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The Science of Midnight Eternity. 

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Geophysics:  Continental plate Earth changes

The Primary and secondary gravity coils of Earth~ Human caused geophysical {traumatically activated} Earth changes.

Primary process of Earth change(s): Vertical shifting {Primary coil shift}.

Evolutionary changes to landmasses and continents. Vertical land mass risings and sinkings have been the primary (fast) process for Earth alterations. 98% {+/- 10%} of volumetric shits of land since at least 250,000 B.C. have been human~giant/war caused. Misuse of high technology weaponry (including weapons of thought: ~Divine weapons) are the primary cause of geo~magnetic pressurisation/depressurisations of Earth's semi molten core, mantles, crust and the surface land masses . Earth's inner magnetic movements affect the risings and sinkings of the land masses above. This primary coil effect (of vertical land elevations) is generally stable when we don't muck it up. Most of the present day continents did not exist prior to 52,010 B.C. Most of todays lands were once sea floor, and what is nowsea floor once existed as dry land.

Secondary process of Earth change: Continental drift, horizontal changes of Earth {Secondary Coil}.

So, much of what we call continental drift (horizontal movements) is actually a secondary Earth change process. The primary process of Earth change is vertical, a geo magnetic pressurisation (or depressurisations) involving the semi molton core, the mantles, and the crust. Earth's inner magnetic movements affect the risings and sinkings of the land masses above. This primary coil effect (of vertical land elevations) is generally stable.  So, why has there been major changes to the geography of this planet? What has caused depressurisation of the mantles, which has caused continents to sink and raise? Humanities misuse of knowledge, and technology of prior era's. <>There are smaller scale present day examples of this vertical function, and examples of present day land sinkings and risings will be found on Page 12. Behind the physical aspects, there is an Earth (also called Elemental) intelligence(s) which both maintain(s) existing stabilities of continental and land/sea forms and elevations, as well as controls changes. This intelligence ‘resides’ deep in the Earth (as well as ‘topside’). 

Much of what we call continental drift (horizontal movements) is a secondary process of Earth change. The speed is slow, and the movements could be called (in part) the magnetic breathing of the Earth.


Constants, which are not constant.

Physics~The 'localized'~"Universal Constants", of certain photo- grava~magnetic processes, have been altered each time there has been an Armageddon type Earth change.


The Elements:  present distribution of substances and raw materials.

The formation and depositing processes of many of today's raw materials such as amber, oil, coal, diamonds, gems, gold, most metallics and other materials of the mineral belts of Earth, were not triggered naturally. While the processes of elemental formation itself are natural, that which started the (re)~desposition of elements were human events!

Elements in current locations on or in the Earth (down to 26,000 feet or so) are a result of either the Great Flood or the Mahabharata/Atlantean world war triggered Earth changes. Below is a partial list of materials made through natural processes triggered by these events.


The tears of trees~  Most Amber deposits are from the gigantic forests and trees which covered the pre Great Flood Earth and were shredded and buried during the Great Flood.

Oil and Coal.

90% of Earth's pools/fields of oil and coal were huge debris fields composed of giant trees, animals, giant humans, and dinosaurs brought together by immense whirlpools created during the Great Flood! Towards the end of the Great Flood, mountain size tsunomies swept through, bringing with them thousands of feet of displaced soil which buried these debris fields. The pressuration (and heat) upon the CARBON in the buried Flora and Fauna, (depending on moisture and other elements present), yielded COAL, OIL or other petroleum type products. What we use today to fuel our cars, planes, powerplants, industry and transportation is actually the residue of the past: elements (the crushed, processed and cooked skeletons/tissues/fibers) that lived prior to the Great Flood as well as the Last Armageddon that occured after! And the same elemental residue (Carbon) is now beginning to accumulate in our present day skies and seas!

Gold, other metallics and minerals.

