Page 2 ~ Lemuria, et all

~6,000,000 B.C. to 52,010 B.C.~  "The 1st and 2nd worlds of Earth."

"7 lands (continental size land masses) there were, and 7 seas to go with them!"

Lemuria, plus the lost Green and Blue continents.

Lemuria, the mega continent. The first civilization of 'native born' Earth humans (of Giant form).  The Inspiration and 'big brother/big sister' to the earliest Atlanteans.

Lemurian night view from Atlantean A.L.-3000 satellite circa @ 52,200 B.C. {reconstruction imagery}.




Called the First Continent. Pangeia, Gondwana, Gondwanaland, and Mu, and other names.  This mega continent was the largest landmass to emerge after the intial gathering of the waters following the chunk of Aldaraan that collided with Earth and became our moon.  See for more information on this event.  For millenia, this was a geologically stable landmass.  It was the first continent populated by what came to be known is human beings, which then had a much larger stature.

Lemurian Geography:

Lemuria, as it existed then, was almost a mirror reversal of the pacific ocean below the 37th parallel, with a west coast stretching between Japan and Australia and it's eastern coast stretching between the north and south American continents.

6,000,000 B.C. to 150,000 B.C.~ The Classical Geology

After the churning and long settlement of the Earth following the collison of what would become the moon, Lemuria for a long time was known as a land of seemingly endless hills and plains, and much of what we would call jungle, although the plant life was different then.  Even though there wasn't much rain as we know it, there were plentiful lakes, streams and rivers, due to the super abundance of springs, and the almost oozing thick morning dew in some areas. 

The eastern shore. 

Lemuria’s northeastern shore started at the present day coast of Oregon and included California's coastline as well as parts of the Baha California coast. A chain of islands (stretching north and south) then existed 80 to 100 miles east of this Lemurian Coastline, which later became the Sierra Nevada mountains. Lemuria’s large eastern coast then extended south.  Most of South America’s west coast was then part of Lemuria’s east coast.

The southern shore.

At what is now the southwest coast of South America, Lemuria’s coastline diverged to the west. Lemuria’s southern coast then stretched across (what is now) Pacific ocean to the southeast coast of Australia. The Easter and Galapagos islands were a part of Lemuria. The unique animal Life on Galapagos, just like the unique Redwood trees in California, are remnant populations of that lush land!

The western shore.

At the northeast coast of Australia, the coastline of Lemuria headed north and a little east to include part of the Philippines. A long Isthmus then extended northwest into a part of what is now parts of Japan. Then the land headed back north and east to coastal Oregen. Hawaii was also part of Lemuria

The northern shore.

The northern shore, roughly flollowed what is today the 37N parallel, with two more northerly extensions.  The first northern larger peninsula/extension was in the vicinity of what is now Japan, and the 2nd northern peninsula was in the vicinity of what is now North America.


72,000 B.C. ~ 'Modern Geology':  

An almost endless variated land.

After a millenia of stability, the Lemuria of 72,000 B.C. became geologically active.  Many many volcano’s, earth fault lines, hot springs, mud volcano’s, gas geysers, and other thermal features were spread throughout this largest landmass.  All theses features enriched the ground, which was already full of mineral, metallic and beautiful crystalline deposits.  Lemuria was known for the fertility of the earth.  Huge green forests and jungle existed in most areas.  The megaflora in turn supported numerous Lemurian populations of megafauna.  These large animals and DINOSAURS, also numerous in many other parts of the Earth, caused real problems for the peoples of Mu.  The original Philosophy of the Lemurians was ‘non interference’ with all life forms.  While this is noble, this became an aspect of the one fallability the later Lemurians had~ the inability to change.  The original people(s) of Lemuria were Giants with a minimum stature of around 9 meters/28 feet tall.  Some of this land were much taller than that, and no one in this time period had a 'short' stature of today's 2 meters tall human's. 

For the most part, Lemurians did not live in cities such as exist today, but rather gatherings or 'nodal' areas where enhanced gravi~magnetics existed, as well as emanations of certain crystalline deposits,  In these areas, pyramids and other geometric amplifying structures were built, with some living in simple dwellings nearby, as well as caves.

 The atmospheric manifold and Lemurian weather.

Due to the different atmospheric pressure with different atmospheric gases and gas ratio's then existing as part of the atmospheric manifold, the sky was not blue, but on non cloudy days, the sky was a yellow orange, sometimes shading to a deep green color with sunrises and sunsets.  Some areas of Lemuria had more of these sky color variations, and these areas became places of interest and recreation.  Violent weather, such as we know now, was unheard of then.  Drought and dryness were known, but deserts as exist now, did not exist then.   Sometimes rain itself was rare, but the megaflora, megafauna and other life including the giant humans got most of the water then from 'the mists and dews of time' which collected in most places every early morning.  In this earlier atmosphere of Earth, the collection of these dews on the giant vegatation, then dripping down into furrows in the earth, was of enough volume to collect into pools, which fed streamlets which in turn became brooks and rivers, which in turn fed the shallower less salty seas of this era. 

