Page 3:  Early Atlantis, et all.

6,000,000 B.C. to 52,010 B.C.~ "The 1st and 2nd worlds of Earth" ~ continued. 

The original continents of Earth continued (with human civilizations): 

Crescent Africa, Atlantis, Gobi, and Hyperborea.

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Above view: Atlantis of 74,000 B.C.  Super~imposed upon present day continents.

Data Reconstruction~ Atlantis grayscale view circa @ 52,200 B.C.

Earth Geography, 1st and 2nd Earth span civilizations 6,000,000 B.C. to 52,010 B.C.

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Atlantis: the original size continent of~ 

After the partition of the waters above and below, Atlantis emerged as one of Earth's seven original continental size land masses. The size of this continent/land was enlarged once, then later shrinking/sinking twice in size through cataclysmic wars/technology until what remained were 7 islands.  Starting aggression in 10,000 B.C., 4th period Atlantis started wars and cataclysms which caused the remaining 7 Atlantean islands to sink or otherwise be vaporized from existance.  Volcano's and newer volcanic islands and islets are all that remain today of 6 out of 7 of those islands. These Islets re-emerged are known as Bermuda, Bimini, The Bahamas, The Azores, The Madeira's, The Canaries (plus a few others) which now constitute very small portions of what was Atlantis, washed free of Atlantean structures, artifacts and even the red topsoil itself!

A very large Atlantean continent once existed. 

Atlantis was (at first) larger than North and South America combined, and existed where most of the Atlantic Ocean is now.  Today's Atlantic Ocean is somewhat a mirror reversal of what this Atlantean land mass used to look like.  The 'new world' of the American continents did not then exist except as part of the original Atlantean 7 seas.  Original Atlantis was around 2/3's of the size of the present day Eurasian continent.  Most of present day Europe, Russia, and Antarctica were then under water.  “Over the Pond” was originally a phrase of the Atlanteans, who were describing how easy it was for them to reach Africa and Hyperborea across 2 of the original '7' seas.  The Atlanteans were the first sailors of Earth.  Later, during periods had high technology and flight, they still sailed, such was their enjoyment of marine travel.

Before the first destruction (52,010 B.C), England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland were all part of the original Atlantean land mass, connected via an Isthmus to mainland Atlantis to the south! Britain and Ireland were connected together in the southern portions, the waters between the two then a small bay which emptied north into the Hyperborean sea, as the Atlanteans knew it . The Isthmus to mainland Atlantis went under the sea with the first cataclysm. At the time most of the British Isles were heavily forested with a temperate rain forest, and not many Atlanteans lived there. It was then a flat land, with no hills and no mountains. There simply was not much interest to live in what they called "The wild lands". Atlanteans, caring so little about this area, did not mind when another group of humans migrated from the Caucuses mountains (in what is now Russia) to settle this wild land. The English Channel did not exist then; instead it was part of a larger shallow sea that covered Western Europe.

Atlantis’s south shore extended from near (what is now Africa), heading west (and slightly north) almost all the way to what is now Yucatan, Mexico! Atlantis then included parts of Cuba, the Florida keys, Bimini, and the Bahamas. The Atlantean West coast went further north and east, to include Bermuda. At that time all of the eastern U.S. with the exception of Appalachia Island, was under water. The mountains on Appalachia Island were much taller than the present day Appalachian mountians, and rose straight up out of the 'Western Ocean', as the Atlanteans then called it. (In Atlantean myth <told then to children>, these mountains were said to be guards). Before the first cataclysm, the Southern and Southwestern Atlantean coastal areas were the most highly populated, and had the biggest cities and highest technologies of all that continent. The beautiful RED/Crimson sand beaches of these south coast areas were world reknown then for their beauty.  The main GIANT Crystal power plant, as well as other crystal plants, pyramids, industry, GEN~ED biological science and healing centers, were located East of Bimini. There was a giant zone of large connected cities and industry that stretched from what is now Bimini south and east, paralleling the south Atlantean coasts.  Another Mega~metropolitan area, stretched north from Bimini all the way to Bermuda. At the East Central Atlantean coast, (across and out a bit from present day Portugal), Spiritual temples, hot springs, large gardens and pyramids stood. Some still stand yet, 500 feet below the present ocean level upon the sunken continent!

From Western Atlantis, another sea covered what is now the North American continent, including Mexico. From Bermuda, the Atlanteans North coast meandered north and east to eventually come back up to the British isles area. Northeast of Bermuda, all the way to through todays British Isles was the least populated area on the original Atlantean continent.