Were commonplace in Pre~Flood times, and became buried during the Great Flood and one (perhaps more) other Global cataclysm.  The effort now we have to go through today to extract these minerals, in deposits and bands deep in the Earth, (upto 10,000 feet deep) was again caused by humamity triggering the Great Flood, which buried mineral deposits that used to be highly accessable on the surface of the Earth!

Carbon Oxide: C302.

A gas at room tempertures {present day}. Prior to the Great Flood (caused in part by explosive Global decompression), the higher atmospheric pressure of Earth and different atmospheric gas ratios allowed CARBON OXIDE to exist as a solid at room temperatures. THE UNIQUE AND PECULIAR PROPERTIES of Carbon Oxide under higher pressure allowed it to be used as a Universal type semi conductor:  AS A distributive CAPSTONE ON TOP OF THE GREAT CRYSTAL!


Is the nearest present day analog~simulent to (what used to be the properties) of Carbon Oxide in the higher pressure atmosphere prior to the Great Flood.


 Most fossils come from the Great Flood of 28,500 B.C. and its aftermath.  Flora and Fauna of the Pre-Flood world were collected, buried and then pressurized by the Great Flood, under 10's to 1000's of metre's of debris and earth. The difference between the Fossils described here and the creation of Coal and Oil deposits above, is that with fossils the Primary ELEMENTS INVOLVED ARE pressurized SILICON AND CALCIUM, instead the CARBON described above. The Carbon within the remains of plants, animals and humans of pre-flood times was 'forced out' (or converted) by pressure, heat, (and in a few cases other processes) and replaced by the Silicon and Calcium in the Earth next to these remains.


Darwin, Creationism and evolution.   

All have a place and time in the process of life. What needs to be added to evolution is the DIVINELY sought UPGRADE AND ACCELERATIONS of Humanity FOCUSED into the 5 original Adam's and Eve's, and later the single pair of (further accelerated) CRO-MAGNAN ADAM AND EVE (Homo superior)! CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE wanted and wants more out of we 'modern humans' sooner than what the Neanderthal Humans were wanting or capable of doing (within their own timeframe)! This is part of why they 'didn't make it' to the present time.

Some other solar systems do not experience this same 'coil of time' cycles as this system or it's twin. This is one reason we are of such interest to 'space brothers and sisters' (ufonauts). We of this solar system and it's twin, then face what has been an extreme challange to not only master these cycles of time (timing), but to uncover/unzip our own real potential, as shown by the role models of saints and sages of all time periods. Even before the original 'Star Wars' (Great Solar War) of this system, which blew apart 3 planets (clik on and gave us our present in system asteroid belts, Oort clouds, planetoids, plutoids, and the many moons of this system, the severely elliptical orbit of this solar system suggests an original cosmic trauma, one which occured when the this solar system and it's twin were still in cosmic formation stages, perhaps even as far back as when this sun and it's twin were still being formed in whatever cosmic nursery formed this sun, and it's twin.

The Yuga cycles do have an association with astrology, as well as magnetic function(s).

One commonality about the last three World destructions, (the Global Wars, the three sinkings of Atlantis and other land masses), is that all three events occured during a descending or away cycle of Solar system revolution. What is a descending or 'away cycle'? An away cycle is when the Solar system IN its CIRCULAR MOVEMENTS has revolved away from Great Central Sun, the center of the Universe, the Central Black (w)hole in space. And why is this important to us, when we are further away from the Center? The Saints and Sages of various times, even into the present, warn that life here, at this level of existence, on Earth, has hidden risks. One of the risks here is that rises in intellect and intelligence are not 100 % guaranteed here!!! The photomagnetics emitted by the Great Central Sun/Black hole are said to have a direct influence on humanities intellectual development on Earth.

During theses 'Dark' cycles, not only is it a struggle to retain or remember higher principles and learning, but add Global War, destruction, radiation, and above all the EARTH CHANGES THAT HAPPEN AFTER GLOBAL HUMAN CAUSED DESTRUCTIVE EVENT(S), and the retaining of knowledge and technology gets much more challenging. Then in ignorance, Vandels roam,, and ransack, and destroy that which would be clues, that WE LEFT FOR OURSELVES FROM THE LAST HIGH ERAs, TO be able to help ourselves CLIMB BACK OUT OF THE MUCK!

