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Atlantis and Lemuria:  Missing continents, missing time ~ An expanded chronology of the Earth, Creative~Intelligence and civilizations that have existed here, and Chrono~cycles which are yetto be mastered.

~Top of page 1: Introduction.    ~Midpage:  Table of contents {please scroll down}.                   ~Bottom of the page: The Big~Inning of midnight Eternity, early Terra + the moon, and the earliest intelligent beings {giants, titans and God's/Goddess's become manifest}.

Website under reconstruction.

Webpage header map above:   A reconstruction of the 5 original continents and Human civilizations existing on Earth circa @ 62,000 B.C.

"All Religions end up in the Kitchen".  "You have to conquer the last enemy, which begins with a 'D'."  "If you have an Immortal soul and a mortal body, I think you have a lousy deal", (A hint at deeper sciences)."  From Adano Ley*, on Longevity Lifestyles.

2012: our 'Cosmic jail sentence' ends ~


असतो मा सद्गमय
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय
मृत्योर् मा अमृतं गमय
ॐ शांति शांति शांति -
बृहदारण्यक उपनिषद्

Om, Amen, Amin

{Ásato ma sád gamaya
Támaso ma jyótir gamaya
Mrtyór mamrtam gamaya} (x2)

Narayanaya vidmahe vasudevaya dhimahi
Tanno vishnu prachoyat
Narayanaya vidmahe vasudevaya

Om shanti shanti shanti
Om shanti shanti shanti
Om shanti shanti shanti

Om adityaya namaha
Om adityaya namaha
Om adityaya namaha

Ásato ma sád gamaya
Támaso ma jyótir gamaya
Mrtyór mamrtam gamaya,
Aum Narayanaya vidmahe, Vasudevaya dhimahi, tanno Vishnu prachodayat,
Jñanani manasa saha
Buddhis ca na vicestate
Tam ahua paramam gatim (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad)

Prayer: English Translation

Om ~Amen~Amin

{From delusion lead me to the truth
From darkness lead me to the light
From death lead me to immortality} (x2)

We meditate on The Creative/Intelligence that became her/his own creation
May his/her Supremeness guide us
We meditate on Beingness acting on Beingness, and bow to Beingness acting on Consciousness, The Christ.

Aum, peace, peace, peace (Peace be upon you)
Aum, peace, peace, peace
Aum, peace, peace, peace

Salutations to the Son of the cosmic Father/Mother
Salutations to the Son of the cosmic Father/Mother
Salutations to the Son of the cosmic Father/Mother

From delusion lead me to Truth. From the darkness lead me into Thy light, From death lead me to Immortality. (x2)
He who knows both knowledge and action, with action overcomes death and with knowledge reaches immortality. In him are woven the sky and the earth and all the regions of the air, and in him rest the mind and all the powers of life. Know him as the ONE and leave aside all other wor(L)ds. He is the bridge of immortality. Beyond the senses is the mind, and beyond the mind is reason, its essence.
Beyond reason is the Spirit in man, and beyond this is the Spirit of the Universe, the evolver of all. When the five senses and the mind are still, and reason itself rests in silence, then begins the path Supreme. And when He is seen in his immanence and transcendence, then the ties that have bound the heart are unloosend, the doubts of the mind vanish, and the law of Karma works no more.



Above:   An earlier version of Earth.

Image and picture files come from recovered data.   See prior era world maps below and throughout the site.


 What this web site is:  An introduction to the Timing of events on this planet in which high knowledge was gained, then lost.  Main time frame of events: 6,000,000 B.C. to present day.

This website tries to be as Accurate as known~ possible.  The intent of this website is to Awaken, to remember, and to know the joy of remembering~Cosmic Continuity.  And finally, being Awake, we want to resolve, transmute, and transcend the ignorance which has held us.

Below is a partial list of lost continents and/or civilizations found within:

Atlantis, Lemuria, Africa, Oz, Og, Ur, Gobi/Cathay/Serica/Mongolia/China, Sa~id/India/Bharata/Rama Empire, Hyperborea/Cimmeria/Ultima Thule, Australia, the America's, Sundaland are all names that once existed here.