The rare areas of true rain become places of recreation, and rest.

In areas of increased geologic activity, the steam from the volcano's, mud volcano's, geysers and other thermal features would sometime cloud up locally resulting in local rain showers.   These places of increased local rain became areas of recreation due the rarity of rain on most of the continent, and most of Earth at this time.  Even though later Lemuria had plenty of volcano's, most were on a 'slow' eruption cycle, which allowed a steady building of the volcano, and Earth, but not erupting so much with violence and destruction.    When volcano's did very rarely erupt more violently, there would an unknown occurance of lightning, but not thunder as we know it now.  Increased local rain was a result.




Image Tree 1

Pre-Flood forest and vegetation with Earth's functioning atmospheric manifold; the above a reconstruction of what was, from the Continent of Gobi/Cathay . *See Page 3 for the Continent of Gobi/Cathy~ the Solar Dynasty, centered where Mongolia, China and southeast Asia are now.


The other 2 original continents of 'this modern Earth':  The Blue and the  Green (lands).

In the beginning stages of planning for human life on Earth, 7 different main forms resulting in unique colors were originally agreed upon with Creative~Intelligence.  All would have unique characteristics, and were to help each other.  Along with the 5 agreed upon lands and peoples, there were two continental size lands (large island continents, such as Australia is today), that were known as the Blue and Green lands.

The Blue continent.

Was a land mass which existed in what is now the southern Indian ocean,  about equidistant between Australia, India, and Africa.  A beginning of a '6th race' of blue humans was going to populate here, but after a few came to exist, the rest of the population here did not come to pass.

The Green continent. 

  The original 'Green island' was located in what is now Antarctica.  These lands were considered for eventual human habitation.  Two different 'color' (giant size) humans were to be evolved to these lands.  Blue for the Blue land, and Green for the green land.  These additional human family members never came about in large numbers; there was not the effort to significantly develop the blue and green races, although very small numbers of these did show up later on in time, even in this present.

The missing humans of the blue and the green.  <t.b.a.>


Historical High Sciences. 

The first sciences of Earth ~ Location:  Lemuria, and Atlantis.

Whilst the Atlanteans appeared on the world stage first, it was Lemurians who constructed the first Human civilization. This first civilization was based on Spiritual principles, and promoted inner development of the individual, then outer development. Lemuria, after building it's initial technology and massive pyramidal constructs, never became a ‘world’ power like the Atlanteans. They were happy to just live in harmony. The Lemurian debate of what harmony was would eventually lead to real trouble with their enviroment. Starting with the 'non physical' sciences of Mind, Intellect, Consciousness and inner disciplines, the Lemurians became proficient in the outer sciences of Biology, Botony, Astromony and Astrology, and the science that they really mastered and gave the the rest of the world: Masonry, Stone works, Pyramids and Large Mathematical living and working constructs.

The Lemurians at first have immunity to the lower Yuga cycles.

<re~editing below> t.b.a.

The Atlanteans of these earlier times were impressed with the Lemurian ability to avoid many of the effects of the cyclical (Yuga) declines, including what became known as the ‘great decline’.  During the 'Great Decline', the Atlanteans lost many of their first great scientific achievements, technology and priceless knowledge which came from the original King Poseidon and family including the giant Atlas!  The partial Lemurian immunity to these outer events was based directly upon their focus and quests for inner knowledge and Self~realization. These inner quests took long term discipline for over a period of 12,000+ revolutions around the sun. This level of inner discipline for this length of time was something that most later Atlanteans (and others) weren't interested in. So the Atlanteans and others, without inner discipline, became affected by the periodic drift of the Solar system.

The first Mathmaticians, the first Physics.

The first mathmatics and understandings of the building blocks of this Creation came from Lemuria. The Lemurians were able to 'see' the underlying harmony of the principles of Creation. So they always sought, in whatever their works, to work with this 'flow' of the Universe. While the later Atlanteans would far surpass the Lemurians in some physical science developments, the Atlanteans as a whole never developed the ability to Perceive as the Lemurians had done.

The first spoken and written language(s) of Earth.

The Lemurians developed the first (and highest) original spoken language; a Spiritually based one~ Sanskrit. This language was to be used especially in the lower Yuga cycles, when the natural telepathic abilities in human were muted or completely silenced. The language, shown to humans from Angels, was based on the geometries contained within the human spine~Jacob's Ladder. First came the spoken word, and later during one of the lower Yuga cycles, the written was developed, to preserve knowledge.