Another Way.

THE GREAT SAGES AND SAINTS OF ALL TIMES have recognized the problems of the cyclical nature of the Intellect and Intelligence UPON THIS PLANET . Their answer to resolving this problem is one of what some would call sacrifice. When the Solar system is again cycling away from the Great Central Sun and there is again the danger of collective ignorance approaching, the Great Saints coach personal and collective discipline, especially of a spiritual nature.

Yet another way.

DURING THE LAST 2 OUT OF 3 WORLD HIGH WORLD CYCLES, HUMANITY ATTEMPTED TO START MOVING TO THE STARS. THE GREAT 'BLACK (Derelict) Satelite' said to even now still be in HIgh Earth 'Lagrange' type Orbit, is a long abandoned ATLANTEAN (other countries of those times were involved as well) artifact of Humanties then attempts to start moving among first our OWN planets, then to the Stars. SO WE DIDNT GET IT CORRECT, AT LEAST TWICE BEFORE. WE NOW, WITH THE REDISCOVERY OF the technology of the NATURAL COSMOS AND ITS SECRETS, HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE AT THIS; TO GOTO THE STARS! This is another way to transcend the cyclical nature of this Solar system, as well as (re) joining a Galactic and Cosmic family that has interacted with us since our (Humanities) dawn upon this planet!


Summary of the HUMAN family migrations and the descendents of the wars survivors:


 Today's descendents of the Atlanteans are those called Native Americans, in the North, Central, and South America's. Also, the original Egyption Coptics (and today's real gypsy families), the Basques, the original Etruschans and perhaps a few others. Celts/Gaelic Those who look white, but with RED hair or beards/mustaches (usually of Gaelic or Celtic descent), are descended from an original mix of Atlantean and Cimerrian (Hyperborean) DNA/RNA's.


 During the sinking and post sinking mostly settled in India, with some settling in Gobi (southern and western China, and Mongolia), southeast Asia, and a few Lemurian descendents came to Central and South America. Also the Middle East, small parts of Northern Africa, and southern Europe.

The Inupiaq, Yupik, Eskimo.

 Those today of the far north originally came as refugees passing through the remains of Gobi/Cathay. Cathayans, Lemurian descendents from north east India, and a few Atlanteans all mixed together, and became one group that then marched across the Bering land bridge, in search of un toxic land in which to survive, and thrive.


Continuity of lands.

The only land masses that stayed above sea level continously from 52,010 B.C. until present are larger parts of eastern and southern Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Gobi (parts of Mongolia and China) and India. Smaller areas of Earth that have stayed above sea level continously include parts of the middle East, Russia, France, British Isles, Spain, Alaska, far western California, the four corners area of the continental U.S, and parts of Central and South America. The Great Flood of 28,500 B.C, covered all land forms, for a time! Of the 3 human triggered cataclysms, the Great Flood was the most destructive of the 3. See Page 7 for more on the Great Flood.


Balancing surface landmass.

When Lemuria (which was a huge land mass) and parts of Atlantis sank in 52,010 B.C., partial risings of what is now Europe and Asia, plus a few other areas came (as a result) of what can be called landmass balancing. Prior to 52,010 B.C., much more land mass was above water, and sea level was 300-400 meters lower than present. Other water was contained in the atmospheric canopy and ocean size underground resevours, with Earth's crust and mantles containing much of this water under pressure! For explanation of this affect, see below article {Earths Atmosphere of preflood 28,500 B.C.}

Why there appears to be Coastal matching.

