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9,399 B.C. to The Present day.

~~~'That which survives'. ~~~ 

Remnant civilizations that partially rebuilt after the Mahabharata~Atlantean World War.

Earth changes; surface humans eventually sink into the Cosmic ignorance of another Kali Yuga,  followed by the eventual rising of (our own) 5th World Earth.

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In the more immediate post war Earth, there was partial civilization recovery (with large gaps in Knowledge as to What was), followed by the creation of secret societies and data centers of underground cities {to preserve Understanding}.


Post war survivors and their descendants had to survive the following (in decreasing order of severity).

1)  Fire.

Volcano's/widespread lava flows, massive forest fires/boiling seas and lakes, global smoke/ash/radiation and other 'hot' weapon debris.

Impacts, impactors awaken the fires of Earth.

The planet cracking wars were between the God's, giants, and humans, stirred and destabilized the liquid mantle.  The Earth's gravametric containment of what were then the lands and continents  of the planet were greatly disturbed.   The pressurized plumes which had maintained the 7 large islands of 3rd period Atlantis were indeed broken, and the 'fire fountains of the deep' rose up to consume the Atlantean landmasses as they were sinking.

That which was before, was for the most part vaporized, leaving hundreds of crators, and many many many more activated volcano's.

The first armageddon of Earth was of the earth elementals.  The second was of the water elementals (the Great Flood).  This third apocalypse was of the fire elementals.

The destruction(s) of the Atlantean~Mahabharta global war (re) activated the 10,000 volcano's created during the Great Flood, and the earth upheavals post war created tens of thousands more.  These plus earthquakes, forest fires, emitted gas, dust, and ash left most of the earth immediately post war with a very toxic enviroment.  Those that didn't lose their lives during the war suffered and perished by hundreds of million's due to toxic atmosphere, land, and waters, which was accompanied by global famine. 

Within 6 months time, nuclear fire and ash gave way to it's opposite: nuclear winter and almost global ice and snow. 

This 2nd nuclear winter was even worse than the post Great Flood glaciation.

2)  Ice.

The Glaciation of Earth ~version 2~.

Even after thawing of the glacier fields starting about 6,000~5,000 B.C., residual war radiation(s) made many exposed lands uninhabitable.  Lifespans were generally short due to the toxicity.

   The peak glaciation phase ended around 5,000 B.C. with the rest of the glaciation more or less melting off by 3,000 B.C.  The planet remained much colder even after this time.
Due to grava~magnetic, pressure, residual destructive thought constructs, and other undiscovered effects of the weaponry used in the atomsphere and in the Earth and the oceans, the very elements that we use today for time dating (carbon, radioactive and other types), were severely effected.  Natural processes in these elements were either severely sped up, slowed down, or otherwise altered.  Hence today, carbon, radioactive and other types of time dating only start to gain accuracy after 5,000 B.C., and gaining current stability and highest accuracy after 3,000 B.C through the present time, (with the potential to  again be affected, through present day experiments).

The collective trauma of wars survivors (and immediate descendants) was so intense that most survivors swore off technology and mental powers and 'went back to the land living a simple a existence.  They blamed misapplied mental constructs, tools, and technologies for the Global war.  Wrong thinking, and destructive reactions, are the chain reactions for most warfare, whether here on earth, or in any galaxy.

3)  Famine.

The barren Earth.

Afte the fire, and with the widespread surface ice and snow,  most of the Earth became barren for many centuries.  The plants and animal life that did emerge after the initial melting of the extended ice cap was somewhat to vastly altered from that which had lived before. A few of the mostly below ground survivor cities has some ability and technology to hasten the evolution of plant and animal life, to help these adapt to a changed world. 


Geography:  the changing Earth.

"The Earth had been shifted, and was almost unrecognizable".

Post War ~ New lands and changed lands.

Atlantis ~ (What became of Atlantis?)

Remnants of Atlantis ~ technology and geography.

Technology ~ That which survived.
There were 3 areas on Earth with larger surviving 'Atlantean type' high technology which served the survivors of that war, and their immediate descendents.

1)  The Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Then erved not only the surviviors, but also, in the basement 'crypt', was able to upgrade the suffering genetic crossings of animals/humans of prewar, into full humans. Not many of these genetic crossings survived the Global war, so the basement 'Crypt' was the first area of the Great Pyramid to fall into disuse. 'Regular' humans used the Queens chamber, for the healing of some ailments, including radiation and other poisenings caused by the war, or to more quickly effect what today we call minor upgrades in physical, emotional and intellectual development.  The Queens chamber was the last chamber to fall into disuse, around 7,000 B.c., around the end of the descending Golden era.  The King's chamber, used for much higher upgrades including spiritual ones, fell into disuse around 8,000 B.C.  Due to the collective human trauma of again almost blowing the world completely up, there wasn't much interest in using the higher upgrades that the King's chamber made possible.  With the toxins and radioactive poisons still in the atmosphere and earth and in most areas of the world, it was a time of raw survival, with no flourishment possible, even though it was still at the end of the Golden era.  After 7,000 B.C. all higher knowlege was gradually lost in this part of the world, and even though the Great Pyramid would be used for prayer gatherings and religous functions for centuries, after 3,000 B.C. it was gradually disused, even for prayer functions. 
