemies of the State by retrograding Human DNA/RNA to thus give humans animal characteristics. This was considered not just a moral crime by others, but a Spiritual one. Altantis created more of these than any other countries of this time period. Curing these beings by re~upgrading them to full human is one of the reasons why the Great Pyramid was constructed. Even in curing some Chimera's, there were further problems.

"Tainted Humans' also become known as ----------------->

The chimera's (or 'things') who had been created out of advanced animals were cured by vastly accelerating their evolution via resonance in the healing chambers of the Great Pyramids of the time, yet they were considered 'tainted' by Homo Sapiens, Homo Sapians Gigantis, the God's of the era, and Cro~magnon Humans. Chimera's that had been human found that upon being cured and returned to full Human form, were still shunned and considered outcasts. The full restored human forms of the cured Chimera's did have minute genetic differences, which showed up in the face, brain structure, and posture. There were further differences in the restored humans, depending on what era they were cured, as the technology in the earlier Copper and the beginning of the Silver era of the Yuga cycles was less advanced. There were one or two Spirtual components missing in the cures, even in the highest healing chambers of the time. The greatest advances in technology and understanding in the Golden era still resulted in differences. These restored humans, shunned by the world even during the era of Gold, banded together into their own groups. The processes of accelerating advanced animals, retrograding humans as punishment, and even the restoration and healing processes themselves created immense trauma (even on the Spiritual level), both individually and collectively. The large groups of many thousands settled before and after the war in sparsely populated lands of the time, such as future Spain, Gibralter, parts of Europe them above water and few other places. Atlanteans, the ones who created most of the Chimera's in the first place, wanted the cured humans least of all. These cured humans shunned technology and certain knowledge, as misused knowledge created them in the first place, instead preferring to live simply and in harmony with Nature as much as possible. These cured humans still surviving, and still shunned in the post Atlantean~Mahabharata global war world, came to be known as Neanderthals. "Neo" (one) whom had be a "Thrall" (slave) of the animal characteristics in the Chimera form (as well as having a human slave master). Those descended from the earlier less advanced cures and re~upgrades into human forms became known as Homo Erectus, Homo Habilis, Australopithecus Africanus and the others.

The newest generations born did not automatically have the morels, ethics, and restraint of their long lived parents and grandparents. Yet these generations still had understanding enough, and some powers enough, to re open conflicts previously thought long delt with. These, coming into positions of power, re~instigated forced genetic engineering, with the intent of again producing a slave class of Chimera's. The second succeeding generation after these re~instigated a much further horror. Enemies of the official government, official thought would be experimented upon, with anti-evolutionary processes not used since the last descending cycle. Whether the enemies of the state were really guilty of crimes or not (and a lot weren't) they were sentenced to be retrograded into Chimera's. Their human forms became increasing animal, until they became a roughly 'half-and-half' construct, appearing half human and half animal. The brains of these individuals were further retrograded, so that the brains became 1/4 human, and 3/4's animal. And of course these retrograded prisoner beings were then shunned with horror, not only by most human beings (except for slavery purposes), but by the animals themselves, whom during the Golden era of the Yuga's were fairly intelligent. The process of retrogradation was fairly lethal, with only 1/4 (human into animal like beings) surviving such a degree of shock, horror and trauma. The 'upgrade' process coming from animal to human had a much higher survivability. This was due to the upgrades of an animal into a chimera being somewhat in synch (yet at a horribly forced rate) with nature's evolutionary forces.

With most of the world unhappy with Atlantean experiments, the Atlantean government began taking notes over who was protesting the most. Eventually, Atlantis decided to send a Naval fleet to the Eastern Mediterranean for intimidation purposes. This was preceived as less threatening to non aligned countries than sending flying craft there. What started as a show of force would eventually escalate, however.

Informaton censorship instigated by Atlantis. Where~as most of the world was fed censored information by the Atlantean energy~net, Greater Greece was still able to get reliable information. In preceding era's, Greece and Atlantis had been friends and allies. In that time many families migrated, with Grecian ex-pats settling in Atlantis. These maintained close ties to family in Greece. Those in Atlantis then reported the doings of the Atlanteans to family and other communicators in Greece. In early November 9,400 B.C., Atlantis sent a Naval Fleet east towards Greater Greece, and commenced war exercises. The people of Greece were intimdated by this Atlantean fleet so close to its shores.

The warnings of the Oracles, Saints and Sages.

Beginning about 10,500 B.C. and extending right up to 9,401 B.C. the Seers of all types in, above, and below the world began to issue warnings of what would probably come to pass if ignorance, negative thinking, and abhorrant behaviours would increase and become commonplace. What pray tell happens when either God's, or humans/giants with the power of God's get angry and want to destroy? These above issues became major challenges in this 4th world Earth. Those that retained either commonsence, some morality, or prescience became very uneasy with the climate of destruction that began to be (re) built in Atlantis, and in other parts of the world.