So How is it that the coasts of say, Africa and South America seem to match together like a seam? An answer can be found on we Humans (or the animals) on the skin. When skin has been wounded, it starts to pull together. The sides of a wound begin to match up, to pull together to facilitate the closing of the wound. Earth, during and after the Great Flood, had great wounds. The worst wounds of the time, other than the Great Flood itself, was that almost half of what used to be the continent of Atlantis was blown up and sunk, a process started by human folly! Other parts of continents and landmasses also sank at this time. For balance, larger parts of western Africa, and eastern South America and North America now began to rise above the seas of post Flood Earth, and the coasts began to match each other, as the Earth tried to pull together after a tremendously destructive event!

The coastal matchings are a form of a large bandaid of the crust layer of Mother Earth!



The spin of the Earth including the 4 directions, poles, and equator prior to 28,500 B.C.

28,500 B.C., the Earth's rotation spun in a 'reversed' direction and the poles were also reversed, as compared to present day. The Equator then slanted on a south west by north east axis. For the sake of simplicity, all descriptions of continents and land forms given in this website use 'present day' directions of the cardinal points on the compass.


Atmospheric sciences.

The composition of Earths Atmosphere, 6,000,000 B.C. to 28,500 B.C.~

Elemental makeup of the atmosphere then: 30% OXYGEN, 4% Carbon Dioxide, 20% Helium, 40% Nitrogen, 6% other gases, from 27 to 33 p.s.i. @ sea level! The 30% Oxygen was not toxic, due to high pressure of the atmosphere and the ratios of Helium, C02, other trace gases (then) present. Also contributing to the atmospheric stability of the time was the Atmospheric Manifold (vapor barrier). Earth, pre Great Flood, had a stable, life sustaining 'Manifold of the Skye', vaguely similar to what exists on Venus today. Venus's out of control over pressureized Atmospheric Manifold is the result of planetary bombardment during the 'Star Wars' of this Solar system circa 4,000,000 B.C. (See Mars files*). High atmospheric pressure with increased Oxygen content Is what allowed plant, animal, and HUMAN Life forms to become quite large, on this planet, in the past!

The Giants.

The Giant plants, animals, Human beings and other large life forms of the Earth prior to the Great Flood of 28,500 B.C. Prior to this moment all life on Earth was much larger, then at present. Even insects were giant size then. <tba>All were nourished by the rich high pressure atmosphere and mild climate, then existing planet wide. Prior to the Great Flood, a 6 foot tall man or woman was considered short. The giant Humans of the time period, large animals and dinosaurs were all fed by planet spanning giant forests and marine plants. Redwoods, Sequoia's and other giant trees were commonplace. There were neither true deserts nor glaciated and/or icy areas on pre-flood Earth. So how did the 5 Original Adams and Eves have it even better than this?!? See Adam and Eve Article elsewhere on this website.


History:  The WHEN of the Dinosaurs.

The end of the Dinosaurs! So were the Dinosaurs wiped out 65 million B.C. by an asteroid???? No! They were wiped out both by cataclysmic events (including war) prior the Great Flood of 28,500 B.C., the Great Flood itself, and the barren and icy Earth (and decreased atmospheric pressure) post Great Flood. Noah did try to save the Dinosaurs! *See Noah on Page 8



Why current dating techniques of Archeology are not accurate.

How 'cosmic constants' including time, light, radiactive decay, fossilisation rates, even gravity, are actually not constant. <T.B.A> From present time back until 5,000 B.C. most of our present day Carbon 14 radio isotope dating as well as other time measurement techniques are fairly accurate. Before 5,000 B.C. however, there and then existed a high amount of Global level radioactive waste as well as other heretofore unknown electric and gravata-magnetic residue, all produced by the toxic residue of a Globe spanning (very) high technology war, that occured circa @ 10,000 B.C. This Global war of 10,000 B.C. is datastreamed on Page 10 of this website------------------------------Carbon-14 and other Radio-isotopes used in time dating are accurate, provided constants in time~space remain 'constant'. The constants of atomic processes become 'un' constant during cataclysmic events! Constants 'stay' constant, in the following two parameters.