With the fall of Soloman in the 800's B.C., the Great Pyramid began to be sacked, and vandelized.  Sometime during a long period of decline, someone with only partial knowledge of the Great Pyramid had attempted to reactivate the higher functions of the King's chamber, which resulted in a small explosion and the partial destruction of the King's chamber. 

2)  The Library of Alexandria, which contained Atlantean and other lost records.

Around 1000 B.C. Soloman, along with others of noble nature, saw the coming of the 'Dark' Era (Iron Era). There was a decision to try to preserve the records of what was. This group rebuilt an already existing Library at Alexandria, Egypt, and stocked it with much additional material containing records and technology of the high civilzations and countriesthat existed before the Global war. Few men and women of Soloman's time and the Iron era to come understood the writings or what they contained. With survival again threatening humanity, due to famine, ignorance, pestilence, attrition, tribal wars, and general lack of understanding, the writings at Alexandria became 'useless scrolls and records' (to those that vandalized them). Between 500 B.C. and 1200 A.D. the Library was sacked twice, vandelized numerous times, later outright burned, and finally completely destroyed. Large parts of the city eventually was flooded or eroded by tides an further destroying any records and buildings. The records, last source of open knowledge of what was, did not survive its journey of time through the Iron Era of the Yuga's.

3)  The Fountain of Youth ~ 10,000 B.C. to 7,000 B.C. (with a forward in time to Ponce De Leon)


Another Atlantean technology still working after the war was on the one place that could still be considered 'true' Atlantis after the land and continental sinkings; a small islet that was within sailing range of Bimini, the Bahamas, and Florida.  It was the one and only place of prewar 3rd period Atlantis that was not immediately sunk, tidal waved, resubmerged again, quaked, volcano'd, nuked, rayed, blasted bombarded etc etc and swept clean.

Today' islands we call the Canaries, Azores, Bermuda, Bimini, Bahama Islets, (parts of Cuba) plus other islands and islets in the Atlantic ocean, were all once part of 3rd period Atlantis (or it's territories).   All these areas were submerged or wiped clean by mountain size tidal waves.  Later the above re~emerged much as they are now, unrecognizable as to the prewar Atlantean features known then.

This islet, the remains of one the larger prewar 7 (3rd period) Atlantean main Islands, had been a large healing pyramid temple upon a mountain top.  Sages would mention that it survived the war due to it's very high merit, or karma, of helping many many thousands of people (from all over the world), before the war.  It also was a Longevity temple that not only healed, but was able to reboot and cleanse the human body and mind, which was one method, prewar, of Longevity Lifestyles.  With periodic cleansing and resetting of bodies and mind, this was one way humans lived indefinite lifespans, living as long on earth as that wanted.  These humans we would call today immortals.
As mentioned, the last Glaciation period of our 'present' time period was caused by immense destruction/trauma to the Earth and atmosphere during the Global war.
During the 7000's B.C. Era, nature pushed out a last 'build' period of glaciation.  During this last push of Glaciers, a continent size piece of ice broke off, and floated free in the Atlantic Ocean. Then, during the first of the melt cycles in the early 7,000's B.C. era, this continent size piece of ice melted causing sea levels to go up 80 feet.  This caused the submergance of many remnant cities, coasts and civilisations of earth, that had been able to slowly and partially rebuild what once was. 

This first postwar 80 foot rise in sea level also submerged this mountain top temple. 
Later, more gradual melts of glaciers into the 3,000's B.C. era would raise the sea level another 40 feet, which along with a gentle subsidence of the islet itself, would now bury this 'Fountain of Youth' temple under at least 300 feet of water.  The Sages would say of this, that the last of Atlantean war 'karma' had now been paid.

After the sinking of this Fountain of Youth temple, the fame of it, and what it could do, was passed along from one generation to the next, becoming what we call 'mythical'.  By the time of the Iron Era of 500 B.C. it was considered a totally a myth, but not forgotten.