The Exodus of Atlantis and the establishment of (the new) underground cities.


<t.b.a.> Atlanteans of a non aggressive nature leave Atlantis. This Exodus predates the exodus of Moses and the Isrealites by 5,000 revolutions of Earth around the Sun. Due to both previous events and forcasting, the Oracles, Sages and Saints of Atlantis and the rest of the world begin to see a trend, with potentially disasterous results. Atlantis as a whole, now seemed favor aggression and control, and no matter the cost. Atlantis circa 9,400 B.C. with it's 7 islands and 5 islets had a population around 3,000,000,000 (billion) people. The Oracles, Sages, and few Saints living on Atlantis at this time began to recommand leaving the MotherLand, to any who would listen. There were a few who did, yet most did not try to move until Atlantis had already begun to bombed and rayed, and was increasingly geologically unstable. The later migrations were 'to little to late'. Out of 3 billion people, a total of 375 million tried to leave Atlantis. Of the earlier and successful transplants, only 1 Million left Atlantis early enough to successfully colonize parts of the 'new world', along with a few areas of the 'original world', such as Egypt, and what would become Portugal (later migrating to the Pyranees, during the Mahabharata/Atlantean war). A few went over to Gobi (with Gobi later becoming (again) an 'enemy of Atlantis'. Principal areas of Atlantean pre-war migration were newly emerged (or emergent) lands in South America, Central America, and a few places of North America then above water, in descending order of colonization. A few places in emergent Antarctica were tried also: these froze when planet disturbing/cracking advanced weapons were used, which as an end result caused the newly polar areas of the (current) North Pole and South Pole/Antarctica to freeze to a couple hundred degrees below zero almost instantaneously.

In the 'new' (newly) emerging lands (of what would become the North and South American continents) a continum of people wanting peace from all lands would come together under what is now called Mount Shasta, and form the city of Telos. Some other groups of Atlanteans and others built cities both above ground and underground in Central and South America. Tiahuanico as a greater city was being built as a seaport when the greater global war ignited Earth changes, and thrust Tiahuanico

9,401 B.C. ~Shots fired at Greece ignite resentment and conflict.

With the continued Grecian reports of Atlanteans re~arming themselves, Atlantis decided to begin a Naval blockade. Atlantean agents, already in Greece, began to instigate trouble. Around 2 a.m. on a 10th of November morning 9,401 B.C. shots rang out from the Greecian shore towards the Atlantean fleet. This was the 'provocation' the Atlanteans were looking for. The Atlantean fleet immediately began shelling the Greecian shore. The Atlanteans were looking for any excuse to invade Greece, they wanted the land, for their own use. They also wanted control over the Crystalline Media/Net/communications grid that was in this area. The Atlanteans wanted Greece to capitulate, and the skirmish to be over quickly. That is exactly what happened, but not in the Atlanteans favor!

The population of Greece, warned by the Oracle and some of the Demi-Gods fired first upon the Atlanteans. When shots began to be fired from land, the Atlanteans fired back, and Greece activated its 'borer worms'. They were a intelligent swarm of non metallic 'spinners' and their sole purpose was to bore into ships hulls and scuttle them. By 5 a.m. the next day (11th November) the Atlantean fleet was starting to sink.

By 8 a.m. the Greecian fleet was in the water surrounding the remnants of the Great Atlantean Fleet, mostly picking up survivors. There were a few more shots exchanged, but it wasn't the full out battle that later history mentioned.

Nationalistic Atlanteans felt deeply shamed, then very angry at loosing almost two thirds of the moderately sized Atlantean naval fleet during what was supposed to be a warning exercise This Atlantean anger would smolder, and it lead to a global war.

The opening movements of the war were not fought with physical weapons, vimana's, vailixi nor any other machine or physical construct. Only Mind, thought, and Mantra weapons were used, and these were worse (at least at first), greater in destructive power, than any physical weapon, even the much later used nukes.
Mind, thought, and Mantra were also used at first as defenses, and these defenses were greater then any electrical and or magnetic screen.
So what is the discharge, the 'waste' product of thought weapons against thought screens? For the most part, the waste product is heat. In certain circumstances early in the war, when thought weapons over came a cities thought defenses, there was total anhilation of the area, instantanously, when the thought defenses came down. The method of instant vaporisation was heat, upon loss or exhaustion of defensive thought screens.
Similtaneaously, in other areas, when thought based defenses overcame thought based weapons, the feedback from the destruction of the thought weapons would travel back to the place of origin, causing around 80% destruction of the source area.
For the most part semi evolved humans, in groups in a protected area usually underground, were the sources of both thought based weaponry, as well as thought based defenses.
Even the semi superpowered humans of that time period eventually reached exhaustion levels after several weeks, up to 8 weeks straight thought based fighting going on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The humans of that time did not need much rest, but the lack of what little they did need started adding up.
In the ninth week of fighting, with the instant vaporization and desolation of now hundreds of cities and areas of earth, physical constructs, machines and AI of previous era's were brought back online, to supplement the now increasingly exhausted (and destroyed) thought and Mantra weapons groups. Artificial power sources now began adding to or supplanting human based thought weapons sources. Humans began to be increasingly reliant on machines, and other power sources, to keep both thought based weaponry, and defenses operational. A movie that captures something of this stage of the war is the 1956 movie 'Forbidden Planet'. There was no reason to use nukes yet however, as the high tech weaponry reactivated (from previous era's) more then made up for an increasingly exhausted, and fearful remaining human population. The war destroyed the highest technology first, that of the mind, and mental constructs of humanity. The war began to move backword in developement, with humanity using what would be to them increasingly primitive weapons in desperation.