 Parameter 1:   Stable 'flow' of local time~space. Stable flow of Time/space is what most of us, most of the time, perceive as 'normal'. Certain high technology (of a cataclysmic nature) that humanity misused in the past not only destroyed physical structures and geography, but also interfered and altered time~space processes itself! Instead of taking tens, hundreds, or thousands of revolutions around the sun to process into different elements, (then) existing isotopes were (cataclysmically) accelerated and took days or months to process into different elements and/or isotopes, instead of decades and centuries that we see today.. Our current measuring instruments need further refinement and updating to be able to scan or record such accelerated changes in a given substance.

Parameter 2:   Space. Some constants~processes are only applicable to this Solar system. A few are only applicable and unique to Earth, some to this Galaxy, and most to this Universe (and physical dimension)! The very high technology weapons and tools of previous high Earth civilizations would, when activated, invalidate our present techniques of time dating of any given material.

Location of artifacts: Pre Flood vs post flood. What then, are physical indicators of Pre-Flood civilizations, vs post flood civilization? Whether the artifact was found buried deeply, or found within the top 1 to 5 meters of soil. If a given item was found tens, hundreds or thousands of meters down, then 80 to 90% of these buried objects (regardless of WHEN the 'dating' technique says) are going to be pre-flood civilizations.


Sentient life on Earth.

 Intelligence(s) living on Earth prior to 6,000,000 B.C.  and the advent (invent) of 'modern' Humanity (Homo Sapiens), other intelligent life existed on Earth. For the most part, these beings and civilizations had E.T. origins, yet became 'naturalized'. A few remnant civilizations, colonies and suvivors of the 'Great Solar War' (see Mars link above) also settled here.

1) Giants Prior to 6,000,000 B.C., Giant Humanoids making their home on Earth were of E.T. origin, but 'became naturalized'. 6 fingers and toes were normal for their biology. Some races of modern humans, up and until the last prior golden era and Global War of 10,000 B.C. also had 6 or more toes and fingers. These beings (prior to 275,000 B.C.) were very large, up to 35 meters (100 feet) high! Giants of this height existed at least until 275,000 B.C., then with a war, 'downsizing' began. *(The first wars of Poseidon, Atlas and Atlantis). Giants, and the Earths original atmosphere : The Earth prior to 275,000 B.C. was a very fertile, with a planet wide mild and protective climate. This, combined with the high pressure atmosphere and healthy ratio of atmospheric gases not only allowed most of the planet to be lush, but enabled all life forms, plants, animals and people to be very large! What today we know as myths, legends and fables are none other that tarnished facts. The 'why' of how we lost so much information, our collective database, will be explored in later pages of this website.

2) 'Little people' and others. Dwarves, Elves, Fairies, 'Nature Elementals' and other 'small folk' did and still do exist. They are intelligent beings, on a co~evolutionary path from us. Prior to the first sinking of Atlantis and the total the sinking of Lemuria, they were visable to most humans! At present, they are not wholly in our physical dimension, yet can easily access our 'domain', if they so wish.

3) Non Human type ET’s and others. Earth has been colonized many times and visited even more, (even into the present and will be in the future) by various groups of ET's. Carbon based humanoid types here now, or in the past include Lizard types, Insectoid (Praying mantis) types, aquatic/amphibian types, and possibly a fourth catagory. Non carbon based types include Greys of many and various types, Plasma/gaseous types (Methane being a 'building block' for them), and beings with Sulfur as a biological 'building block'. *See Mars website for more details of our non carbon based brothers and sisters of the Universe.

4) Others: These include (for lack of a better description) beings like Chupabacra's and 'Shadow people' {GOD Bless} <more t.b.a.>

5) The original Chimera's:
The original genetic engineering on Earth. Gen-ed~"The first generations". Cross species genetic engineering, causing much suffering. "Gen~ed"~human/animal crossbreeding.
NOTE: “Gen~ED” "Genetic Engineering~destructive". Means Genetically Engineered, Altered, or otherwise vastly accelerated (in a forced way), with mostly a destructive outcome which caused much suffering!)