Music, Sonics, Photonics, Gravametrics, and Consciousness.

Along with the above related sciences, the Lemurians were the first to develop the arts, especially the arts/sciences of Music and Sonics. They understood the original relationship of these processes in this Universe.

The first historians, the first astronomers.

The Lemurians looked to the sky, firstly within our own Solar system. What they found re~awakened memories within some of them. What they found as they scanned the system were the remnants of war! A war that some of them, in previous incarnations as different beings in non carbon based biology, had taken part in, long ago. So they both looked within, and researched without, and thus the first Earth human histories began to form.

Spiritual sciences~

They had the first astrophysics, the first astrology. They were the first ones to ask 'Why'? They discovered inner ways, inner disciplines which would and did increase knowledge, understanding, awareness, and Consciousness. They came to understand that the whole universe exists first as an IDEA, and that all created things are first an IDEA. And they were able to apply this knowledge. With all these understandings, the earliest Atlanteans were in awe of Lemuria! After Lemuria sank however, Atlantis became VERY NOT endeared with some of the later Lemurian 'Colonies' of Sa~id/Bharata, Cathay/Gobi and other city/states of those time periods, but this will be covered in a later topic.


Lemurians were very perceptive, they were not only able to see physical objects with normal vision, but they were able to see what can be called the Grid, or aspects of Earth's energetic pathways. As they explored and mapped these Ley Line systems (the 'Chi' systems of the Earth), they came to discover that the potentional energy in these systems could be 'tapped' and used. This energy, part of the tremendous life flow of the planet itself, could be used to further perception, for healing, and ultimately, for transportation! They discovered that certain geometry of both buildings and certain shaped towers (in specific locations) and built with Intent, had the result of magnifying this latent Universal energy. So the Lemurians built pyramids, temples, geometric shapes and 'standing stone' based 'transformers' and tunnels. All these things were established on Ley Lines. When Lemuria later sank, much information about Ley Lines, the Grid, and Masonry was lost. The Atlanteans, who preferred to work with Crystals, Metals, and exotic glasses and elements, never had quite the same finesse to build with stone as the Lemurians had.

Masonry: The original builders~

The masons of Lemuria, home of the Earth's first temples and pyramids. Masonry, the art of stone work and buildings, originated in Lemuria with the need to build protection from giant animal life, especially dinosaurs. Later, as the need for protection eased with rising of numerous buildings, masonry and giant stonework emerged as an outlet for creativity, as well as Spiritual espression Later, after creating forms with advanced mathmatics and geometry, the discovery of 'energetic focusing' (in and around pyramids of certain angles) took place. Masonry, pyramid and temple building then developed for the Lemurians into a Spiritual science, where building in harmony with the Earth and underlying Universal energetics enhanced human health, nurtured the intellect through harmonics, and provided for lush gardens in and around the temples. Meditation and Prayer practices became enhanced in these structures.

More Ley Lines and Standing Stones.

As the Lemurians expanded their population and civilization upon the mega continent, a need arose for transportation. Ley Lines of the Earth, somewhat equivalent to energetic meridians upon and within the Human body, were eventually mapped throughout Lemuria. Standing stones and dolmens, built to exact height and configuration, were placed in intervals upon these lines.

The first miners, the first Alchemists. ~Fusion and other ways of changing the elements.

The Lemurians wanted to adorn their temples, so 'from the God's, they learned first about mining, then chemistry, then deeper secrets of nature. When larger mines became destructive to the Earth, they perceived ways, of turning one element into another.  This art of 'Alchemy' they perfected, and very common elements (of Earth of this period) such as Carbon, Helium, Oxygen, Argon, Sulfur, Hydrogen and Chlorine were changed into more useful elements, especially the metals such as Gold, Silver, Copper, and Mercury. The mines were then for most part dormant, no longer needed, and the Earth reclaimed these mines,,,, Atlanteans would later use these particular Lemurian sciences and use them in other ways,,,,


Who were the first Lemurians?

The first Lemurians, the first intelligance(s) capable of creating civilization are not said to have been ('primate') human, but one of the other 'evolved constructs' (animal and/or other life nature) particularly evolved of and by Spirit and Nature, and agents of these.

The first Hue~man/woman Lemurians were said to be particularly crafted.  Whereas benevolent E.T.'s and others of Divine order used other templates for the other four races of (giant) humans, (in this round of creation) the Lemurians were partially associated from the evolved version of primate known then as the Giant Lemur.  For a time, Lemuria was known as the Land of the Giants.

Lemuria; Land of the Giants, home of the house of El. 