Human Ignorance (of all era's) can be said to be a 'Karmic feedback' of misuses of past High Knowledge, technology, thought, powers, and civilizations.

World War 3, Armageddon, Ragnorak, and the Apocalypse, etc. have already happened as past events, (not as a 'future history' {God/dess Bless us All}~).

 Three times since 52.010 B.C we have almost destroyed our home, the Earth.  This explains our collective (and perhaps horrid) fascination with 'end time' themes, arising from the collective subconscious.  Sizeable losses of knowledge about human continuity of this Earth were the result of past destructive behaviour. The 'reasons behind the reasons' why we became destructive, ignorant, and 'lost our (collective) memory' will be covered on pages 12 and 13.   Artists, writers, video makers and other creative types have brought forth some reconstruction of what was, yet these ideas are presented mostly as fiction.   So many intelligent beings of those 3 past destructive time periods perished that the handfulls of survivors, struggling just to live, forgot the glittering golden cities and technologies of what was.   The last destructive period of 10,000-9,400 B.C. was the worst, since humanity and the Earth had not yet fully healed from the previous Global destruction (28,500 B.C), otherwise known as the Great Flood.

Human collective memory being traumatized has allowed forgetfullness to reign, until now.  Since 5,000 B.C. surviving libraries and other sources of information of our past have been vandalized and destroyed, and artifacts of those times repressed by intent.  Most important of all there is the outside cyclical influence that needs to be understood and mastered, which is described in the back pages of this site.  Mastery, defined loosely here, is an inner individual evolutionary processes, as well as an outer collective one.

Human history is a subset of (and dependant upon) intellect and deeper understandings of the Original Physics of this Universe.  The Original Physics (or Operating Protocal) was non other than what call a Spiritual One.  Human intellect in this Solar system has followed not a linear and rising pattern, but rather a cyclical one. During the last 100,000 revolutions of Earth around it's parent Sun there have been spectacular 'highs' of human(oid) development and civilizations, and also immense periods of ignorance and suffering.  When understanding and intellect have been periodically reduced, collective misapplied decisions resulted in planetary destructiveness through misuse of the high technology these civilizations had. Also misused were the human powers of evolution, which we are re~discovering. This Earth and the Carbon based beings that arise up here are not the only beings in the Solar system. All who reside in this Solar system are affected by the elliptical orbit that this Solar system and it's twin go through every 24,000 cycles. *See the below Mars link for the four original intelligences in this Solar System, and go to the back page here for other information.

Synchronizations of 'Recent' History:  An exploration of the 'When'.

The most recent era of low and struggling intelligence was called the Iron Age, or Dark Ages. Medieval times. ---> Mid~evil. Middle of the lowest cycle. Events of this era are recorded as best as possible considering the developments of civilization then, and are within the collective consciousness of human memory. What has been thought mythical however, are the highest peaks of human development called the Golden era's, further back in what we call linear time. There have been four 'crashes' and one severe decline of knowledge during the last 650,000 revolutions of Earth around the sun. All four of this planetary crashes were the result of global war. We did indeed bomb ourselves back to to 'Stone Age'. Past civilizations have risen, stabilized, and then declined or disintegrated outright, very rapidly. Destructiveness was/is caused by the misuse of: thought, sound, light, magnetics, and other unrediscovered processes, and triggered severe land mass alterations which include continental sinkings (and risings) that are described in legends of traditional peoples around the Earth! As an example (partially described by Plato), the '3rd'* Atlantean period of war and destruction triggered a final sinking of Atlantis. Once a continental size land mass, Atlantis shrunk (over 3 different cataclysmic events) until it was completely destroyed (as both a nation and a continent), and sunk off the world map!