Above view:  Atlantean Giant Crystal forest, on the original continental Atlantis. ~ (Human {28 feet tall} is seen in profile lower left). The 'Solar fire effect' is seen immediately above the crystal forest, as a distance 'shimmer' effect.

Crescent Africa.

Large parts of west African land were then under water, yet at the time Africa extended farther to the north, and much farther east. What is now the eastern Sahara desert was then the Shara, a forest and jungle, very lush, with a large lake at its center. The land was not as conducive to agriculture as the Mediterranean lands to the north, but supported abundant number of large animals and dinosaurs. Shara lake, then a lake of renown and commerce, was then fed by the *Nole River. This lake emptied west, into the Atlantic Eastern Sea, which then covered large parts of North and west Africa. The lake supported 3 large cities, several smaller towns, and many villages. Africans, Atlantean colonists, and later Lemurian and Hyperborean colonists all existed harmoniously together here for quite some time.

Just a small distance towards central Africa coast, and also directly across from the large Eastern coast of Atlantis, Atlanteans began to mine what we now call Uranium, and other radioactive elements. They mined it from (what is now) Gabon. The Gabon of 52, 200 B.C. was an island, not connected to the Africa of that time. Gabon is the only presently known place on Earth where a (natural process) atomic fission reaction has taken place. When the Atlanteans first mined it, circa 61,000 B.C., the area was still active, and the then naïve Atlantean miners later suffered radiation poisoning. Later period Atlanteans also mined there. The Atlanteans of all these periods of time caused wars and skirmishes to mine these radioactive minerals. The land did not ever belong to Atlantis.

In earliest Africa, the sciences of the Earth, of Spirituality, and music were first developed. Africans, even more than Lemurians, were in touch with the harmonies of the Earth. Unlike the early Lemurians, they didn't feel the need to build to show interest in these understandings. They were happy to just be, to always be in a moving state of Union with Universal harmonics. They were the most serene of the original 5, and least traumatized by outer developments. No others before or since, were able to be in a such a state of Flow. These are only a few of the things Greater Crescent Africa (later just Africa) contributed to the rest of humanity.

The Mediterranean sea.

Did not used to exist, and what was, was then just a lake and a river, a part of the greater continent of Crescent Africa.  After the northern lands and seas of Crescent Africa shifted during first the 'Wars of the Gods' of 375,000 B.C., Atlantis for the first time began looking at this area as a potential 'bread basket' ~ a food growing area which would supplement mainland Atlantean agriculture. As a later agricultural colony that had great success growing food and other crops, this Atlantean colony area, like later Atlantis itself, would slide below sea level. The ‘Pillars of Heracles’: first built during these 'wars of the Gods and Titan's, were the exit point for the then Mediterranean river. World Ocean levels were at least 300 feet lower than at present.

Gobi~ The Cathayan continent.

Gobi/Cathay was in this time period was a large singular continent in and of itself, and was the closest large land mass to Lemuria. Where~as the earliest Atlanteans and Lemurians had 'home grown' advanced humans (demi-Gods) and Titans, earliest Cathay had the first real visitors and interactions with E.T. guests and consultants. The later Atlanteans with both technology and enthusiasm would attract much more E.T. interactions then Gobi would have. However, very early, Gobi welcomed a species of E.T. to co-colonize their continent. These near human E.T.'s would eventually interbreed (along with genetic engineering) enough with local humans, that two different humanoid species merged enough to become fully Earth human. In medicine (without machines), food production, biology and related sciences, Gobians of all era's were never surpassed. This is an example of each continent, each of the 5 original peoples, as having certain specializations, which ideally were to be shared freely with the world. Later Atlanteans were the first and became the worst, in both withholding needed understanding(s), and then in harboring dangerous or misunderstood secrets.


Hyperborea was the last of the 5 original continents to 'get' a human population. It was one of the last in these earliest times to develop knowledge, technology, and understanding. Hyperborea, up until 52,010 B.C., for the most part contained the south pole of the Earth, specially centered on what is now the Caucauses mountains. During this time period before the God's/Titan's war or any of the succeeding three global cataclysms, Hyperborea then had 2 unique features. The South Pole proper in the Caucauses then was the only raised elevation on Earth, at an elevation of 3,000 meters. (The North pole then was located in a sea south of Lemuria, in what is now South Pacific Ocean). Early Earth before global calamities did not have a wobble, and therefore did not have seasons. The other strange aspect of early Hyperborea was that without the seasonal wobble, at the South Pole there was only perpetual twilight. No seasons, no sun and no night! The weather then was part of the globe encircling Atmospheric Manifold, and the time mists are what watered most of the giant plants, animals and humans of Earth! Hyperborea included within not only the Caucauses, but what is now the Carpathian mountains, then a great green forested flatland. Since NO rising nor setting sun, nor night there was, so the earliest Hyperboreans developed a peculiarly strong mental constitution to deal with the lack of these things in their lives. In this perpetual twilight of the south pole, there was perpetual snow, located in caves upon the high domain. The early Hyperboreans here experienced boredom at times, and so looked to the skies beyond the twilight of the atmospheric manifold here, and always saw bright stars burning through the twilight mists. They were the first to look to the stars, the first to develop instruments to see more stars past the perpetual twilight mists upon the South Pole, the first to develop Astronomy, which they later shared with the world. The coming high technology Atlanteans would later supercede the earlier Hyperborean Astronomy developments, but by those times, Atlantis and Hyperborea were allies, so the Atlantean sciences were somewhat shared back with the Hyperboreans.