After 3 months of fighting and widespread destruction, more construct, and machine based weaponry was brought back on line (after being mothballed for half a millenia), beginning with Magnetic type weaponry, then electrical weaponry. Machines that aided or copowered human thought construct weaponry were increasingly destroyed. Yet even with widespread global destruction and loss of life, cries for peace were ignored.
After four months of horrific global fighting, thought contruct groups, and most of the copowering machines, were destroyed, and there began to be (re) used more machine, AI, flying disk, and other (physically constructed) high tech weaponry. Plasma, Phaser, Magnetic, Sonic weapons were unearthed from long ago, and redeployed. Most of these were mounted on the disks. At first, at this stage of the war, with redeployment of physical high tech weapons, most weapons and flying disks were automated, and most of these had AI. Now plasma and magnetic shielding was redeployed, and thought based defenses (the groups that has manufactured these thought constructs), had either been destroyed, or dangerously exhausted, not to be so easily regenerated now.
After 5 months, many of the AI equipped disks and weaponry had been destroyed (along with many of the AI control bases), so human pilots began to be redeployed into flying disks and available weaponry.

Whereas the first four months of fighting had been mostly in air, and in space (including Moon and Mars outposts), in the 5th month Navel ships and ground fleets, (with the mounting destruction and exhaustion of the air and space fleets and weapons), began to be redeployed.
At first these Navel and ground fleets were AI equipped, but with mounting losses, human operators began to take over the remaining ships and ground weapons.
After 6 months of constant fighting and destruction, very little AI was left, and now humans were physically fighting humans, something that hadn't happened for many many centuries.
After 7 months, most of Earth's flying craft had been destroyed, and the atmosphere was becoming so toxic with the destruction, that only limited air battles would be possible henceforth. Ground and Navel fights with humans, and now in some cases chimera groups, became the main focus of the war. Larger swaths of some continents had been wiped clean, or toxified to such and extent, then no life could grow, or live. And for the most part, nukes had not been used much, yet. Mother Nature was waking up now, and many hundreds of volcano's began to erupt. Earthquakes began, increasing in intensity, and destruction. Horrible firestorms consumed all burnable matter in country sized chunks, and yet this was still the beginning, as humanity still was fighting among itself.
At 8 months, a lot of Earth's Navel fleets and half the ground fleets and troups had been eradicated.
In India at this time, the two groups mentioned in the MahaBharata meet on the battlefield at this time, With Krishna and Arjuna
After 8 1/2 months, the small percentage of disks and other flying craft still intact and able to fly in Earth's now unstable toxic and stormy atmosphere, began to be
equipped with an ancient, primitive, yet horribly destructive weapon~nukes.
Plasma, etheric, magnetic, sonic, and electrical weapons had been used in force globally, and yet these were now mostly destroyed.
At nine months, buttons were pushed, and along with launching nukes in hastily and primitively contrived chemical rockets (the only flying device the could still fly with Earth's now horrible electromagnetic lightning storms and out of control aurora), mushrooms clouds began to appear, first in the tens, then hundreds, then a thousand! Along with the nukes, in a few previously neutral areas such as Africa, biological weapons were deployed.
At nine months, with most machine and motorized ground troups and devices destroyed, but with humans not done fighting yet, humans began deploying on animals, including horses, elephants, zebra's, giant sloths, giant bears, and in a few cases tigers were used to take humans into battle.

A Countdown to Annihilation.

On January 1st, 9,400 B.C. Atlantis had its close affliate the Nation/states of Sodom, start threatening Greece with invasion. At the same time, Sri Lanka blows up the great bridge linking it to India, and Sri Lanka starts massing troups on its Northern border, facing India. To the north, Cimmeria makes a full alliance with Atlantis, and because the this Gobi goes to full alert, with India now saying strong words to get Atlantis to stop the agression. Sodom launches a small naval fleet towards Greece. Greece immediately starts bombarding this fleet from shore guns. Most of Sodoms fleet is sunk within 3 days. For the rest of the month of January, most of the world net/media of the time reports troop movements, naval fleet movements and flying craft and Vimina (India's UFO type craft of the time period) movements, but not actual war. February sees more of the same movements, and more threats between the major Nations/countries of the time. In India, Gobi and a few other places, Great Sages and Saints once again warm humanity that the present course of action will cause great suffering and destruction! The aggression does not stop however.