In 5,000 B.C. Florida, part of the newly risen postwar land, (considered part of the 'new world' since large parts of it {North and South America} were literally new upon the Earth).  Florida was the nearest large and stable landmass to this sunken temple.  Originally, Atlantis, in continental form before the first and second destructions, wars and sinkings, slightly overlapped in land area with what is now parts of Florida's east and south east coasts.  All the Atlantean lands along the Florida coast were submerged, and washed clean by the Great Flood.  Even the underlying mineral substrates were washed out and changed.  When Florida emerged fully along with the rest of the 'new world' around 5000 B.C., it really was part of a new world.
Yet the legend of the Fountain of Youth persisted, and so Ponce De Leon sailed for Florida, and he actually got the location correct, but with the wrong timing. 

His dream was long swept clean, and otherwise buried by water and mud and time.  Yet the Sonics and Photonics of these 3rd period Atlantean healing and energy temples and pyramids, if which some were not destroyed but only sunk, persist and partially function even now.  These power the intermittent anomalous effects reported even today, in the Bermuda triangle area.

The Fountain of Youth has it's basis in Sonics, and will be posted on another website (t.b.a.), as time, research and results allow.

 Other lands (+) and losses (-) of Earth, post war.


"The new World had emerged almost fully".~North, Central, and South America.  Other Lands that rose above water, and/or new mountain ranges: North Western Africa along withg parts of Europe, of China, Mexico, South America. The Sipaupu (a womb of the Earth, a shelter of an underground city) immediately south of what iis now the Grand Canyon of Arizona was built as a refuge for ex-patriot Atlanteans wanting no part of the aggression of their original mother land. Near the end of the war, this underground refuge was targeted. The weapon was deflected southeast by many tens of miles, impacting, exploding causing what we know today as 'Meteor Crater' near Winslow, Arizona.

Around 9,000 B.C. the land had recovered enough (in some small parts of the Earth) to let life begin again. Humanity was still at this time in a Silver cycle of intelligence ( a descending cycle as Earth once again was moving away from the great central sun of the galaxy) and civilizations were able to rebuild, partially.

Cimmeria, Ultima Thule ("Doggerland").

  The lands of Cimmeria/Ultima Thule were sunk outright during and after the war.  Great Earth changes were triggered by the tremendous weapons used with the mantle losing pressure, and out of the depths where Cimmeria sunk new lands with new mountain ranges emerged post war. These new lands were almost immediately covered by ice and snow. These new lands are now called the Scandanavian countries. These new lands were additionally iced over for a very long period of time.  No living thing was able to survive these extreme conditions, except bacteria.  Later, around 5,000 B.C., the climate moderated a little, and hunters were able to survive.  Later still by 1,000 B.C. the climate warmed (in enough in these countries) that other human migrations became successful~people survived, and thrived. The only  lands of Cimmeria/Ultima Thule that were not completely destroyed still exist at the bottom of what is now parts of the North Sea.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Gobi/Cathay.

   Poisoned, burned, rayed and destroyed by weapons and the battles fought there.   Survivors here had to move south to avoid poisoning by radiation and other war weapons.  Gobi, once a nourishing land of green and life, became a wasteland, desert  and 'ghost' land.



Lost it's west coast, it's south east coast, and the Maldives western extension.  It also lost part of the north west coast including the Golden city of Dwarka. The Himalayan mountain range to the north was shoved higher in altitude due to the planet rendering weapons used in this war.  They became the highest mountain on Earth, and for a long time after the war were covered in ice, in which not much life could live.  India's  rivers gained their new courses after this upheaval.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Africa.

  Mostly neutral thoughout the preceding wars and destruction. As a whole gained in land, but suffered from bombing and bio-engineered diseases.  

North Africa~Egypt.

  Egypt, neutral as far as the Atlanteans were concerned, suffer no appreciable damage, other than the morale of knowing a war of this magnitude had erupted, and that the whole Earth had for quite a while toxic wastes as a result.  ~Libya had been one of four Amazon groups/governments~ of female warriors only~.  These Amazon groups/governments especially in Libya were attacked by the Atlanteans, and overcome.  There was ray/nuke damage in southeast Libya, which in turn helped changed the green climate of northern Africa into the Sahara desert of today.  In the last 3 days of the war, about all remaining weapons possessed by anyone were launched.  Even though Africa was officially neutral, the air, earth, water, and Earth's magnetic field were so disturbed that aspects of the weapon's Intelligence Phasic systems begain to fail, with weapons then falling at random, including Africa.

The Middle East.

  As described in The Bible, there was some destruction/radiation (the '5 cities of the plain'), yet overall there was not total destruction.  Further north in what is now Syria, the 'cities of the giants to the east' were all abandoned.

South America, Central America.