Humanity and all other life (Consciousness) evolves (or 'moves') in an eternal process, at these more 'manifest' levels of Creation. We are 're-evolving', rising again, after 'descending' from several advanced Human* Earth civilizations! Prior high Earth civilizations include Atlantis, Lemuria, Gobi (Cathay), India <then known as (Bharata) or (Said) or (the Rama empire)>, Hyperborea, Cimmeria, Africa plus a few others, including non human ones! These prior continents and civilizations, and our present day world our only separated by a thin veil of ignorance. Our thin veil of ignorance and forgetfulness was caused by planetary war resulting in massive destruction of knowledge and collective trauma (that signaled the end of these prior era's) and which are described in the following pages. Physical evidence of advanced civilizations does exist, and some of evidence will be described on Page 12.

After the When of these past human and Earth events, the next question is Why? Is there some deeper understanding of the Cyclical nature of these past, present, (and future) events? A partial answer, on page 12, describes the great Yuga cycles of this Solar system, and the link to cyclical intellectual development here.


Science Interlude: Shifting Gravi~magnetics and many polar shifts.

Synchronizations: N~E~W~S Points of the compass and poles of the Earth; explanations of the differences between past and present.
Our current 4 directions of the compass of north, east, west and south have not always described geophysical references as we know them now. Earth's poles have shifted several times since 650,000 B.C. and Earth's rotation has been offset, or completely turned over/around at least a few times during the same time span. For the sake of simplicity here, all geophysical directional references of our collective past will be described in 'todays' directions of the compass. The north and south of Atlantis as described in the next pages would not have been called 'north' and 'south' by the Atlanteans in those time periods, as the world's north, south, equator, and planetary rotations were different than present day.


Map of the Earth circa @ 875,000 B.C.



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 Introduction~ What and When this website is about. 4,000,000,000 B.C.~ Prologue: A brief introduction to Sol system, and the history of the moon. 6,000,000 B.C. to 70,000 B.C. The '1st Earth' of the Titan's, Giants, and God's/Goddess's. Early Earth, early life, early humans. The 5 chromatic adaptations of Humanity ~ The 5 Adam's and Eve's.

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 70,000 B.C. to 53,000 B.C. Lemuria! Geography, location, technology and civilization. The first civilization of modern humanity. Earth's first sciences. Spiritual sciences. How Lemuria's disasters lead to a relationship with Atlantis.

Page 3

 70,000 B.C. to 53,000 B.C.~Atlantis, the continental size version. Atlantis, the original 'superpower'. The other continents and landmasses of Earth of this time period: Crescent Africa, Gobi (Cathay), Hyperborea, The island continent of Sa-id (future India). The original 'Greenland'.

Page 4

70,000 B.C. to 53,000 B.C. This island Earth, the 2nd Earth. The land of the Giants, and Gods/Goddesses! The Giants of Yore, men of reknown. All life forms are much larger in these early time periods.

Page 5

 53,000B.C. to 52,010 B.C.~Ragnorak, the original! The 'bombing', break up and sinking of Lemuria!  This event triggers other cataclysmic Earth changes, including the first sinking and destruction of Atlantis!

Page 6

 48,000 B.C.~The Recovery of Atlantis and of the Earth!   The downsized 'new' Atlantis and the other 'new' nations of Earth, and the high technology of this time period.  Atlantean and global politics begin leading to national aggression! Discussion of the Earth changes of this time period.

Page 7

 28,500 B.C.~Misuse of high technology starts a chain of events that leads to a horrific world war! The extremely destructive weapons used in this global war triggers an extinction level planetary catastrophe, The Great Flood as recorded in many written and oral traditions of Earth! The 2nd destruction and sinking of Atlantis happens in events just prior too and during the Great Flood. As the Great Flood recedes, only 7 'remnant' islands of Atlantis resurface above the ocean waters of a new world, which has been wiped clean of all of what was.

Page 8

 28,000 B.C.-18,000 B.C.~(Another) Recovery of the Earth, starting with the main survivor and his family, a man called Noah! Descriptions of these new Earth changes, and further understandings of the Great Flood! Also, the event called The Tower of Babel, and a new weather phenomona called rainbows! The rebuilding of 'The Nation of Atlantis (of the 7 islands)'. Other world powers of the time also rebuild, including a place called Bharata (India) and two of it's Holy Men, one called Rama and later, Sri Bhagavan Krishna!