March sees more threats and troops and fleets positioned directly across or near enemy nations. India's now submerged, but then highly populated west and south east coasts see major war weapons rolled out, and positioned near these coasts. Atlantis, still stinging after losing most of its Naval fleet, has been building both new ships and the Atlantean version of the Vimina's, with manufacturing around the clock. Gobi, which was attacked by Atlantis just prior to the great flood in the last world cycle, is also manufacturing flying craft with weapons.

ARJUNA, The Rama Empire of India's greatest battle field general, starts talking to his mentor, teacher and Spiritual Preceptor Sri Bhagavan Krishna at this time! Through the summer months there are more Army movements and rumors, but no actual war. The worst event of that summer of 10,000 B.C however was the break out of a dis ease, in Africa, called The Marea. No one at the time knew what to make of it, except at first it was extremely lethal, and had something to do with the blood stream. It was a horrible emergency with the Nations of Africa at the time however, and great number of population were succumbing to this dis ease! In spite of the aggression of the time however, there still was not an outright war, and the then Nations of the world during that summer sent teams of scientists to Africa to try to both study this dis ease and hopefully find a cure! But what they found was that it seemed to be rapidily changing, or mutating. Towards the end of this summer, after whole populations of Africa had been affected, it was noticed by the survivors that the Atlanteans were starting to send raiding parties, at night, to what is today called Gabon, in west Africa. After a 2 week skirmish, it was discovered the Atlanteans were mining the vein of Radioactive minerals, near the coast. After threats of direct war, the Atlanteans retreated, but not before getting many kilos of the various radioactive ores. After this, for the rest of the summer and into the fall, there was much more global tension. Africa suffered horribly at this time, and though previously neutral, most of the remaining Nations and Kingdoms of Africa now begin to side with India and Gobi, with the exceptions being Northern Africa, the mediterrean area (except Greece), Egypt, and most of what is now the Middle eastern area, and north eastern Africa. These above exceptions stayed allied with Atlantis, and it's friend to the far North, Cimmeria. Summer and early fall of 9,400 B.C. brought massive troup movements and positionings, and manufacturing of weapons around the clock!

October 6th 9,400 B.C. ~Atlantis and its Middle East Allies began putting conventional troops and armies on the ground, marching them south into Africa, east towards what is now Afghanistan, and sailing a renewed fleet towards Greece. India was instantly on alert.

October 7th, 9,400 B.C. As the A.A. armies continue to move south into Africa and east across what is now Afghanistan, war is declared by India, Gobi and other Eastern Alliance countries, as well as the Kingdoms and Nations of central and southern Africa. These Eastern Alliance countries begin to load armies and troops into Vimana's, to bring them to the front lines that were then in Afghanistan and Central Africa. Upon the declaration of war by the Eastern Alliance (composed of Gobi, India, and other smaller empires, kingdoms, and nations mainly in what we now call the Orient), Atlantis begins loading ground troops onto its speedily rebuilt Naval fleet. Small Scout ships are loaded and launched from Atlantis within one day, destination India!

October 10th, 9,400 B.C. Many flying craft and Vimina's from many different countries, nations, kingdoms, empires and alliances are now in the air, spying on each other, upon armies, and countries. Upon encountering enemy Vimina's, A.A flying craft began aerial skirmishes, using energy ray and other high technology weapons.

October 15th, 9,400 B.C. The main body of the rebuilt Atlantean Naval fleet launches toward India. A.A. ground armies in Africa, only encountering little resistance due to the desolation caused by The Marea, sweep south across most of central Africa. In the eastern front, A.A. armies, having previouly swept easily east into the mountainous areas of what is now called southern and eastern Afghanistan, begin to encounter resistance from Indian troups newly placed by large Vimina craft. Aerial skirmishes build, and soon the night, in certain parts of the world is lit up like lightning with the Vimina's exchanging fire with energetic and ray weapons. A few of these various types of Vimina's are nuclear powered. The night of October 15th/16th, the world reacts with horror, as for the first time since the last cataclysm (which almost extinguished humanity~the great flood), a nuclear mushroom cloud is seen upon the Earth! Over the night skies of Eastern Africa, a Nuclear flying craft is destroyed, its reactor going critical high up in the atmosphere. Most of western and central India is lit up like daylight for about 20 minutes. To the north, Cimmeria, an ally of Atlantis, launches both flying craft and ground armies towards Gobi.