South America and central America saw the most extensive rebuilding efforts immediately after the war, after the new georgraphy of the Andes mountains and other lands had stabilized.  In South America, very long lived original Atlantean ex~patriots (the pacifists who didn't want the war and migrated before~hand) settled in these new lands, and were viewed by their less evolved less knowledgeable descendants as God's/Goddess's, Sages, Shamans, Holy People, and other revered status.  These original Atlanteans had knowledge, longevity, Understanding, technology, and health that their own post war descendants didn't have.  One of these, Naylamp, ruled an extensive kingdom in a partially rebuilt Atlantean style city in South America,  in the area of present day Bolivia (among other places).

King Naylamp, Nanlamp.

Ruled for centuries, yet with increasing entropy of knowledge, and more savagery exhibited by the latest generation, he grew weary of existance on this world, during a descending Yuga, a descent into the hel(d) of ignorance.  Under his leadership, this area of South America was semi ~enlightened for centuries after the war, something very few places on the surface world were.

Then, as did other king-gods like Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha, with the Mayans, Aztecs and other Andean peoples, Naylamp decided that was the time to go and leave his people. He went to the sea shore, and taking the form of a bird, disappeared, flying in direction to the horizon, leaving in the kingdom, his son, Si-Um, who ruled the country for many years.

After the war, there were many "Bridges to No~where".

And for a long while only the animals roamed the ruined Earth, while humans huddled to survive.

Vandalism over 40 centuries.

  The destructive affects of the descending Yuga, plus

 karma (from the previous 2 armageddons).   <t.b.a.>

The destruction of the libraries of knowledge/
{Vandalism and the effects of the Kali Yuga}.
In the ruins of Tiahuanaco,
in Bolivia:
as recently as the 16th century there still stood immense
walls with massive rivets of silver in the stonework as well
as lifelike statues of men and women in a thousand
animated poses.
Even until last century, travellers could admire and sketch
imposing colonnades.
Of these there is no trace today. The Spaniards and more
recently the Bolivian government plundered them for building
Again, many scale replicas of ancient apparatuses probably
perished when the Spanish conquistadors melted down all the
gold artifacts they could find in Central and South America.
The scale of destruction over the centuries will never be
The destruction of printed records has been much greater than
was originally thought.
The great library of Alexandria once contained one million
volumes in which the entire science, philosophy and mysteries
of the ancient world were recorded (including a complete
catalogue of authors in 120 volumes, with a brief biography
of each author).

In a single act of vandalism, Julius Caesar destroyed
700,000 priceless scrolls.

In the seventh century, the Arabs completed the wipeout.

Do you know how they did it? They used the books as a fuel
supply to heat the city’s 400 public baths for six months.
Totally destroyed also were the papyri of the library of
Ptah in Memphis.

Carthage, with a library of 500,000 volumes, was razed
in a seventeen-day fire by the Romans in 146 B.C.
The library of Pergamos in Asia Minor (with 200,000
volumes) likewise perished.
When the famous collection of Pisistratus in Athens was
wiped out (in the 6th century), surprisingly Homer’s
writings escaped.
In the 8th century, Leo Isaurus burned 300,000 books
in Constantinople.

In China, Emperor Tam Shi Hwang-ti issued an edict
(213 B.C.) to destroy innumerable books.
Thousands of Druidic scrolls in Autun, France, on
philosophy, medicine, astronomy and other sciences,
were obliterated by Julius Caesar. Not one survived.
Much classical literature was systematically destroyed
by the papal Inquisition.
Spanish conquerors searched out and destroyed the entire
Mayan literature (except for four documents now in
European museums).

It was related that Mayan scholars screamed in agony as
they saw their life’s purpose go up in flames. Some
committed suicide.
The Council of Lima (1583) decreed the burning of the
knotted cords ("quipas") on which the Incas had recorded
their history and that of their predecessors.
What a story of carnage, in which the greatest
depositories of knowledge from the ancient world are
lost forever!

(Yet somehow the Indian books escaped.)

Did you know that even of the Greek and Roman literature,
less than 1 percent has come down to us?
Is it any wonder we are ignorant of our early heritage?

I agree with Andrew Tomas that "we have to depend on
disconnected fragments, casual passages and meagre

"Our distant past is a vacuum filled at random
with tablets, parchments, statues, paintings and various

"The history of science would appear totally different
were the book collection of Alexandria intact today."
Undeciphered still are writings at Easter Island,
tablets at Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistan, and Mayan scripts.
Some finds will remain unsolved forever.

There are no inscriptions awaiting us at Tiahuanaco or
Machu Picchu.
Then there are many museum relics, whose significance
may have eluded us.
A methodical reexamination of pieces labelled "art
objects," "cult objects" and "unidentified objects"
would yield much new data.

So would a systematic exploration of museum vaults.
It is a well-known fact that museums are in the habit of
"burying" objects that do not coincide with current
theories, or that are not beautiful to look at.

The vaults of the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum
of Prehistory of Saint Germain-en-Laye are full of crates
of incomprehensible objects that nobody is studying.