 As all the early humanoid life on Earth, the Lemurians were giants, mostly of brown skin, at first.  They had some knowledge of what had went before:  Earth's early history, and that of the Solar system itself, and the cataclysmic re~arrangement of some planets, and outright destruction of others.  As their first civilization arose, so did Nobility, and they came to be known and highly respected and the grandfathers and grandmothers of Earth civilization.  In time, the world then knew and respected what came to be called the house of El. 

The other giants of Lemuria:  The dinosaurs.

 Everything was larger in Lemuria.   Lemuria had strongest nature, the most nourishing life giving land of all the original continents.  The trees and plants were mostly giant, but different plants than what the Earth has now.  Most of the animals, even insects were larger than present.



The Early E.T.'s, and interstellar trade.

Among other visitors, the original native Martian Greys (at this time a thriving civilizations after a long recovery from the last large asteroid bombardment) noticed that there was light, power, and movement on Earth, most notibly on the largest continent of this time period.  E.T. visitors then came to Earth, and the Martian Greys were among those who did interplanetary trading and other interactions with intelligences then on Earth.  Much of a beneficial nature was exchanged.

.  <t.b.a.>


~77,060 B.C.~

The Lemurian Decline.  "The Great Decline". 

Stagnation of mental and Spiritual development, plus rampaging giant animals and Dinosaurs.

Lemuria, which had kept it's knowledge and understanding intact during the previous low aspects of the Yuga cycles, began to have problems remembering what was,,,,,

The Lemurians of this period, for the first time in a long time, Lost the Ways of evolution/involution.  They still knew what they were supposed to do, what practices to continue, yet there was a feeling of 'stuck'. There was a great argument among the people about what to do with newly resurgent, numerous and dangerous animal life.  There were many other questions the Lemurians no longer felt they had the answer for.  Lemuria in a way went into a funk, stopped developing "hard" technology, and began to disregard spiritual technologies they no longer felt enthusiastic to practice. They always knew and remembered that if they wanted more ideas or technology, all they had to do was tap into the “Cosmic Data Base”, (which we call ‘Akashic Records’), yet they did not do so. Later on, when nature and even more large animals (including the dinosaurs) increased their rampages and damages, the Lemurians still didn’t want to face the problem, and thus there was more suffering. In an interesting note, in the far southwest of Lemuria in what is now Australia, a small mountain range kept most of rampant nature, jungle, and dangerous large animals out. Yet the Lemurians did not move into this uninhabited safer part of their own homeland. They didn’t want to move from their sacred sites, temples, and jungles, no matter how many animals were tearing into people. So this land in Australia stayed ‘barren‘ of humans, until a later migration of people from a part of Africa came to the area. 2/3’s of the Lemurians (around 6.5 billion people) choose to not leave their land, even with warning signs, and so perished. But this is getting ahead of the story.


Isolationist tendencies, then events leading to a Atlantean and Lemurian partnership: circa 65,000 B.C.

Due in part to the genetic and species tampering (which included the creation of the Chimera's of those time periods [by the ET's], and later from Earth Humans), both Lemuria and Atlantis had isolationist tendencies. Other human groups and even civilizations, were (at best) observed discreetly, but no contact was made, nor help offered in any problems. The 2 most advanced civilizations of the day, Atlantis and Lemuria, kept to themselves.

Prior to 65,000 B.C. both the Atlanteans and the Lemurians (with the 'leave Nature and the other humans alone' mindset of the time), let Nature get out of control. With weather control of the 'vapor barrier' in the atmosphere and globe spanning comfortable temperatures, plus the very fertile soil from the volcano's, plants and animals on all the (then) continents grew easily very large. Mammoths and Giant Mastodons, giant cats, and (very hungry) dinosaurs, as well as other then common large land and sea creatures either ate, trampled, or otherwise destroyed human farms, gardens, and took many lives. Structures not made from Stone or metal were crushed by the bigger creatures. Lemuria had many large dinos who liked to munch on humans. The Lemurians, who cared less for technology then the Atlanteans of this time, had to take to living in fortified caves, or the earlier built massive stone pyramids and temples, to avoid problems with the animals.

Atlantis, with its research and renewed interest in technology, was not going to let their cities and continent be trampled. Atlanteans, which by this time had redeveloped flying craft, and was just finishing construction of it's ultimate power source/networking device, (the Great Crystal!), soon overflew Lemuria. The Lemurians knew who it was looking at them from the air, (and things looking very desparate) sent a sailing ship to Atlantis, to ask the government for help!

The Atlanteans feeling awe and respect towards the eldar 'big brother/sister civilization' were more than glad to help! Not much happened at first however, and very large animals and dinosaurs continued to roam and trample (and eat) unchecked.

Later, Atlantis started focusing considerable resources towards helping Lemuria.

Shown above: Lemuria~ Western side of the continent as seen from present rotational path of Earth