October 17th, 9,400 B.C. High tech ground armies from Cimmeria have successfully and speedily rolled across parts of what is now Russia, and are parked at Gobi's northern frontier. Air battles rage above this area. Shelling from the Cimmerian ground troups to the North begins hitting Gobi proper. The speedy high tech rebuilt Navy of Atlantis has sailed both through (this time periods version of the Suez) canal, and also around the horn of Africa (shelling southern Africa as it does so). These two 'pinchers' of the Atlantean Navy then reconvene several hundred kilometers west of India proper. A smaller strike force bombards and then invades and conquers the then solid land mass we now call the Maldives, which was then connected to India's then much larger west coast area. India begins shelling and bombarding this vast A.A. Naval fleet, but with shields and flying craft protecting it, there is not much damage done. Fierce aerial fighting begins over parts of Africa and to the west of India.

October 21st, 9,400 B.C. In India, Sri Bhagavan Krishna tells Arjuna to prepare to fight! All the saints and sages of the world issue warnings at this time, including the then few sages in Atlantis. These Atlantean Sages warn the government to stop their aggression, lest grevious harm (or worse!) should come upon Atlantean shores! This advice is ignored however. In actuality, for the last several months a 'group of 50' Atlantean adepts and meditators have been working closely together, even working in shifts 24 hours a day. After much (personal) clearing, mental strengthing and meditation, this 'group of 50' at last begins to construct their 'project'. And what was this project? It was called a THOUGHT CONSTRUCT. In the lands (of Tibet) seers began warning India and Gobi of this NEWLY BUILT WEAPON of A THOUGHT CONSTRUCT! The present day Tibetan word for this is Tulspi, tupsli (various spellings). The 50 Atlantean adepts who constructed this decided to give this THOUGHT CONSTRUCT the appearance of a HUGE, hideous, terrifying DEMON, to better demoralize or terrorize enemy soldiers! And Of course their choice of weapon did work, in exactly that way with the enemy soldiers during the war.

October 23rd, 9,400 B.C. Aerial skirmishes and bombardments continue to grow, now worldwide. India, Gobi and the Eastern Alliance Vimina's now begin bombing Atlantean allies, colonies, and ex colonies in what is now South America, Central America, and parts of North America then not under ice, nor water, and of strategic importance to Atlantis (such as manufacturing Atlantean weapons). Some Ex~patriot Atlanteans in North and South America, who have declared themselves neutral during this war, are mistakenly bombed by Eastern Alliances forces at this time. At this time The Aerial and Naval aspects of this war have become so intense and widespead that it is no longer easy to pick out neutral parties. Eastern Alliance forces choose these above easier targets since they cannot get near Atlantis nor Cimmeria, the defenses to both of these are just to good, so far. India proper begins to receive bombardment on this day, and this rapidly becomes worse. Atmospheric dust starts to increase, even though the bombardments have so far not been Nuclear, or worse. In a so far war untouched large Indian City that existed then 10 miles west of present day Jodhpur, a strange dis~ease has broken out at the city center. Any and just about all living matter, from plants to animals to living humans in the city center begin to turn grey. In the next 24 hours the greyness increases and spreads, with the victems feeling like they are suffocating. Doctors, healers and scientists are brought in, yet for a little while the greyness remains a terrible mystery. It begins to spread somewhat rapidly from the city center. The only life form that seems to be immune so far is cockroaches. The greyness is analyzed, even as all life in the city center succumbs to this and becomes part of a spreading grey blanket!

October 29th, 9,400 B.C. The A.A. Naval fleet, which has been bombarding west coast India and all the way into central India, lands and starts to invade the Rama Empire! The A.A. armies, which have been pooling in what is now Afghanistan, launch across the mountains and invade the Northwest part of the Rama Empire (in what is now Pakistan)! This army attempts to march south and east, with the goal of eventually meeting the landing troups of the A.A. Naval fleet! In the great city 10 miles west of present day Jodhpur, the spreading greyness has not been halted, and it threatens to consume all life in the whole city. Those not touched by the greyness flee out of the city. Scientists identify the greyness as some sort of artificial construct, but with the demands of the war front now in India itself, they have not had the means to study or affect any countermeasures! No country, nation nor group claims any responsibility for the grey blanket, though suspicion points toward either Atlantis, or some affiliated group or country. In Africa, the southward marching A.A. armies continue to find little organized resistance, due in a large part to the now almost continent wide desolation of The Marea! Eastern Alliances troups, which have landed in southern Africa to help the local Nations fend off the rapidly advancing A.A armies, notice that the A.A. armies seem to have immunity to this dis~ease (The MAREA). This E.A. landing force, trying to help their stricken African allies, (though innoculated to everything then known to humanity), eventually themselves begin to get sick, but not as severely or as quickly as the local population! To the North and east, Cimmerian troups have now invaded (after severe bombardment) the northern reaches of Gobi. Unknown to all at this time, A.A. troup carrying Vimina's have landed to the south of Gobi, and are unloading soldiers, weapons, and ground craft. In India proper, Arjuna leads the fight to defend India!