Could it be that many objects we have discovered had a
purpose that we do not yet understand? The ancients may
have achieved results similar to ours by quite different

(For instance, look at what happened to German technology.
It diverged tremendously from that of other countries in
just twelve years, from 1933 to 1945, when Germany was
progressively isolated from the rest of the world.)
Then again, is it possible that some of the antedeluvian
artifacts we have found cannot yet be identified, simply
because they are ahead of our technology?
A point to remember. As any technology advances, its
methods and equipment do not become more complex; they
become simplified.

(Take, for example, printed circuits, silicon chips. Nano

Such equipment may not be recognizable to a civilization
of inferior knowledge.
The point is we may be looking at objects—quite exciting
objects—without recognizing them.

Who would have expected that items in Baghdad Museum,
long labelled as "ritual objects," would prove to be
components of batteries? Do you see what I mean?
Here is a tantalizing thought. Some authentic and
incredibly ancient documents are known to be safely
locked away. We may never see them.

These forbidden treasures are known to be concealed in
four places:
1. Catacombs beneath the Potala in Llasa, Tibet
2. Vaults in the Vatican Library, to which even the
pope does not have access
3. Morocco, where Moslem leaders are fiercely opposed
to making them public
4. A secret place known to a few initiated rabbis
(believed to be in Spain)
But this is not all. There must be numerous lost cities

Hold it, I hear you say. That’s overdoing things, isn’t
it? An occasional ruin, maybe, but numerous lost cities?
There aren’t any unknown areas in this day and age!
On the contrary, there are many totally unexplored areas
left about.

Quite a lot of things occur in out-of-the-way corners of
the world—and some not so out-of-the-way—that most persons
never hear of.
Still not explored from the ground are immense expanses
of the interior of Central and South America, New Guinea,
Asia and Australia.
Although Europeans have lived and worked in India for
some centuries, building bridges, railways and modern
cities, the jungles have scarcely been investigated.

There are remote villages that have never seen a white
In the trackless Central Australian desert, a structure
from an unknown civilization was discovered when vehicles
from a nearby atomic test site drove into it purely by
The largest unexplored jungle area in the world is the
Amazon Basin. This region is so little known that a river
tributary 200 miles long was only recently discovered —
and then only by satellite.

The Amazon system comprises 50,000 miles of navigable
"trunk rivers" and an estimated 16,000 tributaries.

The jungle on each side of the rivers is almost totally
impenetrable, at least for a European.

I know of settlers who have lived on riverbank clearings
for forty years and never ventured more than a mile back
into the jungle.
The Amazon contains some of the most solid jungles and
hostile environments to be found anywhere.

Surprisingly, this now mysterious region was once the
center of a very intense and highly active population.

Large cities flourished here, with high volume commercial
traffic to the Andes.
Despite satellite technology, we face almost insurmountable
problems in locating any remains.
A pilot over the Amazon may spy towers, villages or ruins,
pinpoint them and report them. A few days later, someone
setting out to verify the data will find they have already
vanished—swallowed again by the jungle since that forest
fire or whim of weather that exposed them.
Karl Brugger mentions that the "Transamazonica spur of the
road between Manaus and Barcellos on the lower Rio Negro,
built in 1971, was overgrown by tropical vegetation within
a year.

"The technicians even had difficulties locating the
approximate direction of the road. It is not surprising
therefore that there are no more signs of 'white cities.'"
Again, there are vast stretches where the fog never lifts,
and in others it doesn’t clear until late afternoon.
There is an area in Eastern Ecuador from which natives
have been carrying out thousands of artifacts belonging
to what they describe as giant pyramids and immense
deserted cities.

But don’t get carried away. This is a forbidden region;
local Indians still massacre inquisitive outsiders.
Intruders in the Matto Grosso region of Brazil can expect
a similar welcome. Yes, believe it! Documented accounts
are numerous.

Once an entire patrol of 1,400 vanished in the jungle
without trace.

This trackless, unexplored "green hell" swallows visitors.
The ruins clasp their secret.
Think of it. Five thousand years ago (when our forefathers
were supposed to be existing in caves or crude settlements)
a highly advanced culture reached over the whole globe —
from Siberia to Antarctica, from Greenland to Africa.
This super world vanished so completely we thought it never

It is not unlikely a whole empire could disappear like this.
The more advanced the culture, the more easily it could
vanish without a trace.

If it were so advanced, then its powers of destruction must
also have been enormous.

What an epic! The wonder is that despite wholesale
obliteration of evidence, many thousands of pieces do survive
— written records, oral traditions and physical remains.
More Vandal savages, vandal savagery of the Kalii Yuga.