The first crossbreeding between animal and intelligent life was done purely as an experiment. Later, in other times and era's of questionble morels and ethics, crossbreeding and creation of chimera's was done to make a 'working closs', in other words, chimera's were basically slaves in deed, if not in word. At certain times, these suffering beings had no rights of civilization, and so were used, even horribly, in any way that the 'ruling class' saw fit. The first chimera's predate Adam and Eve. They existed before 'modern' humans did.

This 'Gen-Ed' experimenting would be periodically continued to the last Atlantean civilization (And has even resurfaced to an extent today)! *See page 11: Curing the Chimera's. The Chimera's of 10,000 B.C. mostly perished in the Great War of that time, with the survivors able to be cured of their non human appendages. These beings were able upgrade into full humans. This was one of the Sacred original purposes of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. *See pages 11 and 12 for more information on these subjects.

Today meanwhile, a few Skulls have been found in certain areas of Earth that have inexplicable deformities. While a few may be ET type skulls from past interactions here, the other skulls (and more will be found) are the remains of the Chimera's of those Eras. The Question now is, will we remember our mistakes from the past, so as to NOT muck around and make Chimera's and more mucked up 'GEN-ED' beings again?

Historical Ice Era's~Glaciation.

Only during the last 100,000 cycles of Earth around the sun, has there been significant amounts of ice and snow, and then advanced Glaciation. There have been two succeding periods of 'Ice~up', and each was about as widespread and damaging as the other. Whilst each of these glaciations was a natural process in and of itself, they were not started by natural processes. The first Glaciation period in which large parts of the Earth were covered in ice and snow started during the Great Flood of of 28,500 B.C. and intensified immediately after. By 27,000 B.C. the Earth and it's Glaciers reached that periods greatest extent. This period lasted until 22,000 B.C., about the same time the Rama empire came into existence in Bharata (greater India). The Earth then slowly warmed up, reaching it's greatest warmth (until now), at 11,500 B.C. The next world war period of 10,000 to 9400 B.C., fought with massive weapons of thought and sound, down to light and electricity, then to the relatively primative but very destructive crystalline nukes and fusion bombs of the day, re~activated Earth's glaciation process. The massive amounts of vaporized land, water, large amounts of ash including volcanic ash quickly blotted out the sky. Various types of radiation and the 'nuclear winter' that resulted from the above weapons re~iced up the planet with glaciers so rapidly (at first) that Woolly Mammoth elephants were literally frozen in their tracks with grass in their mouths. By 9,399 B.C. with massive amounts of casualities and major Earth changes, climate shifts and a Pole Shift, the fighting ended, whilst the Glacier's continued to advance. From 7,500 to 7,000 B.C. they reached the longest extent, and from 7,000 to 4,000 B.C. there was a slow receding. From 4,000 B.C. to 2,000 B.C. there was a faster reduction, and from that time till now, and slower, more cyclical reduction, with accompanying rise in Ocean water levels.


Summary of the HUMAN family migrations Atlanteans Today's descendents of the Atlanteans are those called Native Americans, in the North, Central, and South America's. Also, the original Egyption Coptics (and today's gypsy families descended from them), the Basques, the original Etruschans and perhaps a few others. Celts/Gaelic Those who look white, but with RED hair or beards/mustaches (usually of Gaelic or Celtic descent), are descended from an original mix of Atlantean and Cimerrian (Hyperborean) DNA/RNA's. Lemurians from long ago mostly settled in India, some in Gobi (southern and western China, and Mongolia), southeast Asia, and a few Lemurian descendents came to Central and South America. Also the Middle East, small parts of Northern Africa, and southern Europe. The Inupiaq, Yupik, Eskimo and others of the far north original came from a mix of refugees passing northest through the remain of Gobi/Cathay. Cathayans, Lemurian descendents from north east India, and a few Atlanteans all mixed together, and became one group that then marched across the Bering land bridge, in search of un toxic land in which to survive, and thrive.