Page 9

 The Earth, geography, nations and technology of 10,250 B.C. More on Sri Bhagavan Krishna. Atlantean experimentations and technology begin to be used for aggressive reasons. The nations of Earth re-arm themselves.

Page 10

Shots fired at Greece of 10,001 B.C. lead up to another global war, this one waged with nuclear, atomic, sonic, thought, mantra and other horrific weapons. The global mass destruction rained upon the Earth and upon humanity again triggers massive Earth changes. Atlantis, itself triggering a lot of the destruction of the war, is in turn horrifically bombed. The earth under Atlantis, losing stability during the destruction, causes the '7 Islands of Atlantis' to sink beneath the sea, to be wiped clean. The wiped clean small remnants of the '7 islands' we know today as Bimini and the Bahama's, Bermuda, The Azores, and the Canary islands. India loses it's (previously larger) west and south east coasts after the end of the war. Other massive Earth changes, started by humanities destructiveness, occur as well.-

Page 11

The rise of the 'remnant' civilizations of 9,000B.C. to 500 B.C. Why these remnant civilizations (and their knowledge) were in turn lost to us. The 'karma' of Atlantis: how Atlantis (and others of Earth's high civilizations) came to be not remembered at all, except as a myth! The dangerous electric aurora's, storms and radiation of 9,000-5,000 B.C. How the remaining larger animals, and giant humans of Earth, were lost

Page 12

Present Day~The real ongoing 'war' of this Earth: The Nature and reason of cyclical inteligence, civilizations, and technology that have come and gone on this Earth (and Solar system)! A PRESENT AND FUTURE WARNING THAT WE WILL AGAIN FACE THE 'CYCLICAL' NATURE OF INTELLIGENCE, AND WHAT WE CAN DO COLLECTIVELY TO PREVENT 'FUTURE' DESTRUCTION! Other explanations of life and Spirituality, and why we must be able to expand and finally fly ("colonization with permission") free from Earth if we choose (with the help of the Saints and other evolved beings)

Page 13

 The Sciences continued and references.


Science Interlude:

Origins of Earth's impact craters.

About 90% of the impact craters on Earth, are not from Meteors.  Most impact craters are from very high technology weapons (including crystalline atomics)~ used in the last cataclysmic 'doomsday war' of 10,000 B.C. to 9,399 B.C.


Atlantis (Earth) History, Lemuria Her~story, and Earth {Our~story}.

6,000,000,000 B.C. to 4,500,000,000 B.C.