October 30th, 9,400 B.C. The A.A. armies and invasion forces have continued to advance on all three of their fronts in Africa, India, and Gobi. But E.A. resistence is now increasing steadily, especially in India. As this renewed Indian resistance occurs and is communicated back to Atlantis, Atlantis convenes its special Meditation 'group of 50' and tells them to now seclude themselves and unleash the 'unstoppable weapon'; the Tulspi (thought construct)! At 6 a.m. local time in India, a large whirlwind suddenly appears in the main battlefield of west central India. It changes form into that of a very large translucent and glowing 'bigfoot' type creature with red eyes. Its shape and outline constantly seems to shift, yet the damage it starts to do is almost unbelieveable! As it draws the seeming air itself to its aid, it whirls and destroys first a forest, then whole squads of the Rama Empires defending army and machinery! At the same tiime, the greyness spreading in the Great Central City, consuming all life that is touches, is now poised to start moving beyond the city! And no one knows what to do to stop it! In an emergency meeting convened that day, the great sages of that day tell the governments of the Rama empire to do what has been so far unthinkable; use a Plutonium type dirty Nuke, to destroy the spreading grey! Three hours later, at 9:00 a.m. local India time, the first ground Nuke of the war goes off, not from Atlantean forces, but by Rama forces, which wipes out the Great Central City and the horrific spreading greyness! 45 minutes later, with the Atlantean thought construct wreaking so much havoc, and proving unstoppable, a small battlefield Nuke and other Energy weapons are brought to bear upon the Tulspi! Amazingly, the Nuke and energy weapons begin to slow the Tulspi down, but not destroy it. India also convenes advanced meditators at this time to try to neutralize this THOUGHT CONSTRUCT. At first they have little success however. With the two Nuclear weapons launched this day (even though only one was aimed directly at its forces), Atlantis ponders taking the war up to a more destructive level. By the end of this day, with the exception of the A.A. army in India with the Tulspi at its side, all other A.A. forces are now no longer able to advance, due to fierce resistance on all fronts.

November 1st, 9,400 B.C. The beginning of the 'days of the dead'. Atlantis and A.A. forces world wide now launch, fly or other wise unveil Nuclear and other 'end time' type weapons or rays. The Two great cities of the Rama Empire in what is now Pakistan are the first Nuclear targets of this day. Other Indian cities are targeted next. Cimmeria, the Atlanteans main and strongest ally, now targets Gobi with Nukes. E.A. retaliation begins At noon local Greece time with Greece, by now strongly allied with E.A. forces (as well as having some E.A. weapons and Viminas), Nukes Atlantean allies (the Nation of Sodom~which includes Gomorrah). With help from Indian craft, Greece then proceeds to Nuke a great staging area for the Atlanteans Africa Corps (in what is now south west Egypt and south east Libya, hence the sea of glass now found in this area). Other middle eastern Kingdoms, Nations and cities of Atlantean Allies are targeted next, and blown apart. By late afternoon, Cimmeria responds to the Atlanteans request for help in this area, and Cimmerian versions of Vimina are attacking and bombing and Nuking Greece and allied Greecian countries in this area. Over the next 2 days, this bombing and Nuclear use will spread to almost engulf the world. Atlantean allies or outposts in what is now Scotland, Ireland, Europe, south, central, and north America are now targeted and Nuked. Cimmeria proper is now reached by a few Gobi flying craft, and the Nuclear exchange begins there as well. Africa is targeted now by both Alliances. Atlantean defenses on the main Atlantean Islands are still holding for the moment, so no bombing has occured there, yet. Yet in desperation, the E.A. forces, knowing of unstable Atlantean geology, begin beaming subsonic waves at the Earth and Volcanos underlying the large Atlantean Islands, and this beaming, as well and the stress caused in the Earth caused by severe explosive and Nuclear events elsewhere on the Globe, begins to wake up long dorment Atlantean Volcano's as well as causing earth quakes. These earth quakes cause the Atlanteans 'demon dimensional gateway' to close! As the Atlantean 'group of 50' begins to be affected by the quakes in their deep underground lair, the Tulspi on the Indian battlefield starts losing strength!