A brief synopsis of events~

The '2nd Earth' early historical period.


1) The first Golden era of Atlantean civilization of Atlantis was heralded by (the first) King Poseidon, and the Mightly hero of Atlantis: the Giant Atlas! Circa LONG After the 5 Adam's and Eve's and their families had come and gone from the Earth (Around 375,000 B.C.) Atlantis needed a hero! Giant animals (including dinosaurs!) ran free and rampaged, the weather and nature seemed out of control (almost always fog, mist, brief but potentially deadly torrential rain showers or smog from the volcanos, both on Atlantis and upon Lemuria), there was no government and not much civilization, and an unfriendly population of non human type of ET's ruled what little civilization did exist. Loss of facts and later myth building would translate these ET's and their constructs, technology, and control into words such as demon'. The Lemurians long had a system of civilization by this time, but they, along with the 'Lemurian associated' small civilizations on Gobi and India, were isolationist, and so thus Atlantis was on its own, trying to deal with the above problems. Human Giants existed across the planet at this time, and were fairly common. Little people of various types were also 'still visable'.

Not much is known (recalled/recovered) yet
about the backgrounds of Poseiden and Atlas, but they did work together to successfully pull Atlantis out of its life threatening problems, unite the continent under peaceful rule, and provide
the First of the fabled 'Atlantean technology'.
Poseiden was called a 'Demi-God'; an
enlightend being (or more)! He could also be called a Sage, and perhaps a genius, for it was he who first put together the 'vapor barrier' for weather control, built the first Atlantean Pyramidal and Grid/Ley Line energy/transpost systems (these perhaps with Lemurian help, in exchange for giving Lemurians access to the Global vapor barrier/weather control), and promoted advanced health and immortal lifestyle techniques and understanding. And of course then there was the devolopment of MARINE TECHNOLOGY and sailing, and the creation of the First Fleet of Atlantis! Thus the legendary association of Atlantis and sailing was born!

Atlas, leading an Army put together by


Since way before Adam and Eve had appeared on the planet, the Sun (by our view today), in Atlantean times rose to the 'East' over Lemuria, and and set in what is now far northern Africa (PRE-FLOOD). The sun then rising in the East over Lemuria (a reversed planetary rotation), was one of the reasons why the earlier Atlanteans had an almost mythological reverance and respect for the 'Mother country' of Lemuria. In Atlantean mythology, the planetary bombardments by gigantic asteroids (much earlier in Earths history, way before Adam and Eve), the 'Moon Capture', and the sun rising 'East' over Lemuria were all related.

The Planet acquired its 'first' rotation/poles/equator during the 'Moon' capture. These were all stable, until the '1st' cataclysm of Atlantis.

Poseidon is known for sailing his Fleet upon the '7' seas of Atlantis! And what (at that time) were the 7 seas? And why were they called the 7 seas (instead of the oceans as we know them today)? At that time, there didn't exist on Earth any unbroken body of water larger than what is now the Indian Ocean. 2nd in size was the 'Atlantic Ocean' of that time, which extended south from Atlantis southern shore (which was then on the Equator in the middle of todays Atlantic ocean) all the way to Antarctica, and included large parts of todays South America and western Africa. 3rd in size then was the Arctic Ocean, which then covered large parts of Russia and Canada.

Sailing up and down Atlantis's coasts (where most of its cities and civilization were then, especially on the far southern coast), was one of the earliest (and easiest) ways to travel! Poseidon, with his love of sailing, soon traveled and mapped adjacent lands and waters, and thus the Atlantean famed 7 seas were mapped!