Prologue:  Sol System:  Early Terra ~ from ~ 

*Note, this early history segment on this website only describes the early history of Terra (Earth), and

~~~How the Earth gained it's Moon (scroll below).~~~

6,000,000,000 B.C. to 4,500,000,000 B.C.~ Creation, Build 1.0, a time of relative peace (after the initial Solar and planetary creation process).

From out of the Unmanifest a Spark comes forth, That which ignites what will become this Universe.  The ignition process in a sense contained an 'error': the light of Consciousness, and the shadow of which: which has not been endowed with the Same Conciousness.  The Cosmic shadows were and are envious of the Consciousness that comes with the Spark, and 'heaven and hell' have been warring ever since.  *See <t.b.a.>.

In the beginning, First came the separation of Yang:  arising out of Yin through Sonic pressurization, precipitating out the first physical element~ Hydrogen (Divine Desire).  The Desire for Creaation (Brahma)  led to fusion, which began to build the other lighter elements. The Yang element Hydrogen combined with Consciousness (Oxygen) and thus Hydro generation (water) came into physical existance.  All these lighter elements in turn were processed through millenia of early super nova's which generated heavier elements.  In turn more Cosmic process such as exotic super nova's, pulsars, white dwarfs, neutron stars and black (w)holes, to name a few, briefly generated the more exotic high end elements, up to element 144.

Terra, prior to 4,500,000,000 B.C. was a hot, rocky, dryer and larger planet with a methane/argon atmosphere, which supported non carbon/silicon based life.   Terra was then in a closer orbit around the sun, in between where Venus and Mercury are now. 

Terra was moonless, as were all the planets then in our Solar system.  Intelligent life came to be, and on certain planets in this Solar system, civilizations flourished.

Jupiter had the first intelligent life, followed by Uranus having the first 'peak' civilization.  Saturn had the next apex of intelligence, yet at the same time Krypton, Aldaraan, and Maldek also achieved the highest flourishments of both technology and Spirituality.

Early life was not interfered with. 

Non interference ment just that, no involvement other than observation of any life forms or their activities.

The non carbon based life that very long ago was indigenous to this planet, was related to some of the other non carbon based life forms <then> existing on other planets.  After a time the original 3 of the 4 intelligent life forms native to this system began to have disagreements and arguments among one another.  When the 4th elemental Sol system native life form showed up, disagreements and arguments increased, and kept doing so. The Seers of all formats in this long ago time 'saw' Carbon based forms becoming prevalent on a future Earth, as well as other changes.  This led to interference on and with the life forms already here.

4,500,000,000 B.C.~The Prime directive ~ "Non interference with developing life on Terra". ~ What the promise was, how it was broken, and by 'whom'.  See 

The early arguments and 'interferences' among Sol system inhabitants went on for some time, waning and waxing.  Eventually this led to squirmishes, and these in turn led to planetary 'pot shots', which escalated into a local war, then a Solar system wide war.  When the system wide Solar war of the 4 billion B.C. period broke out, all agreements were nullified, and the results eventually became catastrophic, with all planets affected. 

<4,000,000,000 B.C. War and the original apocalypse.>

Krypton was attacked first, pushed out of it's orbit into an unstable elliptical orbit.

Then, a system wide Great War occcured, which eventually affected every planet.  Before and during this very real 'Star Wars', what would become Earths moon was an almost Earth size chunk of planet Maldek, then existing as a much larger rocky type planet where the asteroid belt now is.  Maldek, at least 5 times larger then Earth, had its own inhabitants, cities, civilisation and industry.  'Star Wars' occured here in this Solar System amongst ourselves.   Maldek became targeted, and was destroyed.

When the active warfare ended, there was then the asteroid fields of 3 destroyed planets, plus blasted out 'chunks' of some of the other intact worlds, all these chunks adrift throughout the Solar system.  These large blasted planetoid chunks would over time wreak as much havoc as the Solar War that produced them.

3,750,000,000 B.C. ~ The Earth gains a moon.

When Maldek was destroyed, an Earth sized chunk of Maldek survived, containing half water (iced up ocean) and half solid matter (a good portion of which was still 'hot' from both weaponry and being torn asunder from what had been it's mother planet of Maldek),

Terra, in it's original orbit, was eventually hit by this large chunk of planet, pushing it out of it's previous orbit to eventually settle in our present day orbit, and with a new atmosphere consisting much of water.