That which survives (and thrives)  Part 2:  

 The present Giants and little people of Earth.



Genetic anomalies.

Post war genetic anomolies of the survivors and their descendents (us).
Residue Karmic feedback of the arrogances of Cro~Magnan and Homo Sapien man/woman of the 4th world Earth.  Homo Sapien 'O', the giants, will be looked at separately.
In the longer lasting nightmare world (up to 5,000 B.C.) of post Nuclear armageddon Earth, most of the Cro~Magnan and Homo Sapien populations (as distinct genetic groupings, with the exception of Africa) did not survive the many centuries of Ice, radiation, and famine.  Ne~an~derthal man/woman, a distinct and newly evolved human grouping (accelerated evolution up from primates during the previous ascending Silver and Gold era's of 20,000 B.C. to 11,500 B.C.), while not having a fully evolved/involved intuitive functioning, were able to survive the ice/radiation world of then somewhat better than there more evolved cousins, hence intermarrying and interphasing of the populations over a longer time period, over the landmasses of Earth which were then populated (which did not include the newly surfaced American continents, for the most part). 
With the exceptions of the African populations and the Native American populations/descendents which (re~)surfaced from the Sipapu's (subsurface survival shelters and cities) after 5,000 B.C., Ne~an~derthal man/woman and the rest of humanity got together~ to survive that very harsh world that existed then.
The small pockets of Homo Sapiens that did not mix with Ne~an~derthal across habitable parts of Eurasia had desecendents whom did mix with descendents of Ne~an~derthal, hence the global mixing of today, with the exceptions of these above two populations, although the Native American population has also seen a lot of intermarrying over time,,,,
And the last true Ne~an~derthal did indeed transition way back about 8,000 B.C. (yet near the apex of this 2nd human caused ice era/nuclear winter) next to the Straits of Gilbraltor.


The plants and animals recovered first.  They 'inherited the Earth' for quite a while as humans struggled to survive a full blown nuclear/volcanic winter, lethal ground touching aurora's, massive tornadic and hurricane storms, walls of fire tornado's, along with other toxicities.

he migrations of the Atlantean and Gobian/Cathay ex-patriots, and the current descendants of these war refugee's from long ago.

The Atlanteans now:

Atlantean survivors and ex-patriots: Where they ended up, and who their descendants are today!

Atlantean ex-patriot and survivor groups left Atlantis in two waves.  The earlier movers were those which rejected technology used for horrible and destructive purposes.  The later movers survived both the war, it's aftermath, and the sinking of the 7 lands of Atlantis itself.  These groups not only survived, but their Atlantean descendents are still with us today.   The earliest Atlanteans began migrating circa 10,001 B.C., and the last ones, the real war survivors and their descendants, arriving at their new destinations circa @ 9,399 B.C.  The following is a partial list of peoples who can trace  family heritage back to Atlantis.

North America

The Hopi:                                                                                                                                                       The Hopi people of the southwestern U.S. were originally a large Spiritual and peaceful group of Atlanteans that did not like nor agree with the Atlantean governments aggression, war mongering and the mis-use of technology for destructive purposes.  This group first came across to the (newly emergent) Americas from Atlantis, arriving in what is now the southern portions of Central America.  They migrated north, and eventually found a land, south of what today is the Grand Canyon of Arizona, that the Sages assured would survive the coming 'super-war'.  Using the technology and knowledge they brought with them, they speedily constructed a underground city, the Sipapu.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A little later, still in pre-war times, another Atlantean group of extended families came over from Atlantis, and constructed another nearby underground city.  The descendents of the surviviors of this second city also near the Grand Canyon, would later come to be known as the Navajo, with extended family coming to be known as the Apache's.                                                            The original 'Native American's, from the original peoples of Calfifornia, Nevada and Utah to the Dakota's, the Plains, the Midwest, the South and Southeast, to the peoples of the Northern and North Eastern states, all of these are descended from groups, families, and clans that came over from Atlantis, before the war.  A few made it across during the war.  The Creek, the Objiway, Cherokee, Ute, Crow, and many many others, all are descended from groups or families that in that long ago time, came across from Atlantis, either before the war, or during the war, when severe tremors in that land gave notice the land was beginning to subside,,,,,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Central and South America.  The original peoples of these lands and continents also mostly came from Atlantis.  A few came from Cimmeria/Ultima Thule, and later a few grups came from the remains of Gobi/Cathay. 