The 7 seas sailed by the early Atlanteans were:

1) The 'Western' sea, (which started west of the island chain of what would become the Appalachian mountains) that covered most of United States, Southern Canada, and Central America. Florida didn't exist at all at this time, but the '4 corners' (and what eventually became the Grand Canyon) area of the U.S. was above water, with an island chain extending south from there into Mexico.
2) The Sea of 'Bahia' (cover most of Brazil and
large parts of eastern South America), which technically was a part of the then Atlantic ocean, but the Atlanteans labeled it as its own sea, in a large part because the land in the
area was used as a 'vacation' area.
3) The Eastern Sea, covering most of what is
now most of northwest Africa.
4) The 'Sea of Rocks', a smaller sea that then
existed directly East of the Capitol (and linked to the above Eastern sea), it also covered parts of Europe. 5) The Northern Sea, extending up from the 'wild coast of the North', over parts of Green land and Iceland that were then under water. This Sea connected with the only other Ocean (besides the Indian Ocean) of the time, the Sibr Ocean which covered the North pole area, large parts of what is now western and central Siberia, as well as far northern Canada! 6) The Crescent Sea, a very long narrow sea between Atlantis western shore and the Island chain that eventually became the Applachian mountains! 7)

Earliest developments and technologies: The development of the Grid System

After the very long and prosperous kingships of Poseidon and then Atlas, Atlantis was ruled by 10 kingdoms, the 10 sons and daughters of Poseidon! Atlantis became rich in material, cities and civilization during the time of these above rulerships, and trade developed with other civilizations via the legendary Atlantean sailing fleet! <t.b.a.)


After A VERY long time of high civilization (called the 'Golden time of Atlantis' by the historians of this time), a GREAT DECLINE (in humanities mental function) was noted by the Atlantean historians and scientists! Those that were born at this time, could not keep running the masterful technologies of Poseidon and Atlas, and machines and technology eventually fell into disrepair! Even the knowledge of operating the pyramids for power, transport and healing was forgotten! Even the healers of time had lost some records of remedies and methods, and so the life and health of the Atlanteans themselves was affected! Eventually there was a time of great ignorance, and only the Holy Men and Woman of the land were considered to have any knowledge.

Gold: a 'common' metal in Atlantis and Lemuria.

Just like the 'GOLD VOLCANOS OF KRYPTON' made the metal a common place one upon that planet, 3 different sources of elements made Gold, precious and 'rare earth' metals common place in the Pre-Flood Earth. The (3) sources are: 1) Large geothermal upwellings (common to both Atlantis and Lemuria) with highly metallic waters. 2) Gold and the other metallics were commonplace and easily accessible in the crust and soils of the Pre-Flood Earth indicating the ease of mining. 3) And finally the ability to (re) synthesize any element out of just about any other element made Gold, precious metals and 'rare earth' metals very common on Earth during those times.

Stone work, pyramids and MASONRY were high sciences then, carried over (or rediscovered) from the previous higher civilizations of the 'Gods' of Lemuria and Atlantis. Yet the stone work and MASONRY were not completed until the insides of these building were finished. Gold (and other metals) were used extensively pre-flood to line the walls of homes and business and temples (as a type of decoration, somewhat similar to the 'wallpaper' of today).

This Gold lining had other uses beside decoration.

Post flood, upon the re-emergence of 'Atlantean' technology, both Atlantean and other civilizations, as well as Atlantean colonies (such as in South America and Egypt) once again used Gold, Silver, Copper, and other metals to line the interiors of homes, businesses, and temples.

Post flood, many (what were) easily accessible Geo~thermal mining sites, as well as many land based (surface) mining sites, were either covered over with hundreds to thousands of meters of debris, or were destroyed/closed outright. Mining in post flood times became much more work (as it is even up to present day) than it had been Pre-flood. Climate conditions POST FLOOD had changed drastically too, with an 'ice age' that had come about as a result of both the great flood and the cataclysmic (in and of itself) WAR that tried to PREVENT the GREAT FLOOD.

The GREAT FLOOD was much more destructive than the war that PRECEDED IT.

One Atlantean post flood copper mine was in present day Michigan.

Other Atlantean post flood mines were in Central and South America, parts of Africa (especially RADIOACTIVE ELEMENTS AND METALS there), and parts of Europe and Russia.

GOLD was common place pre-flood, and scientists (in Atlantis) then were easily able to put together a 'gold wall' and gold enclosure around 3 meters thick (located within an aligned and polished pyramid set up for experiments) in 'quantum vacuum states' with Cosmic rays, Gamma rays, and other E/M fields or particles.

What is left of this building is now beneath the Atlantic ocean.

Image Tree 2 Circa @ 73,000 B.C, 

Poseiden routed the rampaging giant animals of Lemuria, and thus began a deeper friendship between the Atlanteans the Lemurians. <t.b.a.>