After the initial impact and the 'dumping' of the water, the other larger solid (and radioactive mass) bounced off, and was then gravitationally captured into Earth orbit around 3,750,000 B.C., settling and reconfiguring through orbital hot processes and then other bombardments into what we now call the Moon.   It then began to act as a 'Cosmic Shunt' (lightning rod) for the Earth, and attracted meteoroids and especially asteroids from Maldek's and Krypton's destruction(s) that would have destroyed Earth entirely.

For an updated more detailed history of our own Solar System, take a look in depth at the history of Mars, the Solar System and the Great Solar war ~ The original 'Star Wars'! Click on the red link below~!

What would be called Earth, reconfigured.

After the Solar war, beings of in system and 'out system' intelligences in certain time periods became very involved with Earth.   Even with the protections of the the planetary shard that would become Earth's moon, the planet for a long time suffered large bombardment by asteroids; broken up pieces of 3 different planets in this Solar system.   By 1,000,000,000 B.C. the bombardment had for the most part stopped, and the planet stabilized. <t.b.a.> With new life forms and elements seeded from asteroid and cometary bombardments, Earth finally grew, and greatly did life flourish!

4,000,000,000 B.C. to 6,000,000 B.C. During this time, Earth was colonized not just once, but many times. Also present were beings of 'Etheric form' that had a desire to try a physical form. Spirit and Nature decided at this time that creation on this planet, with all its myriads of life of including animal, plant, and mineral, was not enough. There needed to be sentient beings, bodies made of the most available element on the planet: Carbon, with Silicon being the second element by mass.<tba>

And as Sol and the planets formed, the waters of Earth separated into above (Atmospheric canopy) and below (the original 7 seas). And after this, cam the green cellular forms, later evolving into plant life somewhat as we know today.
Then along came the Animals (animated elementals moving in an ongoing process). After the Animals came along, the Elementals, E.T.'s of both exo and indo Sol system type (along with other involved beings) wanted more life. Their desires (in this regard) synchronizing with higher Divine Will. All of the below was experimental, but Divine Will wanted sentient Intuitive operational life forms (and always Will). The first human type forms were Giants of the primordial largest type, with at times cyclopean vision (instead of stereo), and their forms were more Sol~plasma based then chemical~elemental. 12 was the original plan for the number of desired native life forms. This was condensed over a longer period of time to 7 perhaps 8 forms. The Creative powers then present took the seven planned formats, and using the animal forms which were then present evolved~accelerated~created the sentient bodies as solid forms, further condensing into 5, and over a longer time into the two primary forms we now see on or beneath this planet. The original forms: Primate forms into human, reptiles into Reptoids (various and sundry types through a longer time period), birds into the feathered wise beings, insects into Insectoids (Praying Mantis style as seen in some E.T. abductions), aquatics in evolved Aquatics, plus 3 others. The 3 other evolved Form~mats did not make it out of the formative phases of the original era's of evolution, as perceived by current angles of recognition. One of these missing 3 would of course be a fiber format. The 2nd of the missing 3 was somewhat Sloth based.
In the Giant sized Earth of yore, way before world War(s) cataclysmically reduced it's size to what our current planet is, all forms of life were giant, humans being no exception. Originally, the smallest human form was the 9 meter/28 foot (give or take a few feet/meter) "dwarf", while some of the largest humanoid type formats over 60 meters in height.
Some versions of the Koran and other Holy books describe a very tall Adam of perhaps 90 feet, depending on interpretation/translation.


Prior to 6,000,000 B.C., and the advent (invent) of 'modern' Humanity (Homo Sapiens), other intelligent life existed on Earth. For the most part, these beings and civilizations had E.T. origins, yet became 'naturalized'. A few remnant civilizations, colonies and suvivors of the 'Great Solar War' (see Mars link above) also settled here.

Listings of sentient life and intelligence(s) living on Earth prior to 4,600,000 B.C.

1) Giants