A Remnant (Atlantean colony) civilization in classical Egypt

Around 11,000 B.C. Sensitive Atlanteans and others foresaw that war and aggression would further upset the geologically unstable 7 remaining Atlantean islands' (As well as other geologically unstable places), and started an exodus to other lands, including Egypt.  With them came most of their knowledge, and technology. To serve the greater good of humanity, the Great Pyramid in Egypt was planned and then constructed!  It was still under construction when the Great Mahabharata/Atlantean World War broke out!  Central and Northern Egypt were spared the full effects of this world war, and the Great Pyramid was completed after this war!  The Great Pyramid was constructed with intent of serving THE HEALTH OF HUMANITY AND SENTIENT BEINGS, IN/at 3 DIFFERENT LEVELS.                                                            

1)  Physical health (and other potentials realized, INCLUDING THE HEALING OF THE CHIMERAS!) in the lowest chamber.                                                                                                                                             

2)  Mental, emotional AND ASPECTS OF HUMAN health (and other potentials realized) in the 2ND (QUEENS CHAMBER).                                                                                                                                  

3)  Spirituality, and 'sonic' rejuvenation AND HUMAN REGENERATION IN THE 3RD (KINGS CHAMBER).     

VERY LONG LIVES, living a Longevity Lifestyle,  was a result of using this technology and DISCIPLINE.   The great pyramid was built using technologynot yet available today. Aligned on the (then) existing Ley Lines, Earth grid and North Star, the great pyramid at that time was a veritable powerhouse of energy. The alignments of the above three Earth geomagnetics have changed since that time, hence the pyramid is somewhat 'depowered' today. Some destruction of the 'tuning stones' above the Kings chamber have also 'depowered' the pyramid somewhat. 

The remnants of these are found in Egypt, the Middle East, and the American continents especially South America.  Other remains are in Greece, the Pyrenees of Spain, the bottom of the North Sea, and other areas~  9,399 TO 5,000 B.C.



 An 'Atlantean' Colony that later became independant and which survived the Atlantean/Mahabharata war, land mass sinkings, nuclear/volcanic Winter, toxicity and other natural cataclysms.  The Great Pyramid, built using anti-gravity technology of that era, begins with the lowest chamber (since partially sacked and vandalized) was constructed almost specifically to Cure (evolve) the hybrid species Chimera's to full human form, saving many of them from immense suffering.  IN present day however, the Great Pyramid 'LOST' ITS KNOWN FUNCTION when humanity 'sank' into ignorance around 6,000 B.C.   The GREAT pyramid  also lost some power due to a calamity that affected the geometrics of the top most chamber, and lost further power due to the shifting of Earth's Grid and Ley Lines.   Worst of all, humanity forgot the Great Pyrmamid even worked!   By the time of these events, the last of those Chimera's had either been cured, destroyed by natural calamities, or had otherwise departed the Earth. 

9,000 B.C.  The land mass changes of the New Earth.  The land mass losses, as compared to the Pre-War Earth, include the LOSS of the Atlantean Islands, most of what had been the continent of Cimmeria, (which is now under the North Sea), the extended west coast and south east coasts of India, and parts of what is now east coast china and eastern Russia.  Land mass additions to the Earth include the rest of the middle  

9,000 B.C.  THE RISE OF THE REMNANT CIVILIZATIONS.  After a Millienia of recovery, radiation, dust, and volcanos had settled down enough so that most of the Earth was now habitable again. 

Civilizations that partially rebuilt circa 9,000 B.C. to 6,000 B.C.  

Humboldt collectors/Tomb of the unknown.


 Remnant civilizations in Central and South America had some knowledge of their prior civilizations, including manufacturing and technology.  When the newer generations lost the knowledge of how to repair the remaining flying vehicles, they were eventually scrapped, and only the artisans and the secret orders remembered anything at all.  Artisans of the past then captured a small snapshot of what was,,,,                                                                                         

Other than Egypt, India, parts of (what is now) China, and a few other isolated areas, no area of the Earth rebuilt as well or as much as the Kingdoms/empires of South America!

On the South American Continent (specifically in the Amazon area), some of the societies resurrected pyramid building, which occured, at least sporadically, until around 4,000 B.C. A few cities/kindoms even rebuilt some of the simpler and (smaller crystalline) type flying craft, which again used the Nazca lines (mostly for regional flight only), until succeeding generations could no longer repair nor maintain the craft. Cities and technology rebuilt around this time eventually suffered from attrition of knowledge, necessary to maintain or repair lighting and power. The MOTHER CIVILIZATION TO MOST OF these kingdoms of the America's was of course Atlantis, and both due to The War and loss of the 'The Mother country', there was decline and eventual loss of all tools and knowlege that had been used, and technology that had been known. The South American (and a few of the Central American) civilizations/kingdoms had a much higher degree of rebuilding and recovering than any civilization on the North American continent.