November, 15th, 9,400 B.C. THE DAY OF RECKONING Due to the Nukes, bombardments and other weapons used, many Volcanos are now erupting upon the Earth. The sky is now the color of lead in broad daylight, and radioactive dust is beginning to rain down upon larger areas of the Earth! There are now also massive forest fires in many areas, and many Earth quakes! Almost half of Earths population is already gone from this conflict at this time (and many more suffering horribly!), and still the agressive parties do not stop! Atlantean Island proper defenses are breached on this day, and with the Great saints and sages blessings, the war is carried to Atlantis! With the first Nukes and high tech weaponry brought to Atlantis by the Vimina's, Atlantean volcano's roar fully to life! Great quakes (not seen in this severity since the times of the Great Flood) now rock the all the Atlantean Islands! With the quakes, the Atlantean 'group of 50' is broken up, and the Tulspi thought contstruct, a very destructive 'monster', dissolves into thin air! Rama Empire troups almost immediately start re~advancing, pushing A.A. forces back towards the sea! GOBI, WHICH HAS STRUGGLED TO SURVIVE IN THE LAST COUPLE WEEKS, AND WITH CIMMERIA AT ITS DOORSTEP, DETONATES 1 CARBON FUSION BOMB OVER THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE! THE EFFECTS OF THIS CARBON FUSION BOMB LITTERALLY IGNITE LARGE PORTIONS FOR THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE. CIMMERIA IS STAGGERED GREATLY BY THIS, AND MOST OF THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE IS DESTROYED! After this Gobi also begins taking back what it had lost, while also continuing to fly. It now starts RAYING and Nuking Cimmeria proper! Meanwhile A remnant civilization from long ago (cities of GIANTs from before the Great Flood!), allied with Atlantis and located in what is now the Death Valley California area (which then was a great lake and green area!) was Nuked by Gobi forces in Vimina's. Other previously missed Altantean allied cities in what is now North America (not covered by ice) are targeted and nuked at this time. ONE OF THE LAST Nuked ATLANTEAN EX PATRIOT allied CITIES (IN THE AMERICAS) STOOD WHERE THE GREAT 'METEOR' CRATOR IN ARIZONA LIES NOW. This city was aiming a much smaller version of the pre-flood DEATH RAY at India. A Gobian Vimina dropped a much smaller version of the CARBON FUSION BOMB upon this city. METEOR CRATOR IS THE RESULT OF THIS SMALLER BOMB! This crator (unlike others upon the Earth) has survived by being in dry climate. A few cities situated upon the then small iceless parts of Antarctica were also targeted. The desolation and poisons upon the Earth now are horiffic. Eastern Alliance related cities and civilizations upon the East and North coasts of what is now Australia are now targeted by remant Atlantean Vimina's. THE BOMBS OF THE LAST TWO WEEKS, AND ESPECIALLY THIS DAY BOTH with SHEAR NUMBERS and the coup de grace of the GIGATON(S) CARBON FUSION BOMB AND THE DESTRUCTION UNLEASHED BY IT, AWAKEN MOTHER EARTH FULLY. FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, MOTHER EARTH CONTINUES TO AWAKEN, UNTIL FINALLY ON DECEMBER 1ST, 10,000 B.C. THE EARTH MOVEMENTS AND EARTH CHANGES BEGIN AGAIN!

December 1st, 9,400 B.C. All the Armies and Navies of the Atlantean Alliance have been driven out from the Rama Empire by this time, and these A.A. remnant forces are now being pursued back to their homelands. India now starts helping Gobi more directly. But there is not much of Gobi left to help, as the Nukes and bombardments have taken their toll upon the country and earth there. All A.A. forces to the south of Gobi are driven out by India, or destroyed outright. Indian begins to help Gobi push the remnant Cimmerian armies back towards their homeland. The real horror of this day is that what humanity didn't destroy, MOTHER EARTH NOW TAKES OVER WITH THE DESTRUCTION (as what happened similiarly with the Great Flood!)! All over the planet there are now horrific Earth quakes, volcanos, smoke, poisons, tsunamis of giant size, dust, winds, and radioactivity. There are now very few places on Earth where the sun shines, due to smoke and dust. Plants the world over begin to succumb to these conditions! In India, only the direct intervention of the Saints of the time, interacting with the ELEMENTALS AND THEIR FORCES, prevents India from having the full onslaught of these conditions. Instead, the Elementals take there fury out upon Atlantis, and the large Islands begin cracking, boiling over, and slipping into the sea! Very few Atlanteans survive the sinkings, mostly small groups near the Atlantean Holy Temples, which were located near the then Volcanos/mountains of Atlantis that today we know as the AZORES!

Purification by fire:

Of This third armageddon (of what had been the 4th world civilization of Earth) the wiping clean of destructivess was done primarily of and by fire, although massive tidal waves enveloped almost half of the world. Most of these waves, the tallest being 16,000 feet high, were generated with the sinkings of Atlantis and Cimmeria, along with the upliftment of what would become the Andes mountains and the future continent of South America. Other newly risen mountain ranges such as the North American Rocky mountains, the Antarctic uplifts, and what are now the Scandanavian coastal mountains (to name just a few newly uplifted ranges), also generated massive tsunami's. The fire elementals, acting with the anger of a disturbed Gaia, burned more than 90% of the then existing forests and plant life. Many many thousands of volcano's erupted after war caused disturbances inside the Earth, belching ash, smoke and fire which if not incinerating vast tracts of land, covered same with in some cases thousands of feet of ash and lava.

What remains of Atlantis, Cimmeria/UltimaThule, Bharata, Gobi and other civilizations of the 10,000 B.C. Golden era.
The vandalization, sacking, destruction of Earth's great library's and the burying of the remaining knowledge. The hiding and misrepresentation of physical evidence.