Before 6,000,000 B.C., Giant Humanoids making their home on Earth were of E.T. origin yet 'became naturalized'. 6 fingers and toes were normal for their biology. Some races of modern humans, up and until the last prior golden era and Global War of 10,000-9399 B.C. also had 6 or more toes and fingers. These beings (prior to 275,000 B.C.) were very large, up to 35 meters (100 feet) high! Giants of this height existed at least until 275,000 B.C., then with a war, 'downsizing' began. *(The first wars of Poseidon, Atlas and Atlantis). Giants, and the Earths original atmosphere : The Earth prior to 275,000 B.C. was a very fertile, with a planet wide mild and protective climate. This, combined with the high pressure atmosphere and healthy ratio of atmospheric gases not only allowed most of the planet to be lush, but enabled all life forms, plants, animals and people to be very large! What today we know as myths, legends and fables are none other that tarnished facts. The 'why' of how we lost so much information, our collective database, will be explored in later pages of this website.

2) 'Little people' and others. Dwarves, Elves, Fairies, 'Nature Elementals' and other 'small folk' did and still do exist. They are intelligent beings, on a co~evolutionary path from us. Prior to the first sinking of Atlantis and the total the sinking of Lemuria, they were visable to most humans! At present, they are not wholly in our physical dimension, yet can easily access our 'domain', if they so wish.

3) Non Human type ET’s and others. Earth has been colonized many times and visited even more, (even into the present and will be in the future) by various groups of ET's. Carbon based humaniod types here now, or in the past include Lizard types, Insectoid (Praying mantis) types, aquatic/amphibian types, and possibly a fourth catagory. Non carbon based types include Greys of many and various types, Plasma/gaseous types (Methane being a 'building block' for them), and beings with Sulfur as a biological 'building block'. *See Mars website for more details of our non carbon based brothers and sisters of the Universe.

4) Others: These include (for lack of a better description) beings like Chupabacra's and 'Shadow people' {GOD Bless} <more t.b.a.>

5) The original Chimera's:
The original genetic engineering on Earth. Gen-ed~"The first generations". Cross species genetic engineering, causing much suffering. "Gen~ed"~human/animal crossbreeding.
NOTE: “Gen~ED” "Genetic Engineering~destructive". Means Genetically Engineered, Altered, or otherwise vastly accelerated (in a forced way), with mostly a destructive outcome which caused much suffering!)

The first crossbreeding between animal and intelligent life was done purely as an experiment. Later, in other times and era's of questionble morels and ethics, crossbreeding and creation of chimera's was done to make a 'working closs', in other words, chimera's were basically slaves in deed, if not in word. At certain times, these suffering beings had no rights of civilization, and so were used, even horribly, in any way that the 'ruling class' saw fit. The first chimera's predate Adam and Eve. They existed before 'modern' humans did.

This 'Gen-Ed' experimenting would be periodically continued to the last Atlantean civilization and has today) *See page 11: Curing the Chimera's. The Chimera's of 10,000 B.C. mostly perished in the Great War of that time, with the survivors able to be cured of their non human appendages. These beings were able upgrade into full humans. This was one of the Sacred original purposes of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. *See pages 11 and 12 for more information on these subjects.

Today meanwhile, a few Skulls have been found in certain areas of Earth that have inexplicable deformities. While a few may be ET type skulls from past interactions here, the other skulls (and more will be found) are the remains of the Chimera's of those Eras. The Question now is, will we remember our mistakes from the past, so as to NOT muck around and make Chimera's and more mucked up 'GEN-ED' beings again?


Science Interlude: Glaciation Era's and 'Snowball', an introduction to when, what, and why.

Historical Ice Era's~Glaciation. Only during the last 100,000 cycles of Earth around the sun, has there been significant amounts of ice and snow, and then advanced Glaciation. There have been two succeding periods of 'Ice~up', and each was about as widespread and damaging as the other.
Whilst each of these glaciations was a natural process in and of itself, they were not started by natural processes.
The first Glaciation period in which large parts of the Earth were covered in ice and snow started during the Great Flood of of 28,500 B.C. and intensified immediately after. By 27,000 B.C. the Earth and it's Glaciers reached that periods greatest extent. This period lasted until 22,000 B.C., about the same time the Rama empire came into existence in Bharata (greater India). The Earth then slowly warmed up, reaching it's greatest warmth (until now), at 11,500 B.C.