The 80% newly emerged land of North America rapidly went into a prolonged Glacial era! This new Global Glacier era was of course caused by Earth changes, that were in turn triggered by destructive WORLD war. As stated in most mainstream history books, at the worst of the Cold Climate/Glacier Era, Glaciers extended south into the U.S. heading south of Chicago, and the cold weather of this time made areas south of these Glaciers not very habitable. Only the 'deep south' of the U.S. was somewhat livable, until the glaciers began to recede, circa 5,000-4,000 B.C.

After the Glaciers had retracted into Canada, there was some rebuilding of towns and trade, but the knowledge to build greater things (as had occured in South America), had by this time been lost.


Africa, though not directly affected by the Ice, cold and snow (except in its few areas of high elevations) of this new Glacial area, none the less still suffered from the Scourage of The Marea, which eventually mutated into what today we call Malaria. There were a few areas upon the continent (not counting Egypt) that had some rebuilding, some pyramids, and other technology, but the desolation caused by the War and The Marea both prevented much higher rebuilding.


India (The Rama empire!), more than any other country with exception of South America, was able to rebuild its cities, technology, flying craft, and civilization.  The why, how and when of this will be explained on the next page (12).  Yet there was still damage, and loss of some knowledge, and land masses, and cities.  India was not unscathed.  And between the three areas of the Earth that retained the most knowledge of the World before the War, (Egypt, India, and South America) only India would be able to retain (in the long run of history up to the present) even some knowledge of previous events and what transpired before.  Other tales, oral traditions, and Holy Books, such as the Original testament of the Bible, would have their accounts transcribed into myth, and generally be not believed, or were altered, and have historicial accounts omitted.


Cimmeria ended up at the bottom of the North Sea.

THE END OF THE NEANDERTHALS.  The Neanderthals in their European reservation, which had been left alone by the pre-war high civilizations, did not survive the radiation poisoning, new Era of Ice, and famine of the post war period.

GOBI and the Eastern Alliance countries

Abandoned Road to Nowhere.

Gobi, which eventually became the China, Mongolia and nearby areas of today, was also able to rebuild, but the Cimmerian bombing ruined more here than other areas, and only a few cities and pyramids were eventually rebuilt before knowledge was lost or forgotten.  Other areas of what was the Eastern Alliances also had only sporadic rebuilding.

ONE OF THE LAST HIGH REMNANT CIVILIZATIONS; THAT OF SOLOMAN IN THE MIDDLE EAST!  Circa @ 2400-2200 B.C. 'Descending Solar Cycle'-'Copper/Bronze' Era.

Besides the South American remant civiizations, the one last higher 'remnant' civilization that influenced the later Egyption, Babylonian, Sumerian, Greek and other more recent historical Nations, was that of Soloman, in the Middle East. Soloman was able to retrieve the lost knowledge of the previous high eras, and apply it to uplifting humanity.  The Solar system at that time was cycling away from the Galactic center, and later, without Soloman's uplifting influence, the knowldge and use of technology that he had regained was lost again.  Later vandalism and destruction of Middle Eastern Cities, temples and libraries furthur contributed to the 'Dark Era' (low cycle) to come.  See page 12 for fuller explaination of the Solar cycles.


Impact Craters, Earth's (newest) mountain ranges and other present day traces from this last war.

Present day impact craters

Most of the impact craters discovered at present are the remains of bombs, angular sonic disruptors, phasers, Crystalline Plutonium and the other last ditch 'doomsday' weapons used during the Mahabharata~Atlantean War.  The repeated bombardments of this time were so destructive that Earths moltan mantle was churned, which in turn (re) activated the larges amounts of volcano's and earthquake mega swarms that had been active both during and after the events of the previous Great Flood.

The newest and highest mountain ranges.

Mountain ranges of Earth, of the sharp and/or 'saw tooth' variety, were emergent during and after the Mahabharata~Atlantean war, with mountain building process of the Earth triggered by same. 

Continuing timeline to the present:


5,000 B.C.

Moses, the wanderings (and re~discoveries), and manna.


Around 1000 B.C.

Soloman, along with others of noble nature, saw the coming of the 'Dark' Era (Iron Era). There was a decision to try to preserve the records of what was.  This group rebuilt an already existing Library at Alexandria, Egypt, and stocked it with much additional material containing records and technology of the high civilzations and countriesthat existed before the Global war.  Few men and women of Soloman's time and the Iron era to come understood the writings or what they contained.  With survival again threatening humanity, due to famine, ignorance, pestilence, attrition, tribal wars, and general lack of understanding, the writings at Alexandria became 'useless scrolls and records' (to those that vandalized them).  Between 500 B.C. and 1200 A.D. the Library was sacked twice, vandelized numerous times, later outright burned, and finally completely destroyed.  Large parts of the city eventually was flooded or eroded by tides an further destroying any records and buildings.  The records, last source of open knowledge of what was, did not survive its journey of time through the Iron Era of the Yuga's.