Atlantis: Bombing, rays, and weaponry caused near apocalyptic damage to the 7 islands of Atlantis. In the last days, the red zone buttons activating the Crystallized Plutonium doomsday weapons were pushed, followed by 'anything that was still left in the arsenal' (which included other Crystalized transuranics). These latter weapons are what created most of the impact craters of Earth. rediscovered. The twenty or so impact craters distributed throughout the Atlantic ocean generated 3km tall sweeping tsunami's. The remains of Atlantis that weren't destroyed by bombs and weapons were swept clean by up the Mach 2 traveling waves. When the waves finished their damage, the earthquakes and volcano's already triggered by war were increased 100 fold. Mount Atlas exploded, and this began the sinking of the 7 islands. In a day, all 7 islands were gone. Upto 200 underwater volcano's surged in the places the islands had existed. The massive dust from the bombings and ash from the global wide awakened an 'army of volcanos' started another Nuclear winter, plunging the Earth into another severe long term glaciation.

According to Source, the 'Nuke' buttons were (again) pushed as Atlantis was (again) activating a weapon that could have cracked the planet in half, similar to the World war preceding the Great Flood.
THE ATTRITION OF KNOWLEDGE has had a major affect upon past decisions whichn became destructive!

The valley of 10,000 smokes.
The valley of 10,000 smokes in Alaska was a small example in the modern day of what enveloped almost the whole planet in the post war period.
What had been 4th world Earth became eveloped with the smoke of 10,000 volcano's and fires, reducing breathable oxygen in large areas down to asphixiation levels. Once again, there was mass extinction of land and water dwellers, as well as creatures and beings of the air.
With the plant life of fiber, the some seeds survived, some mutated in these extreme conditions (thus surviving the new conditions) and some seeds were changed and evolved into new forms of vegetation with the 'seeing' of what was to come, then stored for future survivor's, and their eventual offspring (us).

December 15th, 9,400 B.C. Most of the fighting is over and most of Atlantis has already slipped beneath the sea, to cause mud for sailors trying to sail east or west for literally centuries to come! But with the war, the radioactivity, the dust and smoke and the plant life not surviving, what war didn't finish, famine would. Most of what was India's then larger west and south east coast also begin to slip underwater at this time. Much later, when Sri Bhagavan Krishna leaves Earth, the last remnant West coast Indian city also slips beneath the waves! The Maldives now also loose land and connection to India, becoming as today just a series of Islands. Other land masses upon the Earth are altered, raised, lowered or other wise changed during the Earth's changes, caused by the warring.

December 30th, 9,400 B.C. The last of the fighting ceases. All 7 of the Atlantean Islands are gone, with only a few remaining volcanos still above the waters. NEUTRAL Atlantean Ex-patriots who had settled in areas of North America prior to the war (shunning Atlantean aggression), vow to 'fully go back to the Earth' to live in harmony with its rhythms. The stories of the 'previous world', and the War and destruction that ended it, became legend to their decendants in these areas.

9,399 B.C. A new ERA OF ICE BEGINS, DUE TO THE DUST AND DESTRUCTION. Cold and Glaciers again begin to advance upon the Earth. A great Global famine (just starting at this time) due the loss of most plants reduces the surviving populations upon the Earth. The World population that survives the War, destructions, sinkings, radioactivity, dust and fires, and finally the new Era of Ice and famine is less than one tenth of the Pre world war population! AS this Era comes to a close, coming into the 9000's B.C. Era, it will literally be centuries before (somewhat) high tech REMNANT civilizations again come upon the Earth. And still that is what they would turn out to be~REMNANT CIVILIZATIONS, not able to 'hold onto' what they have recovered, or rediscovered. *See next article "THE rise of the REMNANT CIVILIZATIONS~circa 9,000 B.C!". Next Page, page 11!


 Despite the greatness of their discoveries and their potential benefit to humanity, the Atlantean Priest/Priestess leaders do not feel that this information should be shared with anyone else, outside of Atlantis.  They believed that knowledge should be kept by the elite few who are good enough to understand it -- which excludes everyone but the elite.

Although this viewpoint was in error, the circumstances surrounding Atlantean technology make it correct.  We learn that the Atlanteans were destroyed by their false pride, ignorance, and self-inflicted dependency on machines,  and it becomes evident that some information should be kept from us, until the day comes when the vast collective majority of humanity is enlightened, and even then the choices made will be the correct ones. 
The moral tells us that technology can be a good thing, but we must be careful to not allow inner ignorance and outer technology to eclipse humanity.

At the end of the span of the 4th world of Earth, the planet's high art, thought, civilization, and most of humanity and intelligence is destroyed, along with all of its high technology.   This was a horrible  yet necessary process to prevent humankind from going the same route that the Maldek's and Aldaraanians did {planetary destruction}.  "Let's hope when the human race reaches the same level of development as the Krell it will be better equipped to handle it."