The next world war period of 10,000 to 9400 B.C., fought with massive weapons of thought and sound, down to light and electricity, then to the relatively primative but very destructive crystalline nukes and fusion bombs of the day, re~activated Earth's glaciation process. The massive amounts of vaporized land, water, large amounts of ash including volcanic ash quickly blotted out the sky. Various types of radiation and the 'nuclear winter' that resulted from the above weapons re~iced up the planet with glaciers so rapidly (at first) that Woolly Mammoth elephants were literally frozen in their tracks with grass in their mouths. By 9,399 B.C. with massive amounts of casualities and major Earth changes, climate shifts and a Pole Shift, the fighting ended, whilst the Glacier's continued to advance.
From 7,500 to 7,000 B.C. they reached the longest extent, and from 7,000 to 4,000 B.C. there was a slow receding. From 4,000 B.C. to 2,000 B.C. there was a faster reduction, and from that time till now, and slower, more cyclical reduction, with accompanying rise in Ocean water levels.





The Five {original} Adam's and Eve's~The first Earth born humans!

6,000,000 B.C.: Divine decree for 'Modern' Humans; E.T. Humans and other types assist in this process.  The elementals of Earth, aided by E.T's and in harmony with Spirit and Nature of Earth, said: Come, let us make a man, and for a companion, let us make woman. Out of sea foam, lightning and pine sap came the animals. From the animals came some of the building blocks for humans.

So who were the first of the Adam's and Eve's? ,

RED (Cadmium) Adam and Eve were the first of five couples, each having a different color and other superficial characteristics to help thrive in the climate/location in which they lived!

And where was Red Adam and Eve's Original home, or original continent? It was the Continent of Atlantis; (The DESCRIPTION of this continent will be described on Page 3)!

The birth order of the 5 Adam's and Eve's. After much work by the elementals and E.T.'s, 5 different color Adams' and Eve's stepped out of Divine thought (vortex of creation) tunnels, in their respective locations.

The <RED> Adam and Eve, first born of modern Humans. Born in Atlantis in the Eastern portion of the that continent.

The <BROWN> Adam and Eve were the second born. Born in Lemuria in the Eastern portion of that continent.

The <BLACK> Adam and Eve were the third born. Born in Southern Africa.

The <YELLOW> Adam and Eve were the fourth born. Born in what is now the Gobi desert in Mongolia which then was a green and lush land.

The <WHITE> Adam and Eve were the fifth and last born. Born in the area of what is now the Caucasus mountain region.

A Sixth 'Hue'-Man/Woman color has been present on Earth, though in very small numbers. The color was BLUE, and a later Divine being named KRISHNA was the exemplar of this sixth color (see pages 9 and 10 for more on Krishna, India, and the last civilization of Atlantis). A Seventh Hue~color was also hinted at for Carbon based Humans, in the beginning. The color was GREEN. As far as is known at the present, no Green manifestations of Humanity have been yet found.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Past prologue~ The first civilizations of Earth: The first civlizations of Earth including (towns, cities, technology, art, creativity, etc did not start on Atlantis.

The first civilization {native} to Earth giant human beings began after the second couple (the 2nd Adam and Eve) awakened upon Lemuria (also called Pangeia) and began a lineage which founded the first cities, temples, and pyramids of Earth.  Lemuria, larger than Eurasia, was a land that existed where most of the Pacific Ocean is now.

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The Fall of man(The Fall of Man, Woman, Humanity).

For the earlier peoples it was rampant curiosity about the external world; seeking distraction (a form of DENIAL <which hints of an Original Traumatic Event>), they gradually forgot man's astonishing (Divine) origins which were the foundation of their culture. They subverted the power of that knowledge — original art — and created beautiful ideas and excellent things ('idol worship') instead of evolving/creating excellent men and woman. This ignorance and moral laxity finally allowed the barbarians (of the mind) to invade their subconcious (the psyche), and then the conscious mind, and eventually destroyed them. Vandalism of all era's can live on in the hills of the mind.

This 'fall' would be repeated many times with many different intelligence's over the millenia.

The 'Barbarians' are of two accelerations:

The slow 'Barbarians' (which undermine) are; laxity, apathy, depression, ego, unwillingness to change (for the better), adapt, or evolve.

The Fast 'Barbarians' (which tend to be surface level) are agression, war, intolergence, inability to empathesize (or express compassion) excessive ego, and also unwillingness to change (for the better), adapt or evolve!

Dancing and Art were Originally considered (and always will be) DIVINE ART FORMS.